Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System
Chapter 753: Liu Chuqing Take Ling Yun*

Tao Ruirui continued to think of ways to get close to Xiao Xiao, but she didn't dare act rashly, as Zhou Yu and Yue Tu were much stronger than her. "What should I do to get close to her? Those two damn women definitely won't let me do it! I still find it hard to believe that that ugly man is her husband."


A young woman walked into Tao Ruirui's room, and her face looked quite pretty with straight, waist-length light brown hair. Her brown eyes look shining, her nose is pointed upwards, and her thick and rosy lips look sensuous.

There were two deer antlers on her head; her purple dress made her look hot and ravishing, and her bouncy mounds and buttocks kept jiggling as she walked coquettishly. "What happened to you, master?"

"I met a beautiful female disciple, but she already had a husband, and Yue Tu kept protecting them." Tao Ruirui replied as she pulled the woman onto her lap. "Can you help me, Jiao Lu?"

"Yue Tu, huh?" Jiao Lu wrapped her arms around Tao Ruirui's neck. "I want to help you, but she is much stronger than me, so I can't possibly fight her."

Tao Ruirui did not deny that, as she was aware that her contract beast was weaker than Yue Tu. "Do you have another way?"

"Hmm?" Jiao Lu thought for some time before giving her the answer. "What if you approach her husband first?"

"Huh?" Tao Ruirui frowned at that. "You know that I've never liked a man, right? I abhor them because they are mere dick-thinking, lowly beings who will abandon us when they grow bored with us."

Jiao Lu sighed softly. "Master, you know that not all men are like your father, right? Many of them are not bad, but your past trauma makes you generalize them."

"You better not talk about that bastard anymore!" Tao Ruirui shouted in a high pitch, but her body seemed to be shaking quite strongly.

"All right." Jiao Lu nodded and didn't talk about it any more. "I still think that the best way is that you approach the husband first, and you can get close to the wife at the same time."

"No." Tao Ruirui immediately rejected her idea. "What if you seduce that man? You are more attractive and seductive than I am, so I'm sure he will find you captivating.

"I will do it later." Jiao Lu then pushed Tao Ruirui to lie down on the bed. "For now, I want to have fun with you."

"Hehe." Tao Ruirui giggled when she heard that.




Ling Yun and Xiao Xiao, who were learning their techniques, were surprised by Liu Chuqing's sudden arrival.

Before they could ask him, Liu Chuqing had moved in front of them and grabbed Ling Yun's shoulders, and they disappeared from the residence quickly.

That really shocked Xiao Xiao, and she asked the other two. "Why don't you guys stop her?"

"Haha." Yue Tu laughed at her question instead. "You don't need to worry about Mo Chen because Elder Chuqing is not a bad woman, but she is indeed weird, and she often visits new disciples who are attractive to her to test their abilities."

"This rabbit is right; she won't hurt him, so you don't need to worry about him." Zhou Yu then looked away as she smiled faintly. "Instead, you should be more sympathetic towards her, as she is looking for trouble for herself, and her life will no longer be the same after today."

Xiao Xiao looked at them with raised eyebrows, but she also realized that no woman could escape Ling Yun's clutch after they dual-cultivated with him once. Even so, she was still worried about her husband, especially since Liu Chuqing was much stronger than him, and she was sure that her husband would be helpless in front of her, so she immediately walked out to catch up with them. "Let's go; we have to go to the dual cultivation hall right now."

Zhou Yu and Yue Tu could only shake their heads at Xiao Xiao's worry about Ling Yun, and they immediately followed her into the hall.




Meanwhile, Liu Chuqing had already taken Ling Yun to one of the rooms in the dual cultivation hall, and she also chained his hands with those black chains.

Even so, Ling Yun maintained his composure despite his circumstances, and those chains also sealed his cultivation. "Why are you doing this to me, Elder? We don't know each other yet, but you treat me like this."

"Even though this is the first time we've met, I've heard a few things about you, and they've piqued my curiosity about your abilities in dual cultivation." Liu Chuqing smiled and pressed their bodies together, and her hand slipped into Ling Yun's pants and rubbed his dick. "No wonder you can have many wives, and they are even willing to do anything for you, including joining this sect."

