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Overgeared (템빨, Temppal) is an ongoing Korean webnovel written by Park Saenal (박새날). The novel is covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. 1270 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.



As Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!

However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player…

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  • lightnovelking
    Jan 06, 2021

    I hate this author. MC is arrogant, stupid, jealous of everyone around him, idiotic, and dense. Author tries to show how MC is growing but even currently on chapter 1353 he is still dense and doesnt understand relationships. For him to stop being arrogant/annoying/jealous of everyone it takes like 400-500 chapters almost. Also he continues to not be smart even up till now 1300+. Also he constantly regresses to who he was and doesnt really use his head (but then author always reminds us he is stupid). If you want constant females being introduced who like him and then he is oblivious and nothing happens over and over and over....he is the densest person I have seen. One of the most frustrating novels I have read. Trash compared to Taming Master or other novels. IF you dont want spoilers then then dont read further review below. I have read till chapter 1091 and wanted to wait to make a review This is honestly one of the most frustrating, idiotic and annoying stories written First 200-300 chapters the MC is a total tr*sh person. He is utterly s*upid, annoying, and jealous of everyone. His estimated IQ is around 50-60 The author tried to show this whole "journey" of how a person grows but come on 700-800 chapters and still he is a total idiot It is constantly mentioned every few chapters whenever he meets anyone how ugly he is. NPCS, People in real life, and so on. The amazingly because he is eating chicken instead of ramen and working out now he becomes good looking. Thats the biggest bs I have ever heard Also author uses the one girl who betrayed him early as an excuse to nor trust for the next around 957 chapters. Everytime some girl shows interest he is like no way they would like me. Every single few chapters this is mentioned. Yura helps him out, gets him a payday when she threatens a company and she is there in numerous ways. She helps him with his construction project, managing taxes etc but he still continues to be suspicious of her for a while and selfish. I dont mean 50-60 chapters I mean hundreds of chapters. Then he throws all the work for the kingdom because he admits he's not smart on Lauel whose really smart. He throws all the responsibility for managing everything on his guild people and doesnt really actively try to even help. He has the mindset it is "work" to even talk to those people. He corrects himself after freaking 900ish chapters. Romance: Dont get me started. I was so freaking annoyed the whole time. Jishuka and Yura have done a lot for him but every couple of chapters it is shown they like him but he plays it off as a typical oblivious character. His excuse no way would anyone like me and because he got betrayed. Now this would be fine but author brings up every few chapters they like him and he ignores it and they feel hurt. This repeats over and over and over. If you dont want him to be with someone dont include every few chapters someone liking him and there being no progress. Just focus on the damn story. Then he runs into multiple npcs who like him. Sua, Mercedes, Basara, this other npc he picked up on the east continent and the same things happens again. They all show an interst in him but he acts oblivious and this happens over and over and over. Now if they were not introduced from the purpose showing that they like him and just as normal characters I would be like cool the story is progressing. Instead the author keeps introducing these characters and then totally ignores them and then he introduces a new one and over.... Now he is very s*upid but also in the game when your affinity is over 70 you can marry someone so the fact that he doesn't understand that is idiotic. In addition Basara who is empress like him and he could be uniting the kingdom and the empire but he doesnt think. Irene his wife when she wanted to marry him which happened very early on everyone was like no dont because she would age 3 times faster. Time in there moves 3 times as fast. Now the fact that he can create items, or has a kingdom but is still an idiot even around 1091 chapters. Multiple times its mentioned that now she is older then him and he feels sad but like an idiot he never thinks let me find something that can extend or prolong aging. He doesnt think that after almost 10 years of being married to her. The fact that it never crosses his mind shows how s*upid he and the author both are. Also he is a blacksmith but not once did he think let me make equipment for my wife who has been in several dangerous situations. It is honestly absurd how the whole thing is written. He never tried to het her level up or make equipment or nothing. Around chapter 957 Yura finally comes out and says will you date me and he thinks shes crazy and says why would you want to go out with someone like me. She actually explains it all and he is like I dont believe it you're mistaken.... instead of sitting and finishing a talk he goes in the bathroom in the mirror and starts posing. Then after this confessions its ignored and he goes on dates with her but his purpose is that she will realize she doesnt like me and is mistaken. It's honestly ridiculous at this point. Jishuka moves in with him but no progression. What sucks is both of them really care about him so it gets frustrating watching that over and over every few chapters. Then around chapter 1080ish Yura is like is the reason you arent accepting to go out with me because I am weak in the game and cant help.... so like an idiot he doesnt try to communicate and lets her live with a misunderstanding and shes like lets stop going out on dates. I will go and become stronger so I can help and all the 10 people who have been helping him all leave to get stronger. This is ridicolous that people who have been helping him and managing the territory he doesnt even communicate to them properly. Yura especially feels like she is being a burden and is constantly under stress but he doesnt even try to console or talk to her. Its idiotic that by chapter 1080 he doesnt understand relationships, people, and anything else. I get the author tried to show growth but all this shows is he is incompetent. He never would have been able to manage a guild, make a country or do anything without all the people. he takes all of them for granted. Yes he might have gotten strong himself but managing a guild, making a country those were all due to people helping.... Why did I continue to read..... Once I start a story its hard for me to stop and I really wanted to get a happy ending to this but its frustrating. Introducing 2 really good characters who care about him Yura and Jishuka and having no development with over 1000+ chapters is absurd. If someone says thats not his focus well there were multiple times he mentioned that when am I going to get someone in real life.... so when someone asks him out he ignores it..... It's honestly one of the most frustrating stories I have read

