Chapter 245: Night Spirit

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‘What is that?’

Amiletta wondered.

What is the identity of the ominous energy and the golden pillar?

But she couldn’t go to check.


Kyrad has arrived.



Yeon Jeung raised his shield. Then Raymond’s fist exploded on it.


An explosion sound broke out and Yeon Jeung was pushed back.

Soo Hyuk looked at Yeon Jeung blocking Raymond’s attack, then turned his head to look at Loska.

‘I have to stop that…’

She was creating a magic circle. He didn’t know what magic circle it was.

However, considering the various conditions such as the conversation she had with Raymond and the time it takes to create the magic circle, it is very dangerous.

It was clear that it was a magic circle.

“Fire Spear.”

Soo Hyuk threw a fire spear towards Loska.


However, the Fire Spear disappeared as soon as it appeared.

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Soo Hyuk sighed inwardly and turned his head to see the High-Class Demons outside the range of the giant’s shield.

‘If it wasn’t for those guys.’

When Raymond first attacked, Soo Hyuk was thinking of ignoring Raymond and dealing with Loska first.

It was because of the shaman magic circle.

However, at the same time, High-Class Demons appeared.

They couldn’t pass through, but they could use dispel.

It was then.

– Raymond!

Loska exclaimed.

Raymond stopped fighting Yeon Jeung and retreated.


There is no reason for Raymond to suddenly step down. The light of the magic circle was different from before. It seemed that the magic circle had been completed.


Soon, a wolf appeared from the magic circle and a message appeared.

[The magic circle of the night spirit has been completed.]

[The being that eats magic, the night spirit has been summoned.]

Seeing the message, Soo Hyuk frowned.

‘A being that eats magic?’

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It was an ominous name.

– Attack him!

Loska’s staff pointed towards Soo Hyuk. And the purple wolf Yahon ran towards him.

“Magic Missile.”

Soo Hyuk fired a Magic Missile at Yahon.


Was it because they were obscured by nightmares? Or were they tired?

The Magic Missile was not dispelled and collided with the Yahon.


However, Soo Hyuk was perplexed by the situation that followed. It was because the magic missile passed through it as it was.

‘Then the shield…’

Soo Hyuk frowned.

If he can pass through the magic missile then what about the shield.

Yahon opened his mouth widely after arriving near the shield.

And as he thought, it passed through the shield and bit Soo Hyuk’s shoulder.

‘As he expected.’

It was as expected.

However, at the message that followed he had no choice but to frown.

[Yahon has dealt damage to you.]

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[Yahon absorbs your energy.]

[Wisdom decreases by 3 every 5 seconds.]

[Wisdom decreases by 3.]

‘Wisdom decline?’

It was a baffling message. He thought he read it wrong, but he didn’t.

‘What the fuck.’

It absorbs wisdom just because it did damage.

Soo Hyuk waved his hand to shake off Yahon.

However, Soo Hyuk’s hand passed through it as it was.

‘Even physical attacks don’t work?’

Soo Hyuk thought that since the magic would not work, the physical attack would. Then he opened his mouth with an irritated expression.

“Yeon Jeung, the ultimate!”


Yeon Jeung questioned as he was watching Raymond.

“Give me your ultimate!”

“Okay! Guardian’s Realm!”

Soo Hyuk spoke again, and Yeon Jeung quickly cast the ultimate skill ‘Guardian’s Realm’.


Then a golden pillar appeared from Yeon Jeung with a message.

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[You will be invincible for 2 minutes.]

[All harmful effects are removed.]

[Cooldown of all skills is reduced by 2 hours.]

[Connected the user ‘Yeon Jeung’ and the skill ‘Guardian’.]

[Increases physical damage by 500% for 4 minutes.]

[Increases magical attack power by 500% for 4 minutes.]

Looking at the message, Soo Hyuk thought.

‘It wasn’t a skill to use at times like this.’

Invincible, Removes harmful effects, reduces cooldown, increases attack power.

The ultimate skill of Yeon Jeung, ‘Guardian’s Realm’, which has countless effects, was a skill to be used in battle with Kyrad. It’s not supposed to be used here.

But they had no choice. There is no way to deal with the night spirit, and he cannot continue to watch the decline of his wisdom.

Soo Hyuk opened the character window and confirmed his wisdom.

‘I’m glad.’

Wisdom was not diminishing, perhaps because he had become invincible and did not take any damage.

After confirming his wisdom, Soo Hyuk closed the character window.


And with a short sigh, he attacked Raymond, Losca, and the High-Class Demons. He started in turn.

– It was disconnected from him!

Loska exclaimed in a bewildered voice.

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-What? What do you mean?

And Raymond asked.

-I guess that golden pillar and…

“Fire Storm.”

The cooldown has been reset by ‘Guardian’s Realm’

Soo Hyuk cast Firestorm on Raymond and Loska who were having a conversation.


A Firestorm appeared and swallowed them both.

– Aghh! What nonsense is this

– He was hiding his power again!

The High-Class Demons tried to dispel again.

However, it was not possible to dispel the fire storm, which had significantly increased magical attack power. The magic power contained in the Fire Storm was too strong for that.

