Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1038: Direct attack

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The team carefully looked at the activation process and distributed the containers and poles.

"Keep your communication devices active all the time and listen to my orders and execute everything within a moment. I don't want any mishap to mess up the timing."

The teammates nodded and immediately left to their assigned spots.

After they left, Sam hovered on the harbinger as he looked at the city and move towards the gate. He is hovering over a height of around twenty feet which is just a bit more than the current city fall.

When Sam arrived at the clear visible range or to be precise the range of the crossbows the guards and the shooters noticed him and they became alert. But they didn't make a move.

Sam waited in the same spot for a while with a communication device hung over his ear. After he got the confirmation that the poles are properly placed in their designated spots, Sam took a deep breath and amplified his voice using the spiritual energy, before yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Hob Goblins of the city. I am Sam and I am the human that the seer told you about. The one who brings a disaster to you."

Sam paused and let his words sink in. The Elders, the tribe chief, and all the members inside the residence came out. Some of the elders and tribe chiefs have some methods to look at what Sam is doing and was surprised a bit.

Sam could see the largest building in the city with just his normal vision, he used the eye technique to see if all the core members from the main buildings came out and after confirming that, he continued.

"I am actually here for the heirloom of the Hou Tribe, the elemental dismantling bow. If you want we can discuss a price for it and everything ends smoothly, but if you do not take the offer, things would be different and we would need to go through a hard way. So, do pick with caution.

And the citizens, if your rulers pick the hard way, I am not responsible for any losses that you might suffer, so do take your time to evacuate while you still have a chance.

Everyone who is outside the gate of the city would be excused.

You have ten minutes to decide."

Sam became silent for a while. He was pretty straightforward with his intentions and anything that might happen after this would be the fault of the Hob Goblins themselves.

After the ten minutes are over, Sam smiled and once again spoke as he looked at the Hob Goblins on the city wall aiming the crossbows at him.

"Your rulers picked the hard way. To the citizens, this is the last chance, you have five more minutes."

Sam spoke as he looked at the wrist screen and selected the Hou tribe in the list.

The tribe chief who is ready to give orders to the shooters to start attacking Sam, suddenly ran inside the mansion as soon as an attendant came and whispered something in his ear.

He is going to the temple. Since Sam selected the tribe in the list, Hou Yi would definitely give the information now and he doesn't have to hold back.

When the tribe chief went in and performed the ritual, Hou Yi appeared and spoke through the statue.

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"The man named Sam is the human who would bring your disaster. It is a good thing that you guys are prepared and from what I know he might already be there. It would be hard to deal with him, so don't hold back at all and kill him if possible."

Hou Yi immediately jumped to the killing verdict without giving any chance for the tribe chief to pay respects or any other, he didn't let him speak and just talked and talked and sent him back.

The tribe chief was a bit skeptical about the strong attitude Hou Yi has regarding Sam, but he complied and gave orders for the crossbow shooters to attack.

The crossbows started glowing brightly.

The crossbows are similar to the ones Sam used in the Banished realm to help the dwarves. The bolts that are being shot from it are nothing short of spears.

The formation of the city wall activated and it channeled energy into the crossbows making the attack a lot more powerful than it is at the moment.

A single attack would make an Astral Plane Pre-transcendent cultivator immobile. If all the bolts landed on Sam, he would die without a doubt. That is if all of them landed on him.

With a wave of his hand, the Void hopper appeared on his palm and it jumped onto Sam's shoulder and rubbed its head to his face.

Sam smiled as he played with the little guy.

The shooters were dumbfounded and just shot the crossbows at the same moment.

The spears are enveloped with all kinds of elemental energies. Sam didn't move even though all the spears came at him menacingly.

He channeled spatial energy and the Void hopper that looked at the incoming attacks also did the same as they played together.

The spears that are had a lot of momentum and looked like they could drill through the mountain to reach their target suddenly stopped a few centimeters away from lodging into Sam's body.

Visible energy ripples appeared in the surroundings.

The elemental energies that enveloped the spears slowly dissipated as they couldn't penetrate the barrier and they just stayed in place until any traces of the elemental energy were completely disappeared.

Then the spears that became stagnant suddenly turned around with the tips pointing at the crossbows that shot them.

Sam activated wind elemental energy fusion as the Void hopper held them in place.

The wind fusion was complete and Sam let his wings out. A few feathers came out of the wings as they moved towards the spears and got attached to them.

The glow from the feathers spread to all the spears as they started spinning rapidly with the sharp winds enveloping it completely creating a majestic display.

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The crossbow shooters were lost in a daze for a second, but when they saw the spears being aimed at them, they knew they are in a pickle and quickly loaded the crossbows for the next round.

But they were too late, with a snap of Sam's fingers the spears shot like streaks of condensed wind as they reached their targets in no time.

Some barriers were instantly activated to defend, but they might as well have not been activated, they broke like eggshells upon contact.

The spears destroyed the crossbows and then they moved forward as passed through the shooters than the walls and then finally stuck the structures behind the wall.

The whole scene turned into chaos in an instant and the destruction Sam caused made them feel a chill run down their spine.

Half of the shooters died instantly and the remaining half are severely injured and would die in a few minutes, the structural damage to the wall, the city was also considerable.

"Activate the barrier."

The expression on the face of the tribe's chief didn't look good.

Currently, he is in the greatest phase of his life. Due to him taking the action from the words of the seer and uniting the Hob Goblins, he was praised as a hero, and all the fortifications he did and everything he did to protect the tribe made the people revere him.

There were a few moments, that he desperately wanted the human to strike with that disaster and he wanted to overcome it so that with this momentum he would be one of the few people remembered by the future generations as a great hero of the Hobgoblins. bUt now that the real deal is standing at his doorstep, he knew that he shouldn't have wished that much.

The saying, 'Be careful what you wish for' was not created for the sake of it.

He could now see the expressions of the elders and other core members that are looking at the scenario, they are starting to doubt if he would be able to defend them from the disaster.

He gritted his teeth and ordered.

"Activate the Necromancer ring and the barrier."

The subordinates immediately passed the orders and executed them.

As Sam slowly moved forward while still smiling and playing with the Void hopper, the necromancer ring was activated.

Sam is currently hovering over the necromancer ring as he didn't move forward and just waited there.

The souls were the first to come out from the ring and they zoomed towards Sam rapidly.

Sam didn't even flinch, in fact, he didn't even take a look at the coming souls.

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Right before the soul was about to make contact with him, a dark grey-colored ghost appeared out of nowhere and bit the soul on its neck.

Compared to the soul's translucent white body and the normal features, the dark grey ghost looked like an epitome of evil with hollow and dangerous features.

The ghost used its arms to tear into the soul's semi tangible body and ripped it into pieces before sucking it all inside and gave out an expression as if it just had a delicious meal.

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