Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 567: Heavy Downpour

Ch567 – Heavy Downpour

A feeling of the pain of having his heart torn apart swept over him. Yan Tianhen suddenly raised his head and looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a miserable face. “How much do you like him? Do you like him as much as I like you? Lin Xuanzhi, you shouldn’t stay immersed in your memories forever. Can’t you look ahead? It’s impossible for you to rely on recalling the memories of a person for a lifetime, if he loved you, that’s fine; but what has he given you?”

He locked himself on this isolated island for eight years.

However, it was eight years in the real world, but not eight years in the soul plate.

Lin Xuanzhi was the owner of the soul plate. No matter how long he stayed in the soul plate, it would not be a problem. Ten days in the soul plate was queal one day in the outside world. Comparing the difference between Lin Xuanzhi’s cultivation today and eight years ago, Yan Tianhen could imagine how long he stayed in the soul plate.

His loneliness was different from the loneliness that Yan Tianhen understood — it was the same as the difference between heaven and earth.

Even though Lin Xuanzhi never said why he had to “cutivate in seclusion” over the years in the same place, disregarding the world and avoiding it, Yan Tianhen knew that he wanted to lock himself in a shell and escape reality.

Lin Xuanzhi’s face suddenly went white, he looked at Yan Tianhen in disbelief. Both his lips trembled, but he didn’t speak. Yan Tianhen bit his lower lip.

“You like me?” Lin Xuanzhi was seemingly in disbelief, but this should not be his reaction. Isn’t he already aware of the answer in his heart?

But when Yan Tianhen confessed his feelings, Lin Xuanzhi definitely felt startled.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, Yan Tianhen pressed on, “If I didn’t like you, why would I come here every day? If I don’t like you, why would I rather let those people misunderstand me and scold me than let them say half a word of defamation about you?”

The current Yan Tianhen was no longer the coward who dared to like Lin Xuanzhi silently but did not dare to tell him. A few years of life as a prince had made him more courageous.

However, in front of the person he liked, his greatest courage was just confessing his feelings.

After he finished, Yan Tianhen didn’t wait for Lin Xuanzhi’s response, and his heart gradually became more embarrassed, and his forehead grew more and more hot.

Lin Xuanzhi just stood there, less than three feet from him.

So Yan Tianhen did something that he would never dare to do if he was thinking clearly. He hooked his hands behind Lin Xuanzhi’s neck, then raised his head up and kissed his red lips.


Yan Tianhen only felt that something exploded in his head, like setting off fireworks. At this moment, he seemed to have nothing to think about, but all the sudden he thought a lot at the same time. Lin Xuanzhi was stunned for a long time, but when Yan Tianhen bit his lips and tried to get inside he came to his senses. He raised his hand and lightly pinched Yan Tianhen’s neck, pulling him away from his lips.

Although Yan Tianhen’s neck was pulled back and ended the mouth-to-mouth contact with Lin Xuanzhi, but his hands were still tightly around Lin Xuanzhi’s neck, his eyes were wet and his lips bright red, looking like he was greatly wronged.

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Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help thinking: It’s me who is being taken advantage of, and you are the one taking advantage of me, so why do you feel wronged right now? The wind had unknowingly stopped, and the surrounding was quiet.

Yan Tianhen’s mind was tense, and he was afraid to breathe. What have I done?

Sexually assaulted Lin Xuanzhi?

As if he were afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would not believe him, he added, “I was wrong. But next time I’ll still dare.”

Lin Xuanzhi who was ready to say “It’s okay”: “…..”

Yan Tianhen didn’t know where his courage came from. He had a guilty conscience, but continued to be tragically stubborn. His neck was horizontal to the ground and his eyes were closed, saying, “That’s exactly what I think of you. No matter what you say it’s too late now.”

Lin Xuanzhi had a lot he wanted to say, but it was stuck in his throat.

He didn’t show any obvious changes in emotions, “When did it start?”

Yan Tianhen said in a low voice, “Since you saved me from the mouth of that demonic beast eight years ago, I have remembered you in my heart. Over the years, I have listened to you being mentioned by people around me, and you grew deeper and deeper in my heart… that’s it.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled gently, making Yan Tianhen confused.

“You are still young, never distinguishing from what is love and what is gratitude.” said Lin Xuanzhi in a flat voice.

Yan Tianhen was angry and said, “I may not be old, but I am not a fool. I’m not so naive that I can’t even recognize my own feelings.”

“You don’t understand me, how do you dare say you like me?” Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes were clear. “What do you like? Do you like this appearance? Or is it the over-beautified Huarong Sword Immortal from other people’s words?”

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded for a while.

Lin Xuanzhi’s tone was that of an elder’s general tolerance to the younger generation. He said. “Ah Hen, I fell in love with the person in my heart because we have experienced many joys and sorrows, and even life and death together. In this world, there is no love without reason nor is there hate without reason.”

Yan Tianhen felt like a basin of ice water was poured over him, and he felt cold from head to toe.

He bit his teeth and said, “But you treat me very well, better than anyone else.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him and said, “I am old friends with your master, and I am also old friends with your foster dad who is currently at the Xuan Clan. I naturally want to help you with everything and make sure you don’t get wronged.”

Yan Tianhen’s vision was a little blurred, and he said, “But you also said that it is nothing difficult for you to raise one of me.”

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Lin Xuanzhi nodded and calmly said, “Yes, it would not be difficult to support even ten of you. I can help you, so naturally I will help you. But if you leave Myriad Dao Academy in the future, I’m afraid you will be beyond my reach.”

Yan Tianhen’s heart began to sink into the abyss.

