Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 576: Lost His Virginity Already

Chapter 576 – Lost His Virginity Already

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Tianshu squatted down and clasped Yan Tianhen’s wrist. He was also very puzzled. “It shouldn’t be like this ah…”

A moment later, Tianshu’s face changed dramatically, and he snapped sharply, “Didn’t I specifically tell you before that《Decline and Prosperity》is practiced by virgins? If you’re no longer a virgin, you should practice it backwards. You went against the flow and reversed Yin and Yang. Of course there will be problems! You have a furnace constitution, to begin with, and have even had intercourse with another. You lost your virginity a long time ago, and there is even another person’s Yang Qi remaining inside. If you practice《Decline and Prosperity》on top of this, you are looking for death!”


A mushroom-shaped cloud exploded in Yan Tianhen’s mind, and he couldn’t recover for a long time. His whole body seemed to be burning, and all the blood kept surging to his head and crashing against it. He was extremely miserable right now and wanted to roar, howl, and cry, but all these thoughts were instantly thrown to the back of his mind for the time being when he heard Sword Saint Tianshu’s words.

Gu Ruyu was shocked, and his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Yan Huanyu also froze, a rare occurrence for him. He thought that this news seemed very difficult to digest. Not only had Yan Tianhen’s virginity already been lost, but there was even another person’s Yang Qi inside his body, this….

Gu Ruyu gnashed his teeth. He was the first one to come back to his senses and cried out involuntarily, “Impossible, he doesn’t even have a Dao companion, and he’s totally clean. It’s absolutely impossible!”

“What are you yelling at?” Tianshu frowned and spoke with a grave expression, “Do you think this Venerable will lie to you about this? The presence or absence of virginity is crucial to the cultivation order of《Decline and Prosperity》. Otherwise, how can his spiritual Qi possibly flow backwards? Forget it–“

Tianshu raised his hand, put it on the small of Yan Tianhen’s back, and injected some spiritual Qi into his body, so as to temporarily soothe the turbulent Qi circulation in his body.

Moments later, the red in Yan Tianhen’s eyes gradually faded, and a pair of eyes had their clarity restored. Exhausted, he nearly fell on the mat but was quickly held by Gu Ruyu.

Yan Tianhen’s face was pale, with beads of sweat on his forehead and messy clothes. He looked like he’d been ravaged.

Tianshu expelled some turbid Qi and said, “I can only temporarily block the disorderly spiritual Qi in his body. I’m afraid I won’t be able to resolve it completely.”

Yan Tianhen’s temple jumped suddenly. He pressed his forehead and asked, “How to resolve this?”

Tianshu said, “You have a furnace constitution. You can find someone to guide the disorderly Qi in your body during intercourse, but that person must be at least one realm higher than you; that is, he must be at least Earth Realm.”

“No way!” Gu Ruyu was the first to jump out against it, and the veins bulged out suddenly and violently in his fist. “Prince Ye can never be underneath another person.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Yan Huanyu also held his forehead. He couldn’t bear to look directly at this.

Yan Tianhen gritted his teeth so hard that he almost broke them. “Is there any other way?”

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Tianshu sighed. “There is another solution, that is, to abolish your own cultivation and start from the beginning.”

Gu Ruyu glared at Esteemed Tianshu with a livid expression, as if he was about to hack Tianshu to death if he spoke another word.

Sword Saint Tianshu frowned. “How will you handle it?”

Yan Tianhen curled his lips as a complicated expression flashed through his eyes. “I naturally have my own method. Sword Saint need not worry too much, but before that, I need to ascertain one thing. It’s late at night now, so I won’t bother everyone. I’ll take my leave first.”

After that, Yan Tianhen bowed and turned to leave, his steps still somewhat unsteady.

Esteemed Yao Guang blocked his path. “Where are you going in your current condition? Anyhow, this is Tianshu’s fault, so let him find North Courtyard’s Dean Mei to seal the spiritual Qi inside your body first, and we can slowly make plans after that.”

