Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 580.2: Get the medicine, get out (Part 2)

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She originally planned to go out to find Su Cha and ask him to arrange someone to accompany her around. In this way, she could find an opportunity to get the medicine from the medical system and then go to the wounded patients. She wanted to complete the requirements of the medical system as soon as possible. After that, she will leave Xiao Tianyao. She no longer needs to hide her head and cower.

When Lin Chujiu arrived in the camp, she brought a strange bamboo hat with her. Naturally, she didn’t forget to take it away when she went out.

Those who stayed outside Xiao Tianyao’s camp knew that there was a young man in Xiao Wangye’s camp. He stayed there for two days and two nights. When Lin Chujiu came out, many people were speculating about his relationship with Xiao Tianyao. But they were just guessing, they didn’t dare to ask.

Lin Chujiu didn’t know anyone in the camp, so he asked the soldiers who were stationed to find out where the people from Xiao Wangfu stay. She wanted to directly go to Su Cha.

Su Cha woke up very early. But as soon as he woke up, the shadow guard gave him a lot of work. Su Cha didn’t have the chance to get out of the camp because of this. He buried himself in dealing with military affairs. Seeing Lin Chujiu get in: “Chujiu, why are you here?” After calling her name directly for several days while on the road, Su Cha got used to it.

After all, it was really inconvenient to go out and call her princess.

“I’m here to borrow two people from you. I’m going to get some things. Can you let someone give me a ride?” Lin Chujiu remembered that when they came to the border, they passed by a forest. She could borrow that forest as a cover to get medicines out of the medical system.

It’s not that Lin Chujiu was too cautious, it’s just the medical system was extremely incomparable and deceptive. In the eyes of others, it was a treasure. If someone learned about it, it will lead her to death.

“Get things? Where are you going to get things?” Su Cha was not Liu Bai. When Lin Chujiu said this, he found something wrong.

Lin Chujiu thought about it in advance and said, “My master is here and left a batch of medicinal materials. I saw a lot of injured people in the camp. I want to get them. Maybe it can help.”

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“You, what are you talking about? Your master hid medicinal materials nearby?” Su Cha’s eyes widened. He looked ecstatic, but after that, he became dissatisfied, “Since your master left a batch of medicines here, why didn’t you take them out earlier? Did you know that many soldiers died because they didn’t have medicine and were not treated in time?”

When it comes to this, Su Cha was very dissatisfied.

At that time, to treat the wounded soldiers on the front line, Xiao Tianyao ordered the doctors, who were sent by the palace, to learned from Lin Chujiu how to bandage the trauma quickly and effectively. At the same time, he also studied the same method Lin Chujiu does.

Lin Chujiu didn’t hide her secrets. She taught Doctor Wu and the others everything, but she didn’t bring out medicinal materials at all. Even after the first batch of medicinal materials was robbed, she didn’t bring out one or two medicines.

If Lin Chujiu can’t get the medicinal materials, then it’s fine. But now, Lin Chujiu was telling him that her master left a batch of medicinal materials nearby. Isn’t she playing him?

Su Cha was unhappy, very unhappy. He looked at Lin Chujiu with eyes full of dissatisfaction and blame. Lin Chujiu never thought that things would turn out to be like this, so she froze on the spot… …

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