Rebirth of the Strongest Empress

Chapter 1731: Little Heavenly Demon (2)

Chapter 1731: Little Heavenly Demon (2)

When Ye Qingtang and Little White Tiger finally stopped, the Little Heavenly Demon also stopped. It stood there unmoving, several meters away from Ye Qingtang.

Under the yellow evening light, Ye Qingtang could only make out those bright, demonic eyes. They remained fixed upon herself. But somehow, Ye Qingtang felt that those eyes did not possess any ill intentions. It was just watching her.

But why?

“Just how long is this Little Heavenly Demon going to follow us? Is it going to kill us or let us go? It should just do it already.” Little White Tiger did not like having the attention of this Little Heavenly Demon.

Ye Qingtang sighed softly. She did not understand either, but this Little Heavenly Demon did not seem to have any intention of attacking them. This was good enough.

Anyway, Ye Qingtang knew very well that if this Little Heavenly Demon wanted to kill them, both Little White Tiger and her would be no match at all. As a result, she might as well just relax. She took out some rations from her space ring and started to eat.

Ye Qingtang had just taken a couple of bites when she realized that the Little Heavenly Demon was moving again.

It suddenly started to edge toward Ye Qingtang. Those demon eyes were fixed upon the half-eaten rations in Ye Qingtang’s hands. Those eyes started to sparkle…

Ye Qingtang, “…”

She moved the field rations in her hand from side and side and discovered that the Little Heavenly Demon’s eyes were tracking its movement. There was even a sliver of desire in those eyes.

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Was it hungry?

Ye Qingtang suddenly recalled that the first time this Little Heavenly Demon made an appearance was when she took out some food while inside the cave.

A suspicion surfaced in Ye Qingtang’s mind. She tossed the rations in her hand toward the Little Heavenly Demon.

The field rations were still in mid-air when the Little Heavenly Demon pounced toward it. Opening its wide jaws full of sharp teeth, it gobbled up the rations whole.


It was really hungry?!

Ye Qingtang felt like her world had just turned upside down.

A powerful Heavenly Demon was interested in common human food?

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Was it just teasing her?

After swallowing the field rations, the Little Heavenly Demon actually reached out its tongue and licked its lips in satisfaction. Its eyes continued to stare at Ye Qingtang.

“…I think… you’d better feed it until it is full. Otherwise… we might become its food instead.” Little White Tiger couldn’t help shivering when it looked at the Little Heavenly Eye’s greedy eyes.

Ye Qingtang was silent.

She immediately searched through her own space ring. Luckily she had prepared a lot of food in her space ring and had yet to consume much of it since entering the mystic realm, so there was still a lot left.

Ye Qingtang took out a big piece of dried meat from her space ring. After tearing off a section, she tossed it toward the Little Heavenly Demon.

“Ahhh oohhh…” Before the meat landed on the ground, Little Heavenly Demon once again pounced forward and caught it deftly in its mouth. It looked very satisfied after eating.

“…” Ye Qingtang didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

The high and mighty Heavenly Demon clan produced such a greedy little creature?

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Nevertheless, as amused as she was, Ye Qingtang still obediently tossed the rest of the dried meat to the Little Heavenly Demon.

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