"If that is the case, then I will place the contract on your first here and now." Lillia did not want to take risks. If this man really was willing to submit, then she would make sure there were no way he could suddenly try to hurt them.

Anu could tell Lillia did not trust him. He nodded his head and said: "No problem. I will open my soul up to you so you can brand it. This way, even I can not remove the contract unless I wish to permanently harm myself."

"Then I will do it now." Lillia did not hesitate to place the contract, and the one she placed was quite harsh. If he even had a thought about changing his mind, his soul would shatter.

Anu couldn't help but smile bitterly at the lack of trust, but he could only blame himself. He had ignored the original pact and allowed the mortal world to be invaded. He was now completely under Blake's control. "Your husband should wake in two days' time. However, he should still rest for a week. At that time we should hold a meeting. I will have to ask you that during this time, that you place contracts on the rest of the gods."

Lillia nodded. "No problem. I will start now."

Two days passed quickly. Blake's eyes finally slowly opened to find that he was not alone in his bed. To his left and right, Joy and Destiny were lying next to him, sleeping peacefully. He couldn't help but curl his lips up as he gently rubbed their heads.

"You're awake." Lillia, who was sitting next to the bed, looked over to see Blake moving and couldn't help but call out to him.

"Yeah. Still weak, but I can at least move around now. How are things on our side?" Blake asked. He did not move, though, since he did not want to disturb the girls.

"They are good. I spent the past two days doing mass contracts, which drained me, but every god of the astral domain is now under our control. Anu even allowed me to put one of the strongest restrictions on him without a word." Lilia replied.

"That's good…" Blake was glad things were over. "How were our losses?"

"None. Ishtar and the other gods took the front lines in the last battle. We were able to keep not only our people alive, but those forced to fight only suffered minor injuries. Blake, with the number of gods with us, we might just be able to push back the devils." Lillia was actually quite excited. She did not dislike the floating island, but she did not feel the same nostalgia that she had when they were landlocked.

"Let's hope things go as planned." Blake also hoped things would go smoothly, but he knew one thing…. "We also need to be prepared for many deaths…"

"Mmm…. Blake, about the girls…." Lillia looked at her daughter and Joy, who were sleeping next to Blake.

"I don't know…." Blake closed his eyes. He did not know what to do with them.

"Okay…. But please do not make them wait too long." Lillia did not want their hearts to be broken. If he did reject them, then they might have a falling out as father and daughter. Or, at the very least, their relationship would never be the same again. She was scared of what might happen.

"I know. Let's finish things first. I might die after all in the next war." As Blake said this, he felt the two sets of arms that were hugging him tighten. He knew they were awake, but he did not say anything. Instead, he gently ran his hand through their hair. He really had his misgivings, but he was not one to tell a person who they could love. His race was not human, after all. Human values did not apply to his race.

Blake sank into his pillow and pulled the two girls closer to him. He loved them to death and would give his life for them. He also did not wish to hurt them. But he had to figure things out in his own mind and also talk to his other wives about it. After all, if he did decide to take them as his wives, they would be joining the sisterhood.

"Okay, when things are done, I will ask again." Lillia could tell that Blake was wavering. She felt it was only a matter of time before he caved.

Lillia was coming up with a plan. She figured if she sent the girls to his room after things were done with everything. Her mind was spinning on how she could stir things up. If Blake knew what she was thinking, he would knock her on the head. Mainly because if his daughters looked at him with those pleading eyes of theirs, he would probably cave then there would be no going back.

"Rest up. You will need at least a week before you can move normally again. We will hold a meeting with all the main gods at that time." Lillia reached out and rubbed the top of Blake's head before standing up and leaving the room. She hoped things would go smoothly in this last push to remove the devils from Earth.

When Lillia left, Blake finally pinched the girl's waists, causing them both to twitch. "Papa!" They both looked up with pouty lips.

Blake smiled and pulled them both into a hug. "No matter what happens. No matter the decision I make. I will love you both forever and ever."

"We know…" Destiny buried her face into her father's chest. She knew it was not an easy decision. She knew that she and Joy were being very selfish, but…. They could not help it.

Joy did not say anything. She was only enjoying the moment that she could be held in the man she love's arms. She enjoyed it so much that soon, both Destiny and Blake heard soft snoring coming from the side. The two looked at each other and let out a quiet laugh, not wanting to disturb her.

Chapter 575: A Quiet Time
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