    • Yuan2021
      Mar 02, 2021

      Chill bro I can't be bothered to read ur comment so summarize it for me so we could read it just to let u know no one is going to read ur comment since it is soooooo long

  • Cdub82
    Jan 01, 2021

    So far I really do like the story and it reminds me a lot of the moonlight sculptor (which is a good thing). It is really really hard to like the main character though. I know they say he will get better, but I am 127 chapters in and he is still a terrible person. Is he strong? Yeah. Does he help people and save the day? Yeah. But most of the time it is accidental or because of his own greed. He has little to no redeemable qualities. I will keep reading and hope that Grid is more than just a terrible person with good equipment.

    • Natethebat
      Jan 02, 2021

      Yes just continue reading it might take a while but he really does and it’s not little changes but character defining changes 👍

  • ProPlaya12
    Dec 11, 2020

    Number 1 finally wonder if park will make a new novel that be lit he Alr has 2 legendary ones

  • OneNobleSoul
    Dec 10, 2020

    Truly God Grid. 1st on the Unified Rankings.

  • Ihimaera
    Oct 17, 2020

    There's no comment section for chapters so this will do. I find it weird that there is no facial changes in game. Up to about chapter 100 and yura noticed the MC when he was walking with his sister.

    • Natethebat
      Dec 17, 2020

      I’m pretty sure in a chapter it talked about how you could change how you look before you first start playing which is kinda weird because when Grid was still dumb he always complained about good looking people...

  • uBaH
    Oct 13, 2020

    I have no idea how i red so many chapters so fast. Can't wait to see the story unfold.

  • Synikl
    Aug 23, 2020

    Dont Bother Reading its Copied from Another Site (the copying doesnt matter all LN site do it) and Alot of the Context and writings where left out so you really dont understand whats going on. ie chapter 86 the last half the chapter is missing and things happen and a character was like why you say that I reread it then went to the Novels Actual host site to find what was missing. I wrote samething in review but those are moderated so we will see if it shows up. Doubt it

    • Lazz
      Dec 13, 2020

      IDK if it was fixed in between the time if this message and yours but if it wasn't your talking shit

    • ProximusRel Admin
      Aug 23, 2020

      We are aware of the problems, we spend all our time here to fix them. Currently, troubleshooting work has begun for this novel.
      Also, your review is the same as your current comment. If your review was related to the novel, we would approve it. It seemed unethical to me to review the novel itself badly because of problems with the website.
      If there is a problem, you can contact us here or by mail.
      You can be sure that we take into account all notifications and fix problems immediately.

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If I’m gonna be honest, this story is very cunning at getting you to read more. The amount of chapters may be tiring for people but meanwhile this story still gets you hooked every time. I don’t know what it is, maybe it is Grid’s character development or just how the story progress. Even so it is super good.

