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Chapter 752: Helping Tian Yueling

Chapter 752 Helping Tian Yueling

"What happened to her?" Ling Yun asked in confusion after Xiao Xiao pulled him into Tian Yueling's room, especially after he saw her lustful expression.

Xiao Xiao sighed softly and explained everything to her husband, and Ling Yun looked up at the moon rabbit, but Yue Tu looked indifferent and didn't feel guilty for making Tian Yueling like that.

"You should help her to relieve her lust, husband." Xiao Xiao then took Yue Tu from Ling Yun's head and took her away from the room.

However, their leaving made Tian Yueling panic, as she was not used to being in the same room with men other than the men in her family. "Ling Yun, don't-"

"You can rest assured that I will not do anything indecent to you, and I will only help you with my technique."

Even though Ling Yun had said that, Tian Yueling still couldn't feel relieved, and she was really afraid that he would forcefully do that to her.

"If I look closely, you are actually pretty, and your green eyes are really beautiful, plus your voluptuous body is also attractive."

"Eh?" Tian Yueling was stunned for a moment after hearing that, but she immediately crossed her arms in front of her chest as she shouted at Ling Yun. "You better put that out of your mind! I will hate you for the rest of my life if you dare force me to do it."

"I'm not that kind of guy, okay? I would only do that kind of thing to no good woman, especially those who are my enemies." Ling Yun answered by shaking his head. "I only praise and admire you, but I don't like your attitude because you are too rude and emotional as a woman."

Tian Yueling did not dispute Ling Yun's assertions because she was aware that her attitude was indeed rude and harsh, and it had gotten worse as a result of her illness.

Ling Yun exhaled softly and grabbed Tian Yueling's hand, and he used the Yin-Yang Finger Technique on her, causing her to release a loud moan. "Ahn~ What did you do to me?"

"You don't need to panic, and your lust will subside soon."

"Mhn~" Tian Yueling closed her mouth tightly to suppress her moans, but she felt comfortable with the pleasure that continued to flow through her body, and she could feel her lower body becoming muddy from her pleasure liquid. 'Ugh! I hope this ends quickly, or I'll lose control and pounce at him!'

For several minutes, Ling Yun used his finger technique on her, and Tian Yueling finally couldn't hold back her moans as her body jolted violently from her long orgasm; even her liquid soaked her bed.

"Ahn~ This sensation is really weird but comforts me, Ling Yun."

[You obtained 1000 Yin Qi from the individual named Tian Yueling.]

'Sigh, our cultivation levels are far apart, so I can only absorb a tiny bit of her Yin Qi.' Ling Yun muttered in disappointment, and he put the Large Qi Restoration Liquid into her mouth. "Swallow it, and it will help you recover your qi quickly."

As she caught her breath, Tian Yueling swallowed the pill, and her eyes continued to look at Ling Yun, who was walking out of her room. 'Ugh! I'm so embarrassed! I even orgasmed so long, even though he just held my hand!'




"What about Yueling's condition?"

"He's fine now, and his lust has subsided." Ling Yun answered as he sat beside his wife, and he then passed the Couple Heart Art to Xiao Xiao.

"Oh? Did Elder Haoming give it to you?"

Ling Yun nodded to Yue Tu. "Indeed, Elder Haoming gave it to me because no disciples have learned it. Besides, he also gave me two other techniques, and I will learn them now."

"Even though Elder Haoming is a dual cultivator, he is different from other dual cultivators, and he really cares about his partner." Ling Yun was not surprised to hear that, and he had expected it before. "Unfortunately, his partner died at the hands of a demon cultivator, and he never looked for another partner."

"How could she die?"

"I don't know the exact incident." Yue Tu answered by shaking her head. "However, my master told me that she was on her way back to her clan in Star Cloud Realm, but she never arrived there, and she was found dead under mysterious circumstances."

Ling Yun felt sorry to hear that, but he also felt that Zhiyu Haoming's loyalty was truly extraordinary. "Xiao'er, you can learn that technique first, and I will learn the other two techniques."

"All right."



Meanwhile, Liu Chuqing was sitting opposite Zhong Chenyu, and she kept looking suspiciously at her.

