When he arrived near his residence, Ling Yun saw someone sitting on a tree not far from the building and watching his residence, so he checked that person's status, but he was surprised by it. 'Who is this Tao Ruirui? Could it be that she came from second-grade clans? Could it be that she came here for Yueling?'

Sensing his gaze, Tao Ruirui looked at him with a frown, and Ling Yun could see the condescension in her eyes. Suddenly, she moved in front of him and restricted his movements, causing him to frown. "What is your relationship with the two women inside?"

"Two women?"

Tao Ruirui shook his head. "You don't need to lie; I know the one with Tian Yueling is a woman, so what is your relationship with them?"


"Hey, better keep your distance from him, or I'll beat you like Fu Yifan." Yue Tu suddenly shouted from the front of their residence, and she also freed Ling Yun from Tao Ruirui's restrictions.

Tao Ruirui tilted her head and looked at her with hostility, and she couldn't understand why Yue Tu was so protective of Ling Yun, especially since he was just a weakling.

Even though he didn't want to cause trouble in the sect, Ling Yun didn't waste the opportunity, and he silently used his dream technique on Tao Ruirui. 'Heh! You will never be able to escape from me!'

Even so, Ling Yun didn't intend to use it directly, especially since he still didn't know about Tao Ruirui's background and the people behind her, so he didn't dare to act rashly.

Yue Tu immediately moved to Ling Yun's head and spoke to Tao Ruirui again. "Mo Chen is my friend, and I will not spare you if you dare to harm him. Even if you are a woman, I will not hesitate to do the worst thing to you, and you will suffer for the rest of your life."

"Why are you threatening me?" Tao Ruirui asked with black lines on her forehead. "I didn't intend to hurt him, and I just wanted to ask him about the identity of the other woman."

Yue Tu was not surprised to hear that. "Xiao'er isn't a woman like you, and she will never be interested in you, so you might as well leave this residence and forget about her. Oh, one more thing, Mo Chen is Tian Yueling's future husband, and you definitely don't want to feel the wrath of the Tian Clan, right?"

"Huh?" Even though she came from a second-grade clan, Tao Ruirui had certainly heard some news about Tian Yueling, and she was shocked to hear that she was Ling Yun's future wife.

On the other hand, Ling Yun laughed bitterly in his heart, as he didn't have any interest in Tian Yueling yet.

However, Ling Yun decided to follow Yue Tu. "Tu'er didn't lie to you, Senior. My master did hand over Yueling to me, but we were still building our relationship from scratch, so she joined the sect with me."

"Your master?" Tao Ruirui asked with a frown.

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded and told her. "Yueling's grandfather, senior Tian Huang, is my master in blacksmithing."

Tao Ruirui's jaw dropped after hearing Ling Yun's confession, and she finally got the answer to her doubts about Tian Yueling joining their sect. "Then what is your relationship with Xiao'er?"

"Xiao'er is my wife." Even though his relationship with Xiao Xiao would get him into trouble, he had no intention of denying their relationship, and he decided to tell Tao Ruirui the truth.

"What? Are you kidding me?" Luckily, there was no one else around the residence, so no one heard Tao Ruirui's loud screams. "I don't believe you! How could a beautiful woman like Xiao'er be interested in an ugly and weakling like you? How could Tian Yueling agree to be the wife of a married man?"

When Ling Yun heard that, his forehead wrinkled, especially considering that no woman had ever called him ugly before and that the majority of them were enamored with his good looks.

"Hey! You're blind!" Yue Tu shouted at her. "How could you possibly say a man as handsome as Mo Chen is ugly? He is the most handsome man compared to all the men in the sect!"

"Humph!" Tao Ruirui snorted after hearing that. "All men are ugly and rotten! And you seem to really like this rotten man!"

"So what?" Yue Tu retorted her words directly. "I do like Mo Chen, and I will live with them, so I will not allow you to get close to them!"