Soon the drop window was updated.

The drop window being updated means only one thing. Soo Hyuk checked the message.

[Advanced Balrog Raymond has died.]

[Advanced Balrog Loska has died.]

After seeing the message, Soo Hyuk immediately confirmed his contribution.

{The Fall of Allin}

The war has begun.

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Defeat the Demons of the Kyrad faction and capture the Alin Castle!

[Contribution degree: 99,922,797 / ???]

Quest reward: ???


Soo Hyuk smiled.

As expected, his contribution almost reached 100 million.

‘If I catch the rest of them.’

Soo Hyuk turned his gaze from the quest window to the high demons. He only needs 80,000 contributions to reach 100 million. It can be done by killing one High-Class Demon.

“Poison Storm”

Soo Hyuk cast a poison storm at the center of the High-Class Demons who were watching the situation, unaware of the deaths of Raymond and Loska.

[High Demon Esoka has died.]

Poison Storm appeared and his contribution exceeded 100 million.

“Yeon Jeung.”

Soo Hyuk checked his contribution and said to Yeon Jeung.

“Let’s go.”

He also filled in his contributions and had to check the situation in Alin.

The invincibility will end soon. A very annoying situation can arise when Kyrad appears.


Yeon Jeung drove the wagon in response to Soo Hyuk’s words.

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“Fire Spear, Magic Missile, Dark Spear, Wind Cutter.”

Soo Hyuk cast various spells towards the fortress wall.

A defensive magic circle appeared, and soon it was smashed and there was another hole in the wall. Yeon Jeung began to drive the wagon towards the hole.

“Child of Darkness, Child of Darkness.”

Soo Hyuk summoned the ‘Children of Darkness’.

This was to prevent an unexpected chase. Raymond is also dead, and there is no one who can annihilate the ‘Children of Darkness’. They would be enough to stop the chasers.

“Look over there!”

As soon as they came out of the wall, Yeon Jeung shouted.

Soo Hyuk looked forward to his cry. There were many tents in the distance. It was clear that they belonged to the Amiletta faction.

They quickly headed to the tent.


“Why did you come alone?”

Kyrad asked, throwing a spell at Amiletta. After she ripped the spell away, she answered.

“I’ve come to break down the wall in advance.”


Kyrad snorted at Amiletta’s words.

“You are telling a blatant lie. Isn’t it because of what happened over there?”

Amiletta couldn’t say anything. She remained silent and attacked Kyrad.

“Seeing their aura, I think those people are there…”

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Kyrad was able to spare time to speak while avoiding her blow.

“How did the humans infiltrate?”

Amiletta grinned at Kyrad’s question. And she swung her swords. He then stepped back.

However, Amiletta had been aiming for that, and quickly retreated, widening her distance from him.

“Are you planning to run away?”

Kyrad asked.

Amiletta, who uses swords, did not close the distance. When she backed down, which meant one thing.

“See you soon.”

Amiletta ended the battle.

Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung were leaving the castle and going to the base.

There was no need to continue the battle with Kyrad.

‘I don’t feel any energy.’

Amiletta thought as she quickly returned to base after the battle with Kyrad was over.

She didn’t feel the energy of the Balrogs that she had felt just before. What does that mean? She can’t be sure because she hasn’t heard the situation yet, but it put a smile on her face. After arriving at the base, Amiletta headed to the place where she could feel their energy.

And she soon found Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung. Amiletta approached them as she smiled.

“Ah, that’s how it happened.”

After hearing all the explanations, Soo Hyuk exclaimed.

‘It was because of the spy.’

He understood how the Demons of the Amiletta faction were able to receive the information.

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There was a spy, and he told them all about what they both had done. It was an opportunity to put an end to the war, so it was natural for her to come.


Cranosson smiled and nodded his head at Soo Hyuk’s words. Then he said with a surprised expression.

“But it’s amazing that you killed all the Balrogs.”

Cranosson’s voice was full of surprise. There were Balrogs in Alin. There were so many that it made him contemplate going back in. There were not only general Balrogs, but also two advanced ones.

However, Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung alone and killed all the Balrogs, including the Advanced ones.

“It was not that amazing.”

Soo Hyuk replied with a satisfied smile as he remembered his contribution.

‘I need to acquire it quickly.’

And he thought. His contribution reached 100 million. Now it was time to go get the God grade chest from the Royal Palace Treasury. Of course, he can’t go right now.

It’s because he hasn’t completed the quest yet. Quests with the condition of ‘contribution’ must be completed to acquire and use the corresponding contribution.

In other words, it can only be used after completing the quest ‘Alin Capture’, in which Soo Hyuk earned more than 100 million contributions while doing so.

It was then.


Emming entered the tent.

“Are you done?”

Amiletta asked Emong. She had felt the energy of Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung before and told him to prepare for the attack.

“Yes, everything is ready.”

Emming nodded.

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“What would you like to do?”

Amiletta asked Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung after hearing Emming’s answer. Now they will start the attack. However, Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung do not belong to any unit.

They had to decide whether they wanted to be assigned to a military unit or move alone.

“Um, we’

Soo Hyuk opened his mouth at Amiletta’s question.

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