Predatory Marriage (Web Novel)

Predatory Marriage (Web Novel)




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Predatory Marriage (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Ecchi, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Forgive. 135 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Princess Leah wrote a suicide note ahead of her wedding.

It was because she was certain that she would die after the wedding night; a miserable end of a princess who devoted her life to the country and to the royal family.

But before giving up her life, Leah planned her last revenge to the family, one that would surely leave them in ruins even after she became a cold corpse.

She would bring them shame by being a non-virgin bride.

“Why did you throw away your first experience? Don’t you just want to run away?”

“I… I want to die.” Leah impulsively confided to the man she slept with for one night.

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  • Bia99

    Sério, quando você lê essa novel você automaticamente sente fome, toda vez que eu vejo a FL passando fome eu sinto vontade de comer também, hahaha. Muito bom! Quem está com medo de ler por causa da parte em que o ML fala que vai ferrar com a vida dela, é no bom sentido pode relaxar, maravilhoso, as cenas quentes também estão incriveis.

  • lnwUser34532

    Ishakan .. ruin my life too please .

  • Raaajaaa

    Can't wait until Lea gets a fatttyyyyyy from all that food

  • Redjynn

    I’m more confused on how many times they’ve done ....that and have not been caught or at least having rumors .... he’s not exactly waiting for time and place. In fact he’s picking the worst time and place

    • Blindeyes2400

      That’s what makes it exciting!!! Lol

  • Blindeyes2400

    Can someone tell me if these are books that are being translated or online stories that are being translated? I want to see the originals too

  • lnwUser46428

    Leah's to do list First few chapters - bring nation to ruins and jump off the window Body - protect the innocents of Estia End - how can you resolve this author???

  • Fireir

    Is she already out of estia?

    • blackArrow

      Next chapter she is. 131 is the one where she leaves, it's the beginning of the first chapter.

  • AJ123

    When ishakan going to kidnap the fl? Like in the first chapter. I think something wrong with blain brain their are sibling why he so obsessed with leah

  • EyeCandy

    When will the "chapter 2" scene start?? Hmm?? Hmmmmmmm?!?! HUHUHU

  • lnwUser18129

    I'm on the middle of available chapters and I can't understand one thing. The story started as FL riding the carriage to her fiance. But as far as I read the plot is far from that. Will that happen or was it not first chapters but rather a promo and plot will be different?

    • Forgetmenot

      That was the future, the Story started with the kidnapping and jumped then to the Point where All started. So to explain how it All happened.

    • london101234

      what we are reading now are the events that lead up to the FL in the carriage

      • lnwUser18129

        That's how I also thought. But pre story develops a lot and it rather looks for me as it's going to go another way. I read it in hurry to catch up "carriage incident", but looks like I should not have done it. Either way, will see))

      • lnwUser46428

        Ikr?! I mean she wanted her nation to be in ruins! Now that she has the Kurkan king obsessed with her in the palace, the King can do that without harming everyone! The king obviously listens to her.

      • london101234

        I don’t think she wants the kingdom to go down because if she did she wouldn’t think about having peace between the kurkans. She wants the best for the kingdom because she doesn’t want all that work she’s done her whole life to go down the drain.

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Really cool story , diverses arcs of actions and how not to boil for the FL... can’t wait for the next developments. The s3xy parts are hot and passionate..


Not recommended for minors bcoz of some vulgar languages. You’ll love this novel if you like romance, s-x and drama. Interesting for me. ❤️Hopefully they will update soon.


Sangat bagus, suka dengan ml yang agresif + posesif tapi masih memiliki rasionalitas. Apalagi adegan ekhem2 sangat panas 🔥 membara didalam tubuh 🤣


The "spoiler" was good. It was funny to accept ones fate by bringing war to the royal family because of the "insult" she was about to do (thus meeting the ml).
However, the writer forgot his point wherein all events leading to the spoiler were contradictory.


Storia avvincente, ben strutturata. Personaggi ben assortiti. Ritmo veloce. Situazioni imprevedibili e nuove. Mi sono appassionata subito! Però... perché non ci sono aggiornamenti da 21 giorni? Spero non sarà una di quelle novel in cui si deve aspettare tanto per il capitolo successivo. Sono fiduciosa.


Decent worldbuilding, good story and interesting characters. You won't get easily bored as it really is like a breath of fresh air among all the copy-pasted stories out there.


Literally just read if u wanna read something raunchy... The author may not know it but theres some racist and pedo undertones.(example: he got excited bcs she was smooth down there...? g-word related to prostitutes and black magic?) idk... the plot itself is aight but uh... world building? not so good. Also dont read if u find ED triggering.


Used G-slur and then labelled the ethnic group as rightfully disliked criminals, charlatans and prostitutes? That’s more than a bit racist. Male lead whom is supposed to be from ‘persecuted’ race of physically superior people starts slaughtering them? Nope. Nope. All of my nope holy shit what the fuck?


(✿◠‿◠)It's really very hot. I recommend reading it to all those who are not indifferent, you will not regret reading it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(~˘▾˘)~


So in love with the story, it's so lovely the Author describes their emotions so well i hope u guys continue translating it looking forward for the next chapters 😍❤❤❤🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