Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World

Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World

Chong Sheng Zhi Zei Xing Tian Xia

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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Mad Snail. 995 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


The world’s largest VRMMO, Conviction, was almost like a second world for humanity. It had integrated itself into the real world’s economy, with both corporations and individuals seeking their fortunes through the game.

In this game, Nie Yan prided himself in his Level 180 Thief. He could barely be considered among the top experts in the game. Though, that was the only thing he could take pride in. He was penniless and unable to advance in life; a situation he was forced into by the enemy of his father. If it weren’t for the little money he made by selling off items in Conviction, he would’ve barely been able to eat. In the end, he chose to settle his matters once and for all. He assassinated his father’s enemy. He lay dying shortly after being shot in the pursuit.

However, that wasn’t the end of his story. Instead, he awoke moments later to find that he had reincarnated into his past self. Armed with his experience and knowledge of future events, he sets out to live his life anew.

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  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:286

    One of my guilty pleasure novels It started off good but the power of MC went crazy near the end. It's a fun ride

    9 days ago Reply
  • lnwUser118253
    Reader KP:-10

    It's a garbage novel. At first it's okay but the more the story progresses the protagonist becomes more stupid. I don't recommend it to anyone.

    2 months ago Reply
  • Story_Guy1
    Reader KP:1

    I find this novel interesting the only problem I have are the missing translations like its a. Or s' Or it was s' skills their are.

    2 months ago Reply
  • Doink
    Reader KP:0

    Holy shit your right

    3 months ago Reply
  • Visionary
    Reader KP:354

    The definition of a "Thief" is really being stretched here

    4 months ago Reply
  • ccCXxx
    Reader KP:4

    Damn.. A pretty good read if you can persevere against the pacing of the story. The ending is a bit rush but still, it's still a good ending

    5 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser113526
    Reader KP:0

    I just finished it and it's good

    6 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser61889
    Reader KP:0

    Very slow mc dev... tedious read, got to quit after chapter 134 (mc still at lvl 11)... originality and plot devt sucks or a very poor copycat of RSSG

    6 months ago Reply
  • IzenR
    Reader KP:47

    Welp haven't read it yet but hope it'll be good. I have read some of the author's work and they're pretty good especially "Tales of Demons and Gods" hope this will be too.

    8 months ago Reply
  • tringgkyut
    Reader KP:8

    the best✋

    1 years ago Reply