Weaving is the skill that Sam got out of all the skills that this guy mastered.

A bunch of memories flooded his head again.

Brice's hobby. Brice has a relatively rough childhood. His father was also a core figure of the clan and died defending it. Because of that loss, their standing in the clan has reduced by a lot.

He has to fight for resources and deal with the oppression from other elders who are scared of his talent surpassing their own offspring. Simply put, regular influential and powerful family nonsense. Nothing much.

And to endure all of this shit, he sought to weaving. A skill he learned from frail mother who tried everything in her power to shield him and from the clan's oppression. In a way, if not for her, this guy would have long ended up in a ditch somewhere.

After so much effort and sacrifice this guy improved for his mom's sake. He took so many difficult decisions. Killed people he didn't want to kill, fought with people he didn't want to fight. And weaving was sort of like a meditation for him.

He even carried a loom around in his storage and every night, he spends a lot of time on it.

Of course with all the time he spent, he became really good at it. It could be said, that's the skill he mastered the most.

In a way, it could be said that Sam was given the skill with highest mastery. But in his current state, he couldn't see much use for this.

As he was thinking of what to do and assessing his situation, Blaine looked at him in anger as he exuded killing intent.

Sam finally looked at the young man and the surroundings. He paid attention to his own situation.

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"How dare you?"

Blaine asked in a low voice. Even though he has been asking the same question again and again since the start, this time it felt different.

"How dare you act like this? First, you did something in the mission that is clearly against the orders which led to the massive fuck up. Because of that massive fuckup, instead of coming back to the camp, you tried to increase your glory and stayed back.

You fucked up even more and lost your legs like this.

In a critical state of war, with no consideration to your clan members you as one of the key factors injured yourselves to this extent.

And as I ask for explanation in a much informal setting with respect to your achievements until now, you dare become unresponsive like this?

Okay then, from now on, let us take the hard path.

You are going to be court martialled.

I will call up on the two reserve commanders from the main camp to act as judges. You will go through the trial like any other soldier that committed a crime and you will receive punishment as such. It will take a couple of hours for people from the main camp to arrive.

Until then, you are dismissed.

Guards, take Brice back to his tent. And make sure he doesn't leave anywhere or escape.

He is the highest priority criminal in our camp currently."

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He left the room after passing those orders. A couple of guards came over and lifted Sam and took him to Brice's tent.

Sam is still a bit dazed. It is one thing for him to be dazed as soon as he arrived in this body. He though it was just the aftereffect of the sudden shift of his soul. But now only he realized, even this body is slightly lethargic.

When he dodged the kick that came it him, he noticed that the body felt a bit heavier than it should.

As he was thinking of it, he noticed a half-eaten bowl of soup in the tent. Right beside his bed. It gave out a scent of medicinal herbs. He got curious and decided to take a sip.

Only after he did, did he realize what's wrong with the body. It is the after effect of the medicine. The medicinal combination is not exactly a mystery to Sam. He could easily guess what its purpose is and why Brice drank it.

It doesn't even have any other side effects and actually good for him. The only problem is that it has slight anaesthetic effect. It will numb his mind and body down a bit and it seems like brice drank it right before he was summoned to this discussion.

If he was a bit more awake, maybe then he would have answered something and got out of the trial. But now he is trapped in some scheme.

Sam sighed and thought of what to do next. If possible, he would like to regain his legs, but the grace period to get them back is over. At his level, if he really wants to get them back, he shouldn't have healed the wounds in the first place. And once the wounds are healed and the body's circulation is used to the new situation, it is almost impossible to get them back.

If he wants it now, he needs an above average divine plane cultivator to do the healing which is impossible in his current state.

As he was thinking, he was about lay down and relax. But at this moment, he noticed that someone approached the tent.

The guards are trying to convince him to get away, but that person is adamant about it. Sam frowned as he tried to look at the situation with his spiritual sense.

But the guards already gave up and let him come in.

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"Salute Captain."

The person came in and saluted to Sam.

Sam nodded in return. He recognized this person. He is the vice-captain of the team that was under Brice.

After the incident, he took over the team and even got promoted to the captain's spot in Brice's stead.

"Seems like you are the captain now. You might want to change the greeting."

"I am sorry Captain. I refused to take the position. But I was…"

"Don't need to explain yourself. I am currently unfit to lead the team anyway. It is better that you took over. It is better than handing the team I built with so much effort to someone who doesn't understand you guys.

Anyway, I hope my situation is not effecting you guys too much."

"About that, that is what I wanted to talk to you about.

Everyone of our team have been getting offers from the lackeys of other young masters. Particularly the lackeys of young master Blaine. They are not even asking for a complete change of team. They are asking to absorb the whole team into their faction and they are trying to individually buy off people from our side."

"Oh really? They already made their move?"

"Yes. While you were unconscious, we tried to get you to treatment. But Blaine's people stopped us. They took over your treatment plan and in the guise of interrogating us, they separated the whole team.

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I was made an offer stating that three people from our side already agreed to this.

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