“I don’t believe it.” Yan Tianhen said with a gloomy face, “I am not entirely unaware of how the people I like think of me. Even if you keep saying that it’s only for the sake of old friends, I can be sure that you have at least a bit of fondness for me, even if only just a little.”

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath, stepped back, looked at Lin Xuanzhi from a distance, and said, “Today, I offended you, but I will not just give up. I, Yan Tianhen, rarely like a person so much; even the Jade Emperor in heaven can’t block me, it’s even more impossible for you, Lin Xuanzhi!”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…..”

When he finished speaking, Yan Tianhen grabbed the tiger cub that was recklessly rubbing his leg, firmly hugged it to his chest, and flew towards the outside of Penglai Island. Lin Xuanzhi looked at his back and did not move for a long time.

Hu Po felt forced to lie on Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder, watching them in the distance, calling out “Ao ao” twice.

Lin Xuanzhi sighed, hugged Hu Po to his chest, and smoothed his fur. “He even got his spiritual pet wrong. It seems that he is really angry.”

Hu Po, “ …..”


As soon as Yin Chongyue landed on Penglai Island, he was drenched by the downpour.

Yin Chongyue took a deep breath and raised his hand and wiped the rain on his eyelids. Although he wanted to use his spiritual Qi to ward the pouring rain off, the rain in the soul plate was different from rain in the outside world. It reflected the mood of the master of the soul plate, and one’s spiritual Qi could not ward it off.

Damn, I can only suffer it.

Yin Chongyue saw Lin Xuanzhi standing in the heavy rain, but his entire body was dry, without being affected by the rain.

“Who offended you and made your heart so unhappy?” Yin Chongyue walked over to Lin Xuanzhi’s side and said, “I haven’t seen your state of mind fluctuate so much for a long time.”

After a moment’s silence, Lin Xuanzhi said, “Today, Ah Hen told me his feelings.”

Yin Chongyue let out an “Ah” then paused for a while, then let out another “Ah”, and said, “This child has a lot of courage, but his mind is also impatient, I was thinking how long he could last. I didn’t expect it to be only a few months, then he couldn’t bear it anymore.”

Yin Chongyue was still happy, thinking, This relationship really is destined; it is not unreasonable. As someone who knows all the experiences of Lin Xuanzhi, if Lin Xuanzhi can reunite with Yan Tianhen, it would be a beautiful thing.

But thinking about it, Yin Chongyue looked up at Lin Xuanzhi and said, “That’s not right, according to the reasoning, isn’t it a positive thing for you if he tells you his feelings? Why do you look like you swallowed explosives alive?”

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “I refused.”

“Oh, so it turned out to be…” Yin Chongyue stared with wide eyes and asked, “You refused? Are you having a brain freeze or something? What are you doing?”

However many years Lin Xuanzhi had spent cultivating on Little Penglai was however long he had been thinking about Yan Tianhen. Such a positive thing delivered to the doorstep, even if someone used their big toe to think, they would know they should go with the flow and take the win.

But Lin Xuanzhi did the opposite. Even though Yin Chongyue thought he knew Lin Xuanzhi well, he still couldn’t understand what kind of things he was thinking right now.

There was a curtain of heavy rainfall, as if it would never stop, as if it was going to flood the soul plate into a vast ocean, so as to relieve his heart’s sadness.

“I remember every scene I experienced with him and I remember every sentence.” Lin Xuanzhi’s voice was a bit hoarse, enjoying the feelings from the past. “I know that my heart says that I should love him, respect him, and long to be with him.”

Yin Chongyue looked towards Lin Xuanzhi and waited quietly for what followed.

“But… there indeed was a turning point.”

“When I saw him, I definitely no longer felt anything.” Lin Xuanzhi’s gaze, which was originally looking at the distant mountains, turned to look at Yin Chongyue. His eyes seemed to be full of water, and Yin Chongyue thought, There should be a rain curtain.

“The Dao of Heaven erased their memories, and at the same time it also erased my feelings.” Lin Xuanzhi raised his pale white hand and pressed it to his heart. Yin Chongyue’s eyes showed deep astonishment.

“These days, I have been treating him using the feelings I had for Ah Hen in the past, but this act of being in love’, how can there be an entirely flawless performance?” Lin Xuanzhi’s face was pale and his steps were shaky. “Ever since that day when my hair turned white overnight, I lost all hope and no longer had any thoughts about anything in this world — as if I shouldn’t be in this world, and I shouldn’t have any relations with anyone in this world. This feeling, can you understand it?”

Yin Chongyue couldn’t help feeling cold in both his body and mind. He sucked in a breath, tightly frowned and pinched Lin Xuanzhi’s arm, and asked, “When did you start feeling this way? Why have you never told me?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Following the opening of the Five Continents’ barrier, there were already faint signs when I woke up from the soul plate. Later, when I saved Ah Hen from the demonic beast, the way he looked at me like a stranger — in that instant, my heart turned to ash. Since then, I can’t feel any happy feelings anymore. It is the same way towards Ah Hen.”

Yin Chongyue squeezed his fingers tighter, almost breaking Lin Xuanzhi’s arm.

How can it be like this?

No, it should be like this, it can only be like this, and only then would everything make sense.

He knew that the reason Lin Xuanzhi’s hair turned white overnight must have been due to a great trauma that his mind suffered, but he never thought that Lin Xuanzhi actually became someone unable to feel the basic joys and sorrows of human beings. Even the person he once loved deeply failed to ignite feelings of love anymore.


Author’s Note: So here is the real reason why Xuanzhi did not look for Ah Hen for so many years~

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Ea: For anyone who’s worried, this novel is a HE for the main couple in ALL senses of the word. Everything will be fine, so just enjoy the ride~

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 567: Heavy Downpour
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