Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System
Chapter 972: Two Weeks Later

Time quickly passed, and Ling Yun had been in seclusion for a whole week, but he was forced to stop when a notification that he had been expecting appeared.





[Quest: Killing Seven Hundred Beasts in the Saint Realm and Above]

[Time Limit: Ten Days]

[Reward: Battle Gift Pack XI]




After Ling Yun informed her about it, Zhou Yu immediately flew the Icarus out of the void and brought them to a nearby realm.

However, Ling Yun forbade everyone from descending, so only the two spirit women accompanied him to hunt beasts in that realm, and Zhou Yu sealed off his hunting area with his void walls.

Since Ling Yun had no intention of holding back and used his complete dragon form to complete the mission, Zhou Yu decided to take action to prevent the residents of that realm from realizing the commotion he was making. After all, a new quest would only appear after the time limit of the previous one had run out, so they didn't need to waste too much time.

Ling Xi and Zhou Yu could naturally understand Ling Yun's impatience, so they helped him by gathering many beasts to his hunting grounds, including the beasts in Heavenly God Realm. After all, his complete dragon form's strength is equivalent to that of beasts in the Emperor God Realm, making it even easier for him to slaughter them.

With their help, Ling Yun didn't take too long to complete the quest, and he finished it before the sun even set.


[Quest: Killing Seven Hundred Beasts in the Saint Realm and Above]

[Status: Done]

[Reward: Battle Gift Pack XI x1]

After the notification appeared, Ling Yun brought them onto the Icarus, and Zhou Yu once again flew it into the void before hurtling at full speed towards their destination.

Ling Yun did not immediately enter seclusion again, and he took the time to establish deeper relationships with the female disciples of the Eternal Spring Sect, who were still not willing to become his partners, especially since most of them still had partners.

Dongfang Jingjing felt helpless about the situation, especially since she had witnessed Ling Yun's strength for herself, which made her feel annoyed because she had given him the easy condition of just reaching the 50th floor of the mysterious tower. 'Sigh. I should have given him the conditions to reach the top of the tower in order to get me as his wife, and I'm sure he wouldn't be able to achieve it.'

Ye Xixuan blatantly rejected him when he tried to approach her, even though he had kissed her twice. In her eyes, he was her lord, and she felt unworthy to be a member of his harem. However, Ling Yun naturally did not accept her rejection, and he approached her more aggressively instead.

Ling Yun also took his time to approach Song Su, and Song An kept encouraging her daughter to quickly become his woman. However, she still rejected him because their relationship was not that close, even though they had kissed several times.

Ling Yun had no interest in Huang Yin and Lie Ying from the start, so he only made small talk with the two women, Long Jue, and Er Xiyi.

Meanwhile, Ling Yun and Tian Yueling's relationship has also become closer the longer they have been together, and they have started to take things a step further with kissing. However, he still had no intention of dual-cultivating with her, particularly because his current cultivation would waste her virgin qi, and she could understand that.

Lang Zhi knew that Ling Yun was also targeting her, especially since he repeatedly tried to get close to her. However, she gave him a flat response because she wasn't ready for such a relationship, and she enjoyed her time with the black tiger, Hu Yuan.

In another area of Icarus, Wu Gui is enjoying his time with Ya Xixian, and they clearly want to pursue a serious relationship.

On the other hand, the two female demons, Mao and Layla, spent more time with Mu Yan and the others. Unlike them, Ren Shou and Jiu Tianxin decided to enter into seclusion, and they have never left their room since then.

However, there was one woman who felt uncomfortable among them, and that was Feng Bing'er, especially since Ling Yun had not approached her again after she rejected him last time, which made her quite depressed and in a dilemma about choosing between him and her husband.

Feng Yujie, who noticed the strangeness in their relationship, tried to persuade her big sister. "Big Sis, I know you still think about Feng Tian, but I also know that you have already fallen for Ling Yun, so I think it is useless if you keep thinking about the man who has left you for a thousand years, and it would be better if you gave yourself to him as soon as possible. The current him is different from the one we first met on earth, and the arrogance of his bloodline has increasingly influenced him. Perhaps he'll completely ignore you if you keep putting it off, and you'll be the one to regret it if that happens."

Listening to her little sister's words, Feng Bing'er could only sigh in her heart speechlessly in reply to Feng Yujie. She was aware of the risk of losing Ling Yun if she continued to delay, but she didn't want to become another man's wife before she got clarity from Feng Tian.

After he had spent quite some time with them, Ling Yun once again entered into seclusion to dual-cultivate with his wives and partners, mainly because he decided to break through to the Venerate Realm before they arrived at the mysterious towers.




Time flies so fast, and five days have passed since Ling Yun entered seclusion for the second time, and the five immortal spirits arrived at the Holy Land of Sword after traveling for almost a month. Superbia then led them to find information about Jian Xian and Yun Liang's residence by asking the residents of that realm, and they found that her residence was the closest, so they hurried to her residence.

Their expressions became confused because she lived in a small and unkempt hut, but they suddenly felt an aura that was almost on par with their emperor, and it forced them to kneel on the ground.

Soon, Jian Xian walked out of her hut and looked at them one by one, but her gaze made it clear that she did not welcome them. "Five immortal spirits, huh? I've never had any problems or relations with the spirit race, so what are you five doing in my residence?"

Before they could answer Jian Xian's question, the old man, Yun Liang, suddenly landed beside them because he had sensed their presence before, so he rushed over to meet them. "Old Xian, I think they are facing a serious problem; otherwise, they wouldn't bother coming here specifically to look for us, so you should retract your aura and listen to their explanation first."

The five immortal spirits felt relieved once Jian Xian retraced her aura, so Superbia immediately stood up and took out the medal that Meng Xianzi had previously given him, and he handed it over to her while explaining the actual situation to them. "All this trouble started because Luxuria sacrificed Invidia for a human man named Ling Yun, so our emperor is now hunting them to the mysterious tower. However, Jing Shen ordered us to capture his wives and families, but that female assassin stopped us, and she asked us to come here to seek protection from you two."

"Ling Yun?" Yun Liang then turned to Jian Xian. "Isn't that the man Little Xue'er talks about often? Every time she talked about him, I could see the enthusiasm in her eyes, and she always considered him to be her greatest rival."

"Yes." Jian Xian nodded while looking at the medal. "Xue'er informed me that Ling Yun was significantly younger than her, having undergone cultivation for less than a year when they initially met. She also told me that his cultivation was still in the Upper Soul Realm when they parted ways, but he was able to keep up with her in sparring before their farewell. However, she never mentioned his relationship with the spirit race, so I was shocked to hear that Luxuria sacrificed one of her kin for him, and that was the most taboo thing in their race."

"I know that Luxuria is the spirit of lust, but she seems to have gone crazy by doing something completely beyond reason." Yun Liang suddenly remembered something. "Aren't the two little girls on their way to the mysterious tower? Apparently, they will be reuniting soon, and Xue'er will be very excited to meet Ling Yun again."

"You're right about that, Old Liang. Ling Yun is Xue'er's target, and she has been training diligently over the past few months to avoid his overtake, so she will undoubtedly be happy about their reunion." Jian Xian then spoke to the five immortal spirits. "Since Meng Xianzi sent you all here, then we will accept you, and you don't need to worry about Jing Shen. I dare to guarantee that he will not have the guts to set foot in this realm, and we will kill him if he dares to do so."

"Thank you."

- To Be Continued -

Chapter 972: Two Weeks Later
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