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This Novel has it all and is quite the allrounder. First of all don't be frustrated over the chapter number, you will be happy even that you have alot of exciting and thrilling hours full of action, surprise, developement, fantasy, revenge, drama, romance to read. The character developement is also amazing, Satisfy the virtual game with 2 billion users will not dissappoint and is a must!

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Not Bad Fantasy Webnovel. Very creative story but with a lot of horrible plot twists and a very uneven novel with a too fast scene of fights and a lack of descriptive back story.

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The best novel that I have ever read.
but frequency of updates is very bad at least it should be at the rate 1 per day
I hope they increase the frequency of new chapter updates.

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I’m caught up run(c1342) and I gotta say this is a great novel. The story keeps you entertained, there’s non stop action and very good character development. There are only 2 reasons for not giving it 5/5. First of all, the Korean propaganda is kinda too strong for me. I know almost all manwhas and ln have Korean propaganda, but this one goes miles above that, to the point where I would find it offensive if I were Chinese/Japanese/American. However I’m from a small country so I don’t really mind it, but I understand why some people would get offended by this. The second and main reason why I gave it 4/5 is that at some point all characters apart from Grid stop developing and only exist in order to help Grid in whatever he needs, which makes the writing a bit stale at times. This is understandable, as there is so much going on plot wise that there is little room left for the side characters to shine, especially since the supporting cast is so fucking massive, to the point where I doubt anyone can name all of the cast on the top of their head. It’s a trade between making the story progress faster and properly developing the characters. As there is SO MUCH going on, from national competitions, empire conflicts, Eastern continent shenanigans, vampire stuff, demon summonings and so much other stuff, the time to write character development is virtually nonexistent, especially when just the main cast that appear rather frequently is 30 characters+. I understand that if there was proper character dev for everyone than the current arc would be at chapter 3000 and don’t blame the author, as the overall plot is amazing and would only work with a cast this big. However, I just can’t bring myself to give it. 5/5. Overall great novel, way better than Solo levelling imo

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At first I was quite unnerved because of the sums of the chapters. It's over 1000! Solo leveling was only 200++ chapters, and omniscient reader's viewpoint has 500++ chapters (though I only read halfway, became distracted with other novels). And this one has over 1000 chapters and still unfinished! But I was captivated with the webtoon so I read it all from the beginning. I read it nonstop for more than a week and finally I'm done!

This one was arguably the best novel I've read so far. Fast paced storytelling, a lot of plots to explore, chara development, comedic situation and charming side characters. Now that I'm done reading, I feel empty. *sigh*

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'Full' Review: This is a story that emphasizes three things; action, fun and character development. While the subjective 'quality' of the story can be seen as perhaps not the best, I can assure you you will have the time of your life if you can read more than 100 chapters.

In any case, I completely read from the first chapter to the final chapter, with... no breaks in between. My honest opinion is that it is probably the most fun I ever had reading, period. I haven't laughed so much at the dumbest things since I was a kid.

As previously mentioned, the story focuses on 3 things; and if you read only 100-200 chapters and want to comment on something, I would suggest to refrain from doing so because you are literally missing the majority of the story.

It is a story of a protagonist who can be seen as 'trash' of society who quite literally rose to be the idol of the people around him. That change does not occur immediately, it occurs as a result of events that occur in the plot. The more things happen, the more the MC grows. That growth is also visible, and honestly, comparing the MC to when he was in the beginning, I wouldn't recognize him even if I knew it was him.

Having technically covered action and development, it's the fun part, no pun intented lol. This story emphasizes the importance of what it is to 'play'. You have to have fun. For people who may have read the story, or will read the story, I will only leave but a few names of characters I came to absolutely love: Piaro, Braham, Peak Sword, and a few others.

As previously mentioned, the story can be considered not 'perfect', but it is a result of the story being specialized rather than it being bad. Albeit, I'm not qualified to say so, but I did find myself often wanting to know more about the developement of other characters around Grid, which often does not find its way as the emphasis seems to be made on the 'bigger' characters. Nonetheless, I do not consider this a negative point because I do believe it isn't the point of the story in any case.