'Tch! This bitch!' Ling Yun inwardly cursed after he sensed the Yang Qi from several men inside Liu Chuqing's body. "Elder, I know your cultivation is much higher than mine, and you are also very experienced in dual cultivation. However, I am different from the male disciples who have slept with you before, and you won't be able to tame me."

"Yeah, you are indeed different from them." Liu Chuqing then took off her dress and let it fall to the floor. "Even though you yourself are quite experienced in dual cultivation, I am very confident in my body and abilities, and I can definitely tame you like them."

'What a narcissistic woman! You think too highly of yourself! Compared to all my wives, you are nothing but a speck of dust!' Ling Yun inwardly grumbled before saying it to him again. "Elder, you better stop this right now, or you will regret it."

Liu Chuqing didn't seem offended by Ling Yun's words, and she actually went the extra mile by stripping him naked. However, she was surprised because he showed no reaction after seeing her body, so she grabbed and squeezed his dick. "Hehe, I wonder how you will make me regret it, but I will definitely enjoy this dick of yours."

Even though he felt increasingly irritated by her words, Ling Yun still remained calm and played along with Liu Chuqing, and an evil smile appeared on his face, but he still continued to wait for an opportunity to do something to her.

"Hehe." Liu Chuqing chuckled before kneeling on the floor, and her hands began to move actively on Ling Yun's dick. "Hey, how can you have such a huge dick? It's already huge, even though you don't have an erection yet, and it will definitely satisfy me a lot."

"I was born different from all those men."

"That's true." Liu Chuqing nodded in agreement and began to slowly lick Ling Yun's dick, and her hand continued to squeeze the shaft strongly, causing him to wince a bit.

'Damn it! Is this the effect that Xiao'er meant before?' Ling Yun wondered to himself as he felt quite strong pleasure from Liu Chuqing's licking of his dick. 'Since you started all this, I won't hold back, and I'll make you regret it later.'

Meanwhile, Liu Chuqing was also annoyed because Ling Yun's dick was still not erect, especially since she couldn't wait to dual-cultivate with him. She then took two feathers from the shelf with her aura and rubbed them on his body, and she clamped his dick between her breasts as she sucked and licked its head.

Unbeknownst to Liu Chuqing, three people peeked at them from inside the void, but Zhou Yu didn't allow Xiao Xiao to come out and asked her to watch them from inside, and she was confident that Ling Yun could handle her by himself.

'Fuck! Her blowjob is pretty good!' Ling Yun inwardly said cursingly as the pleasure got stronger due to the effects of those feathers, and his dick began to react to Liu Chuqing's stimulation.

'Haha! He finally couldn't hold it in anymore!' Liu Chuqing said as she laughed inwardly, and she inserted Ling Yun's dick deeper into her mouth as she sucked hard on it, even as her tongue continued to lick the slit above its head. 'Despite his low cultivation, his dick is truly amazing, and it fills my mouth.'

Ling Yun's dick was gradually becoming bigger and harder, and Liu Chuqing grew increasingly eager to suckle on it.

Her next action surprised Ling Yun, as Liu Chuqing dared to put his dick so deep in her mouth, and he could feel it reaching her throat. 'This woman is really crazy! Isn't she afraid of choking on my dick?'

For several minutes, Liu Chuqing used all her experience to make Ling Yun orgasm as quickly as possible, but the result was the opposite of her expectations because she showed no signs of orgasm soon, and her mouth started to go numb. 'Shit! How could he be this strong? Typically, novice disciples such as him will orgasm immediately after I suck their dicks, but he can hold himself back for so long.

But alas, Liu Chuqing didn't know that Ling Yun had the Ejaculation, and she could hold back his orgasm as long as he wished. So no matter how hard she tried to stimulate him, she could never make him to reach his orgasm.

Ling Yun looked down with a triumphant smile after he noticed Liu Chuqing's expression. "You should give up, elder."

- To Be Continued -

Chapter 753: Liu Chuqing Take Ling Yun*
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