"Why do you keep looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with my face?"

Liu Chuqing shook her head at her. "There is nothing wrong on your face, but I am curious about your reason for giving your token to Mo Chen."

"I don't have a particular reason, and someone asked me to give him a recommendation, but he apparently didn't need one to join us."

"Oh?" Liu Chuqing was surprised to hear that. "What do you mean by that? Does he have connections in our sect?"

"The person who asked me to give my token also knows our sect master, and that person brought him here."

"Hmm?" Liu Chuqing was even more surprised to hear that. "Who exactly is that person?"

"I can't tell you that person's identity; that person asked me not to tell anyone." Zhong Chenyu replied with an apologetic look.

Liu Chuqing nodded in understanding and asked her again. "Is he really that good at dual cultivation? Moreover, I heard that Tian Yueling is his future wife, and I can also feel his yang qi in the body of the woman who is disguised as a man."

"Hey, I've only met him twice, so I don't know about his abilities in dual cultivation. Anyway, Tian Yueling is indeed his future wife, and Xiao Xiao is his wife." Zhong Chenyu then asked him. "Isn't it your hobby to test the strengths of those disciples in bed?"

"Haha." Liu Chuqing laughed at that. "I'm not as bad as you think, okay? I do like it, but I don't dual-cultivate with many disciples, and I choose the best among them."

Zhong Chenyu nodded in understanding and spoke to him again. "In that case, you can go to him and ask him to accompany you to dual cultivate, and you can tell me about his might in bed later."

"Hmm?" Luo Chuqing thought as she rubbed her slender nose. "You're right about that; I'm going to go see him to test his prowess in bed."

"Anyway, Mo Chen doesn't live in the disciple area, but he lives with Tian Yueling and his wives in the building near the sect master's private quarters."

"Huh?" Liu Chuqing was shocked to hear that. "Is the person who brought him here so powerful? Otherwise, the sect master wouldn't treat him so special, and it would also make other disciples feel jealous of him."

"Strong?" Zhong Chenyu smiled bitterly. "Strong is not the right word to describe that person's strength, but that person is much stronger than all of us, and that person's abilities are beyond your imagination."

Hearing that, Liu Chuqing felt even more curious about Ling Yun, but she then raised her eyebrows at the four women who were looking at her strangely. "Who are they? Are they also new disciples?"

"Yes." Zhong Chenyu then pointed at them one by one. "Ling Yu'er and Ling Xiya are Mo Chen's wives, and the other two are Nangong Nichang and Qiao Lingzhi."

"Oh? I didn't expect that Mo Chen already had three wives, and they were much prettier than all the female disciples in this sect." However, Liu Chuqing suddenly realized something and observed Zhong Chenyu's face seriously. "Why do I feel that your face is different from before?"

"A few days ago, I met a wandering alchemist in Xinxi Tower, and I bought a beauty pill from her, and the results were like this." Zhong Chenyu deliberately lied to her because Zhou Yu forbade her to tell others about her return.

"Don't you know the identity of that alchemist?"

"No." Zhong Chenyu shook her and told her. "If you want to know the identity of that alchemist, you can go to Xinxi Tower to see Fei Hong, and he may know the identity of that person."

"Forget it! Even though I want to be beautiful like you, I don't want to spend a lot of money on it." Liu Chuqing then stood up. "Since that strong cultivator cares so much about Mo Chen, I think he must be very strong in bed, so I will go see him right now."

After she left, Zhong Chenyu asked the Ling Sisters. "Is your husband so strong in dual cultivation?"

"Hehe." Ling Xiya giggled at that. "Why don't you try it yourself, Elder?

"Once you dual-cultivate with our husband, you will never be able to return to Elder Kang again, and you will definitely forget him." Ling Yu'er added as she smiled.

Although he was curious about Ling Yun's strength in dual cultivation, Zhong Chenyu rejected their idea. "I'm just curious about him, but I've never wanted to dual-cultivate with another man."

Since Zhong Chenyu had said so, Ling Yu'er and Ling Xiya did not speak further. However, they both are certain that no woman can resist her curiosity about their husband.

- To Be Continued -

Chapter 752: Helping Tian Yueling
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