Tianshu nodded. “This is also a solution, and we can also see if Little Mei’s arrays can gradually refine the turbulent spiritual Qi.”

“No need.” Yan Tianhen waved his hand, and his attitude was very firm and resolute. “To have inexplicably lost my virginity, but to have no explanation for it. After pondering this, I must find that person to settle accounts. I’ll take my leave first!”

After saying that, Yan Tianhen turned his Yin flames into a sword and stepped on the longsword made of flowing black flames as he flew straight towards the horizon.

Gu Ruyu looked at the situation and was just about to follow suit, but Esteemed Tianshu pulled him back.

“By the looks of him, he clearly knows who the adulterer is.” Tianshu’s eyes sparkled with the thick curiosity of a gossiper, and he commented breezily, “Unexpected ah, truly unexpected. He’s so young, yet he’s not a virgin–”

He then turned to look at Yan Huanyu with disdain. “You’re no good ah. You’ve been here for over seven years, soon to approach eight years, yet you don’t even have a lover. You’re not very young anymore, right? Don’t Divine Clan heirs like you attach the most importance to children? Since you’re eager to excel in everything, you can’t fall behind others on this matter.”

Yan Huanyu, “…..”

In this rare occasion, Yan Huanyu experienced shame, which he hadn’t felt for a long time. However, the other party was the Grand Hall Master of Sword God Hall, someone in the same generation as his master. What could he say?

Yan Huanyu’s face turned green and white. After changing colors a few times, he cupped his hands and spoke, “This disciple still has nightwatch duty, so he will take his leave.”

Tianshu sighed behind him, saying, “Children nowadays ah. As soon as you mention finding a Dao companion, they become so unwilling and eager to leave. They’re not like us back then.”

“I’m begging you, just shut up.” Yao Guang looked like he couldn’t bear to look directly. He facepalmed and said, “Yan Tianhen is the person Huarong Sword Immortal explicitly named that he wanted to protect, yet you fucking made him like this. Fortunately, Huarong doesn’t know this yet. If he finds out about it tomorrow, he will definitely tear down Sword God Hall!”

Tianshu was very guilty, but he still put on a look of indifference and smiled. “Tear it down? Perfect timing. It just so happens that Sword God Hall needs some renovation recently, and now we won’t have to pay to tear it down.”

Yao Guang almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He glared at Tianshu for a moment and felt that it was impossible to communicate with this person.

Tianshu gave a Tsk and held his chin. “But to think that Yan Tianhen has already lost his virginity and even has another person’s spiritual Qi inside his body. This really surprised me. I think he seems like a child, but who would have thought that he is already an adult?”

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Yao Guang was so worried that his hair was about to turn white. “From the looks of it, he himself didn’t know either.”

After a pause, Tianshu asked, “Could it be that he was deceived by someone?”

Yao Guang was silent for a moment, then replied, “In any case, he is the second heir of the Qianyuan Dynasty, which means that if anything happens to him while in Myriad Dao Academy I’m afraid the Yan family will demand an explanation no matter what. This matter is of great importance, so let’s inform Huarong Sword Immortal first.”

Huarong Sword Immortal was in contact with the Ye Palace couple and also Fuyao Sect. If something truly happened, it would surely be better to have him mediate amongst the different parties.

Tianshu shrank back his neck. “You can speak for me. I dare not see him. If Huarong gets fierce, I’m afraid he will stab a few holes in me.”

Yao Guang drew his sword. “I’ll stab some holes in you right now. You dared to do it, yet you dare not take responsibility. Do you think of yourself as a scummy loser?”

Tianshu let out a cry and immediately ran outside.


Gu Ruyu went out with Yan Huanyu.

When they reached the gate, Yan Huanyu spoke up, “If you don’t look after him, what will he do if another accident happens?”

Gu Ruyu breathed out some turbid Qi and looked at the thick night sky. “Ah Hen still knows best. Since he doesn’t want us to intervene, it means that he has already found a solution.”

Gu Ruyu’s mood was very chaotic right now, but his mind was incomparably clear.