"You two are noisy."

"Hmm?" Tao Ruirui immediately looked up at the sky, but she shuddered after seeing the smile of the woman standing there. 'Who is this foreign woman? How could he enter this sect without alerting the sect master and the others?'

On the other hand, Ling Yun let out a sigh of relief at Zhou Yu's arrival, and he brought Yue Tu into the residence. 'Hey, she's too nosy, and she also wants to get close to Xiao'er, so please keep her away from us.'

"Wait-" Tao Ruirui swallowed her words back as soon as Zhou Yu released a bit of her aura to provide deterrence to her.

"Little girl, you better leave this place before I get angry; not even Little Tian Ya can save you if I get angry."


Tao Ruirui gulped hard after he heard that, especially since Zhou Yu dared to be so disrespectful to her sect master, even though he was in their sect right now. 'Tch! I won't give up just like this! Xiao'er must be mine!'

Zhou Yu shook her head as she watched her leave, but she knew that Tao Ruirui was very stubborn and persistent, so she was sure that she would try to get close to Xiao Xiao again.




"What about that woman?" Ling Yun asked as soon as Zhou Yu appeared in front of him.

Zhou Yu shrugged his shoulders. "That little girl will definitely try to get close to Xiao Xiao again, and you'd better be careful of her. Even though she's not a bad girl, human feelings can sometimes blind them, and she might do bad things to you guys later."

"En, I know." Ling Yun replied with an understanding nod. "I've used my techniques on her in case she plans something bad against us, and I'll send her there if she really does."

"That's good." Zhou Yu then asked him. "What kind of technique did you get from the book hall earlier?"

"Ha ha." Ling Yun laughed and took out the three technique books. "These three are really useful for me, but this couple heart technique will also be useful for them, so they don't need to worry about me all the time because they can feel my condition.

"Lightning Flame Incantation, huh?" Zhou Yu muttered softly as she read the book. "I didn't expect that the copy of this technique was in this sect, and this technique is really useful for you, especially since you have both elements. Moreover, heaven's wrath will not be able to harm you if you have reached the great perfection stage, and you can also forge higher-grade equipment."

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded and asked her. "Who exactly is the Lightning Flame Lord? How could he create a combination technique of both elements?"

"No one knows his true identity." Zhou Yu replied by shaking her head. "That person existed several thousand years ago, and he was powerful thanks to this technique. However, he suddenly disappeared without a trace, and no one has ever managed to find him. Even I myself have tried to look for him, but I couldn't find him either, so you're really lucky to get the technique."

Ling Yun agreed with that. "In fact, this technique book seems to be deliberately hidden behind other books, and it seems like no one has ever learned it before."

"Not everyone has two elements, let alone lightning and flame, especially since both have powerful attack power." Zhou Yu immediately stopped reading the book after she saw the requirements for learning the later stages of the technique. "Lightning and fire seeds, huh? This technique is amazing, but the requirements to learn it are too difficult to find."

"Do you know where I should look for the lightning and flame seeds?"

"I don't know their exact location." Zhou Yu answered with a shake of her head. "Element seeds are born naturally, and all of them are born in places where there is a high intensity of each element. If my guess is correct, you can find fire seeds in Phoenix Realm, but you won't be able to go there with your current cultivation."

Ling Yun couldn't help but sigh after he heard that, and he asked her again. "Then where do you think I can find lightning seed?"

"Hmm?" Zhou Yu did not directly answer Ling Yun's question, and she tried to remember all the places she had visited in the past. "As far as I remember, there is only one planet that has the highest lightning element intensity, and that planet is the Purple Thunder Realm. However, its location is on the border between the upper realms and the immortal realm, and I cannot confirm that the lightning element seed is on that planet."

"Forget it." Ling Yun replied with a heavy sigh. "For now, I will learn its initial stage, and I will think about the later stages in the future."

- To Be Continued -

Chapter 751: Quarrel
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