Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 1007: Kana The Pest Exterminator Part 2

"You have all come from afar, and I would hate to disappoint you. As your host, I really hope you can all stay and relax at my little resort. That is… if you can even get into it….." Kana smiled as she pointed to the large area she had made filled with energy and life.

Before her eyes, she watched as the insects began to gather together and form millions of figures in the air. They looked humanoid, but after seeing them firsthand formed by the bugs, Kana knew they were not. "You dare set a trap for us!?" A voice suddenly roared through the air.

Kana looked up to see one of the bug figures that was bigger than the rest slowly descended from the sky and floated in the air in front of her. Kana chuckled as she asked: "So you can talk but… Why are you yelling at me when you came here to consume the life of this planet? If I did not set a trap for you, was I supposed to fly around the universe to find you? Isn't it easier to make you come to me? After all, all you do is consume and consume. You harmed my world, and expect no retaliation. What gives you the right to decide who lives or dies?"

"We are a higher existence! We can decide which planets should die and which should not!" The giant bug figure yelled out his answer.

"Oh? But you see… for a higher existence, you seem to be trapped by me. Which means I am a higher being than you. So…. I get to decide whether you live or die. And I have decided you are to die." Kana's lips curled up into a big grin as she pointed at one of the smaller figures and said: "Bang!"

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As soon as her words floated through the air, the figure she pointed at disappeared. Kana looked at the big bug figure and smiled brightly. "See? You can't resist. Now then, I am done chatting. From this moment on, you will all disappear."

The sky suddenly became sunny and clear. The figures that had been floating in the air were nowhere to be seen. Only Kana, who was doing a curtsy, could be seen floating there silently. "Kana, all insect signatures have disappeared from the planet. But I did detect a source of the bugs a few light years out. I think this is the main body of these bugs. Or the main swarm."

"Oh, so they did not send down all of them, huh? Send me the coordinates and an image of the location." Kana took out a device, and seconds later, all the information she requested appeared on the screen in front of her. She smiled and then disappeared.

In deep space, a large hive was hurriedly trying to retreat from the area but quickly came to a stop when it detected something dangerous around it. "We are leaving this space. Why must you stop us!?"

"Why would I let you go? To let you consume more innocent lives on other planets? All you are doing is killing innocent people for no reason. What have the people on these underdeveloped planets ever done to you?" A figure appeared in the air in front of the hive.

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"It is just what we do. It is our nature and what we were born to do." The voice answered.

"I see… well… not under my watch. It would be different if you were from these planets and you used their world means to take it over or consume it, but you are an outsider and have no right to do any of this, so….. Now that I have come, you will all disappear. I bid you all farewell…." Kana raised her hand. The hive wanted to turn to run, but it was already too late. All that was left was the endless darkness of space.

Kana checked around her and made sure she did not miss anything before disappearing and reappearing back on her planet. She took one look at the desert planet and rose high up into the air. "What was once was dead shall now have life…."

A massive magic circle formed around the entire planet. The dried up oceans suddenly sprang back to life and filled up just to how they were before. The continents that were nothing but sand dunes had their sand removed, and the ground turned into lush earth. Ice caps quickly formed on both the north and south poles. Vegetation quickly sprang up and grew as if they had been living for millions of years.

Kana quickly heard the sounds of monsters roaming the areas down below, causing her to smile. She flew towards a certain place. With the sand dunes not gone and the forest restored, she arrived at a mountainside that had a small overhang with nothing on it but a few rocks.

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She landed on it and sat down. On its edge and looked out over the lush forest below with a warm smile on her face. "My true journey had started here….."

"That it did…." A voice came from behind her, almost making Kana jump out of her skin. She turned to see the old man standing there with a smile on his face.

"I thought you were busy?" Kana asked as she looked at the old man.

"I am, but I still had to make time to say congratulations on unlocking your life element and fusing life and death into a single magic. It is no different from my creation magic. And the god of destruction's destruction magic. You are what I once was." The old man replied as he sat down next to Kana. "It truly is a lovely view."

"That it is…. But I wonder. Why Did I truly appear in the form of a dragon that day? Was everything predestined from the moment I died in my previous life?" Kana asked.

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"This I do not know, to be honest. You are not one of my creations, well, not fully. It seems you are part of a higher being, but I have no idea who this higher being was. I can only say that your destiny lies beyond Eden itself. Or even the Void of Oblivion. Your powers have grown and grown, and now you are more powerful than myself. I no longer need to worry about you in these planes of existence."

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