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Chapter 137 3 days ago

So far I've read a little over half of the chapters (130) and I must say that this has genuienly piqued my interest. Very enjoyable plot with cool and strong MC who isn't afraid to make his name public like most mc's of different novels.

Chapter 205 4 days ago

Nice plot with the whole vr affects your own irl character and I wanna see more regarding the power of his predecessors like Scar and Agrianos

Chapter 236 4 days ago

What “@ZachG” says about keeping up with his skills is true there are a lot, however I find that they do become recognizable as he continues to use them throughout the story so you see them often enough that it’s not too bad. Other then this though everything is pretty well done, the characters are well written and actually have some personality which is refreshing to see. Plus the mechanical skills of MC’s party members are good so they don’t fall too far behind so you don’t get the feeling that they’re leeching. MC has a brutal attitude and approach to things plus he doesn’t give a fuck about women so there is no harem bullshit. All together it is a good read that you should try, even though it is somewhat of a recognizable MMO trope.

Chapter n/a 6 days ago

Genuinely really enjoyed this. The plot was pretty engaging and I was pretty easily invested into it, the world building is pretty good, the characterisation is stellar and everyone’s classes and abilities are top notch. Definitely give this a try

Chapter n/a 6 days ago

I read this up to ch. 190 or so a while back. It was alright but one thing always annoyed me and it was the fights/fighting system. This MC legit gets a new skill every chapter. How can I keep up with all his ability names, etc. And at one point he advances his class and all the names of his skills get changed! I lost interest in following the fights after that and mostly just skipped them. Maybe someone else would enjoy this more. I would give this novel a 3. 5