P.S. I feel bad for whoever reads these damn long things shish, but thank you.

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i put three im around 159 and you can clearly see the character progression. me personally i like grid’s shitty personality because its funny and hes greedy and sometimes that funny. i know its not everyones cup if tea though. what i really took off two stars for is because i feel like the author makes grid really weak when he should be stronger. like he has a legendary class yet the odds arent in his favor, and he loses a lot, and it can just be really frustrating because it feels like combat wise he isnt really gaining any experience or strength. because he keeps being held back by the author. so i took a break from reading the novel. hopefully it gets better since imma start reading it again update: hes getting kinda op now but i wont put 5 stars because i feel like he might get super weak again in comparison to others so we will see

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Wait 100 chapters or so. It gets better I promise. I also have the weird feeling that this story is gonna take a dive into crazy town sooner or later. Don't ask me why but the "Lim Cheolbo is an alien" may be a more realistic statement than we think. The world collide and everything is real. How crazy would that be. Hahah. Overall wonderful story.

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This Novel has great character development with an awesome MC.
In the early chapters, you're gonna hate the MC and feel like dropping this Novel but don't, because it's gonna get better the further you read.
I've read this Novel till the latest chapters and the difference between the personality of MC in early chapters and now is like heaven and earth.

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If we consider only from the beginning, this story is definitely a 2/5. Everything except the main character is good, but Grid is so damn stupid and annoying that he actually brings the score down that much. He's a huge jerk that only cares about himself and has no idea how to interact with people.

This is honestly fine. I have no issues with him starting like this. The problem is it is so overdone that it's unbelievable. Someone like Grid could not possibly exist in the real world. This guy is so unimaginably stupid, he literally says that he is ugly and can't get women, then expects to receive the same treatment as someone with good looks. If I remember correctly, a handsome dude walked on stage and girls were catcalling, and Grid follows expecting the same. No, I'm sorry, he can't think one thing and then forget it. There are tons of moments like this where it's really just impossible to be that dumb unless he has brain damage (but he shouldn't get smarter as he does in the novel if that was the case).

Furthermore, he's a jerk for no reason half the time. I could understand if he was a prickly porcupine with trust issues, but there were definitely moments where he was just saying and doing horrible things to people that were nice to him for no reason. (I could maybe believe it if we had a flashback or two where he was betrayed by friends but we don't as far as I remember so...) .

Finally, it takes too damn long for him to change. I understand what the author was going for and it did work out in the long run, but I think someone in his situation would definitely take less time to change. If your main character is horrible to read, people will drop it before they even reach the 360th chapter, so it's a serious issue. At the very least, he should have started showing signs of changing within 200 chapters when people started treating him well. Agh, it was just so painful to get through the beginning.

In summary, it's rough at the beginning. However, the story is certainly amazing once you get through that. Characters come to life on the pages. The overarching plot is slightly mysterious, and the quests that Grid+Gang embark on are certainly entertaining. Looking back, Grid's rise and character development are definitely amazing (just wish it happened less painfully slow, give me baby steps at least instead of big jumps (: ). Everything after chapter 360 is at least 4 stars out of 5, and definitely 5 stars at certain points. Overall, if you are patient, don't mind an annoying main character, and like VRMMO stories, give this a shot as it's very entertaining. However, keep in mind the beginning is really rough.

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This Novel has great character development with an awesome MC.
In the early chapters, you're gonna hate the MC and feel like dropping this Novel but don't, because it's gonna get better the further you read.
I've read this Novel till the latest chapters and the difference between the personality of MC in early chapters and now is like heaven and earth.

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It's pretty pog. It's pretty pog It's pretty pog It's pretty pog It's pretty pog It's pretty pog It's pretty pog

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The story has captivated at every chapter. Truly one of the best web novel I have read, although it might not be that pleasant at the start chapters. 11/10 would recommend.

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Overall a good story from where you need try till you succeed and overcome every circumstances that you face. Similar in irl, the way you create your own career path and develop certain skills to prove yourself for the company/business that you're in. 💯 👌🏼

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