Poison God's Heritage
Chapter 351: You're Not Supposed To Be Here

The Pyramid blocks were not all made of stone, and not only that, more soldiers seemed to appear on the blocks, and from the looks of things, the only safe blocks are the ones the soldiers were standing on.

In other words, if I want to climb, I'll have to fight my way up. And these bastards aren't easy opponents.

I continued sprinting forward but at the same time made sure to have a few of these beasts up ahead of me, I didn't want to lose the race, but at the same time didn't want to lose my head going first against the soldiers.

One of the creatures took a giant leap of faith, jumping several blocks a once only to have one of the soldiers swing his spear so powerfully, that the creature's head was lobbed off.

Chains snapped manifesting against the creature's arms, and soon his torn head was sewed back to his body as he was being forced back to the wall, amidst the screams and wails.

I followed the front group that was being culled faster than a group of villagers facing an advanced army.

Two of the creatures made way up giving me an opportunity as the soldier was busy killing them, to jump above him and take the lead.

One soldier noticed me going up the pyramid, he didn't move from his spot but was waiting patiently for me to rise up to his level. Just as I jumped up to his block, he struck down with the spear in a crushing blow, to which I took a breath, then shot my left arm up with a slight diagonal incline.

This caused the spear to strike against my arm, rattling my bones, but due to the inclined angle, it was a perfect parry to the spear.

The weapon shot down away from my body, slightly destabilizing the soldier.

I twisted my body thanks to the force of the impact and sent a kick to the back of the soldier flinging him to where the monsters were.

The creatures leaped away from the soldier, fear of death clear in their eyes.

I expected them to jump the soldier but I was disappointed.

Ignoring the crowd was the only thing I had to do to continue the climb.

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Looking up, I had to face many more soldiers, I hope my bones can take the beating.


"God damn Imperials And I thought the Fire King was disgusting," Spoke A man in sky blue robes.

"Isn't he Fire King a descendant of the Imperials?" spoke a man in full white, with eyes so squinted one would think them closed.

"Yes, he is, but by the gods this is awful," spoke Master Rain.

In the retainer's hands was a cuff and chain that seemed to extend a lengthy way.

"Can we use this though?" asked the Retainer.

"I'd rather not tamper with things that have been used in Devil Cultivation. You're better off not touching that," Master Rain said.

The retainer threw away the chains and moved forward.

"Do you suppose these bones belong to people who were imprisoned here?" the retainer asked.

"People, no, these aren't people," spoke master rain as he moved forward.

"These are slaves of the dark, they used to be humans, but after disobeying the Imperials they were transformed to creatures that cannot die. And were sent here for the pleasure and pleasing of the Imperials," spoke Master Rain.

"But... they look dead to me," said the Retainer.

"They were bound by death to their owner, and with the death of the owner, their immortal lives were finally over. It is a sad fate," spoke Master Rain.

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"I know that you know many things, but how did you figure all this by just a glance?" asked the Retainer.

"Oh, it was Shen Bao's decipher of the Imperial Language, I could figure out the punishment from what was written on the chains, and with a bit of prior knowledge of some devil arts, I could understand what went on here, though I could be wrong, if I am, I'm sure I'm not too far off the mark. Let's keep going, that decrypt pyramid must be the exit," Master Rain said.

The two of them continued their march until they arrived at the pyramid.

"Let's split up and meet on the other side, even if you find an entrance," Master Rain said.

The two then split up and made a full round around the pyramid until they met.

Shaking his head, master Rain understood that neither of them found an entrance.

"Perhaps up top?" spoke the Retainer.

Master Rain raised his head, then he released a powerful divine sense that seemed to flood the very world, dousing it in cold as ice divine sense.

"There is a faint trace of Saint Qi up above, let's head there, also, avoid all the blocks that have no wear and tear on them, they're traps, and only walk up the blocks that have those statuesque remains," said Master Rain.

The two climbed up, rather rapidly.

And after a while, the retainer stopped, "Master Rain, these statues... though old and destroyed, they have some Qi in them."

"Yes, these must be the wardens, and up above must be the exit, while the monsters were definitely the prisoners, I could probably guess that the monsters were released to find a way out of this place by climbing the pyramid, only to be slaughtered and forced back to life to try again. A vicious circle of life and pointless death."

The two continued their climb until they arrived at the top of the pyramid, sure enough, there was a golden slightly glowing formation on top of the pyramid, however, it was almost impossible to use since so much time had gone by, however, since it was master rain, something like this was nothing but a joke.

After a quick work and some patching, the formation lit up revealing an exit to a new place.

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The two walked inside the teleportation gate and appeared in a dark deep space that didn't seem to have a start or an end.

After sending a wave of divine sense and receiving nothing back, the two cultivators were confused.

Yet, before they could even speak a voice so low, and so grave spoke.

"It has been, many, many years since I've last seen someone... and I have been starved for an eternity..."

The two cultivators didn't seem too worried, especially since Master Rain was among the finest cultivators of the Vast expanse.

That is a fact, however, that Master Rain was one of the strongest, in the current Vast Expanse, and looking at the creature that just spoke made even the master hesitate.

He was as massive as a titan and glowed in gold.

He looked like a man, besides the black eyes, and he didn't seem to be wearing anything above his belt flexing muscles that seemed to be sculpted by a deity.

Master Rain's forehead seemed to drip sweat from the sight of this person.

"What's wrong Master Rain?" asked the Retainer.

"This thing... is what's wrong, he shouldn't be alive..." spoke Master Rain.

The retainer took another look at the giant, and spoke, "Do you know this person?" the retainer asked.

"I know the skin... not what's inside, since you never went into the Heavenly Academy's Advent Tower, you probably don't know this person...this is... the Golden Titan, The sect Master of the Ancient Sect... or at least... the shell of him, Prepare to fight, I can't guarantee our survival,"

Master rain flexed his arms and summoned two iron needles.

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Through this journey, this moment was the most terrifying the Retainer had seen, because, the only time Master Rain had ever pulled up his needles was when he was serious, and he only become serious against the wife of the Wind King.

Poison God's Heritage Chapter 351: You're Not Supposed To Be Here
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