Yan Huanyu gave him a deep look. “You have deep feelings for him.”

Gu Ruyu turned his head and looked Yan Huanyu in the eye. He said, “Prince, this is inaccurate. Ah Hen and I grew up together since childhood, so our relationship will naturally be better than that of other friends.”

Yan Huanyu saw that Gu Ruyu didn’t want to admit it, so he didn’t say much more.

Gu Ruyu said, “Many thanks to Prince for assisting with today’s matter.”

“It’s no trouble.”

Gu Ruyu said, “Prince’s actions today seem to be a genuine expression of his true feelings.”

Yan Huanyu snorted contemptuously. “Did you think I would deliberately embarrass him and block his way, not letting him enter?”

Gu Ruyu, “…Prince has a heart as generous as the boundless sea; how can he do such a villainous thing?”

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“Don’t hide it.” Yan Huanyu said indifferently. “I know you’re always wary of me and always feel that I’m planning something bad and want to deal with Yan Tianhen.”

Gu Ruyu, ….Prince Zhang really is wise.

Yan Huanyu said mildly, “As a human between heaven and earth, one should be magnanimous. Even if I want to compete against him for the throne one day, I would still fight with him openly and fairly, and I won’t do such a petty thing as profiting from others’ misfortunes. This is not in line with my Heart of Dao.”

Gu Ruyu felt a little ashamed when he heard this. “Prince has a heart as generous as the sea; I was the petty one.”

If one thought about it carefully, it could be seen that Yan Huanyu’s character was actually very fair in dealing with people, and he had a heart that cherished talented people and a gentleman’s chivalry. He acted openly and candidly, and he had never made any schemes or ambushes for Yan Tianhen to step into — even if all this was just a pretense, he could still be considered capable, to be able to pretend for so many years.

It’s just that Gu Ruyu always had to keep an eye on this Prince Zhang because of his status. Moreover…who let Yan Huanyu have a heartless younger brother?

Yan Huanyu said, “I just didn’t expect that Yan Tianhen had already lost his virginity, which is definitely no small matter.”

Gu Ruyu felt a headache coming on. “It’s indeed a tricky matter to handle.”

Yan Tianhen ran all the way to the East Courtyard’s dorms.

His heart seemed to suppress a ball of burning fire, which burned even hotter than the fire from the reversed spiritual Qi flow.

Bang bang bang– There were rapid knocks on the door, and Yin Changge suddenly woke up from his sleep. He sat up straight and paused for half a second before realizing that his door was indeed the one being knocked on.

Yin Changge got out of bed, opened the door, and saw Yan Tianhen standing at the door with his hair scattered and his face gloomy. His expression looked like the sky was about to collapse.

All the sleep left him, and Yin Changge asked in surprise, “What’s the matter with you? This is in the middle of the night; did you encounter a Fiend?”

Yan Tianhen came in, locked the door with the back of his hand, and spoke, “Would I still be alive if I met a Fiend? Don’t say anything else — don’t you know mind reading arts? Take a quick look and tell me what my heart is thinking.”

Yin Changge was stunned. “Are you all right?”

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath. “It’s nothing serious. Last time you said that you could see my thoughts deep inside my heart. This time I won’t take any mental precautions against you. Can you see what I’m thinking in the bottom of my heart?”

“I can do that, but it just takes a lot of effort.” Yin Changge studied Yan Tianhen. “What do you want me to look for?”

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips and answered, “I want you to look for me — where, when, and with whom I had sex with.”

Yin Changge, …The amount of information contained in that sentence was really a bit too much.

“I want to know — are those really just my fantasies, or events hidden deep in my heart that actually occurred, but I’ve forgotten about?”

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Yin Changge sighed, “How much stimulation did you suffer? However, you were right to find me. I can indeed see things that people think in their own hearts, even things that they can’t remember clearly.”

Yan Tianhen looked at him eagerly and held his hand. “I’ll leave it to you.”

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 576: Lost His Virginity Already
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