Reaper of the Drifting Moon
Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Reaper of the Drifting Moon

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Reaper of the Drifting Moon novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Woo-Gak. 197 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


He’s in the deepest part of Jianghu.

Keep your eyes wide open.

If you do not wish to get dragged into the abyss.

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  • Recon2024 1

    It's a good read, nothing special. The only problem is the writing style which treats the readers like children. Every time the MC fights or does something out of the box the author tries to explain how he does it by bringing up his past and how this is possible only by the MC. It really feels like the author want the readers to always remember his past. One thing I don't get is the MC becoming someone who knows how every assassin think because he is also one, it was never stated that he learnt how to be a real assassin. He was only taught how to kill and hide himself. Tracking skills, poison making/identifying, reading the opponent's emotions are some of the skills MC is very good at because he is an assassin when he was taught none of this. I also thought about the poison resistance the MC has which he got from venomous snake. Like I said this is a good read to escape your boredom.

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  • Someb0dy 1

    This novel did everything right

    • Saviour 3

      The girls also said the same

  • Roveluv 1

    Why no one talk about this??!! This is sooo good mann...its a bit sad though the art "pyowol" in the manhwa kinda different from the novel describe. And the last i cant wait for Soma to appear with cute face yet cruel personalities

  • Zeeo666g01d 1

    Is there a Fandom Page for this Web Novel

  • Soladino 1

    The story keep going after he have his revenge, is it any good? Stopped after his “fight” with the girl from emei sect in the mountains. Feels like the novel lost direction

    Edited: 1mo
  • KHEQS 1

    Chapter 41 of the manwha is chapter 70 in the novel.

  • Renz17 1

    14 chapters. Lets go!!!!

  • WNPReader 1

    It's nice to see how indirectly the protagonist is building bit by bit an organization. =) The protagonist is smart, vengeful and talented. Handsome and now rich. The lack of romance is unfortunate though. PS: Somehow early chapters (about ~40 chapters) are leaked in a certain site. Up to you to find it for eager ones.

      • PerpetualTorment 2

        they can't tell you, it would go against comment rules

  • ARMAAN 1

    It's been 11 days

  • Lanimort 1

    I neeeeed chp 126. I neeeeeeeeeeeed it