Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 893: A Kind Soul

"Ahhh! Mama! What are you doing!?" Angelica almost jumped out of her skin. Her Mama had no delicacy!

"I need your help!" Kana paid no mind to her daughter's blushing cheeks.

"That's not the point! I am taking a bath! Let me at least get changed first!" Angelica wanted to cry. She knew this day would happen! But they had already talked with their Mama about it, but she still did not listen!

"Oh? Well…. " Kana pursed her lips and decided to just wait. "Come to me when you are ready."

"Alright…." Angelica let out a sigh of relief as she climbed out of the tub. With a bit of water magic, she got rid of the water on her body and hair and went to get dressed. It only took her about ten minutes before she tore a hole in space and arrived at where her Mama was.

"This is?" Angelica felt a sudden overwhelming amount of sadness in this room.

"This is a family of demons who were persecuted for being demons. All the souls here except two are gone. But it's the little girl, I want you to do me a favor." Kana explained.

"You want me to see to it so that she gets reincarnated?" Angelica asked.

"Mmm… I want to give her a proper sending to purify her soul of any hatred or any other remaining regrets she might still carry so she can live a new life, hopefully, a better one." Kana replied and then explained the story behind her. After hearing her Mama explain everything, even Angelica began to tear up. She looked up at her Mama, who was gently petting the skull with her hand, and knew her Mama felt pity and sadness for the little girl. Her Mama was always too kind.

"You can leave her reincarnation to me. I will make sure she gets a good life as well." Angelica had no issues helping a poor girl who died young get a chance to live a proper life.

Kana smiled as she tapped the skull she had been petting causing a small wisp of a soul to come out of it. She smiled as she saw the soul slowly bobbing up and down in the air. "Sometimes life is hard. You may have died young, but you will now have another chance. Live a life of happiness and without any regret, and remember your father truly loved you."

Kana was not saying anything special she was just relaying what she thought should be relayed. She then tapped the soul, sending a bit of her divine power inside her to give her a small boost in her reincarnation. Angelica then took the soul into her hands and looked at her Mama. "I will go handle this now. Is there anything else you need, Mama?"

"No…. Thank you, and sorry for disturbing you." Kana replied as she reached up and rubbed Angelica's head.

"There is no need to say sorry. I know how you are, Mama," Angelica replied with a smile before disappearing through a tear that led to the land of the dead.

When the room was quiet once again, Kana remembered why she had come here and looked around. "The demon qi is coming from…."

"The back room is where our demon source is located. It's nothing more than a bunch of skull flowers growing with a few blood lilies. " The ancient voice answered Kana's question. "Thank you for your kindness towards my daughter."

"It's nothing. But what will you do now? You could have asked to be reincarnated with your daughter, you know." Kana replied.

"Although it was tempting. I already decided to stay like I am, looking over my family's bodies until the rest of this wisp of my soul disappears. Only when my time is fully up will I consider my punishment for not being able to save them completely." Kana now understood what was going on. This ancient voice was self punishing himself for not being strong enough. She could tell that this ancient voice would never disappear. It was impossible.

"I will set a barrier here and seal off the hole area to this place. This way, you can rest in peace without one day being forced to see someone robbing the things your family is wearing or holding. But I am sorry to say I will need the plants that are giving off the demon qi. My family needs to grow stronger." Kana explained.

"That's fine. Take it. It's not like we have any more use for it." The ancient voice replied.

Kana nodded and went to the set of doors that were behind the throne and waved her hand, undoing the locks and barriers that were put into place. When she pushed the door open, she was met with a strong rush of demon qi. And what appeared in front of her was a room filled to the brim with two different kinds of plants. In order to not disturb them, Kana waved her hand, creating a barrier around the room and separating the entire place from the wall itself, and placed it into her storage box. She then did the same thing for all the demon qi that escaped into the room and the palace itself. She used a barrier to compress it into a small orb of demon qi and, just like the room, stuffed it into her storage box.

"So what will you do now? This is your last chance." Kana asked once again. She had finished what she came here to do and now had to head to talk to whatever old man in the center of the continent.

"I will still stay here like I said before. Once again, thank you." The ancient voice replied.

Kana nodded and waved her hand, sealing off the entire palace. No one would be able to enter this place unless they were stronger than her. "Then I will be on my way. Good luck."

After Kana disappeared, the bones on the throne rattled as the skull lifted its head, smally ghostly lights glowing within its dark eye sockets. It then looked at the bones around the throne and shook its battered head. "We met a kind soul on this day. Maybe all hope will not be lost for the demons on the other planes. If they still exist."

Chapter 893: A Kind Soul
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