Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 907: Trouble At The Restaurant Part 2

"Young Miss Wen, no matter who your father is, you can not make threats like that. The room you are requesting already has an esteemed guest using it. So you will need to wait or use one of the other private rooms." The waiter was making a firm stance for his bonus. He needed to do this because he knew that this Miss Wen would not buy anything expensive! She was just a tyrant that did as she pleased because her father was the one overseeing this city!

"You! I want to meet this esteemed guest of yours! Out of my way!" Young Miss Wen took the whip off her hip and lashed out at the waiter, causing him to fall to the ground. He was someone who was only in the immortal realm, so he was not as strong as the pampered young miss of the city lord who had many resources.

While this place was considered a small city, it still had hundreds of thousands of people living here, all because the Sky Sect was not too far away. Cultivators from all over gathered here in hopes of one day joining such a major sect. This has brought a flood of wealth into the city and padded the pockets of the city lord. This allowed Young Miss Wen to reach her current cultivation of immortal lord at the young age of twenty.

Angelica was slowly tasting each dish as she read a book she found in one of the sects that had a strange language that she did not recognize. So currently, she was slowly deciphering, trying to understand what was written in the book. "Hmmm, this seems to be on alchemy, or at least I think anyway…. "


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The door to her private room was slammed open, and a young woman with purple robes on stomped into the room. "I want this room, so you need to leave!"

Angelica, who had no shoes on, a leg folded up under her, and her head propped on her other knee, and was holding a bite of meat in her hand, brow furrowed as she turned to look at the woman who was standing there looking all high and mighty with a bunch of people standing behind her in familiar robes. She slowly placed the meat in her hand into her mouth and chewed it slowly before swallowing it. Only then did she speak. "Leave or be thrown out."

"You! Do you know who I am!?" Young Miss Wen yelled out, but not even a second later, a cry came from behind her.

"Young Miss Wen, forget about it. Let's go to another room! We should not disturb this girl!" The young man behind her recognized Angelica. There was no way he wouldn't recognize her. The rumors about here started from their sect! The sect master made sure to ingrain it into everyone's mind to never mess with this young woman!

"What!? Why should I give up the room I always use!?" Young Miss Wen was too used to getting her own way and would not back down for anything. Her father ruled over this city. Who would dare go against her father, who was an Immortal King!?

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"Young Miss Wen, please! We beg you not to mess with this woman!" The young man replied before taking a few steps back. He bowed to Angelica, who nodded back. She would not harm those who were being respectful to her.

"Why should I? This city is ruled by my father! Let's see who dares defy me!" Young Miss Wen raised her whip and was about to lash out at Angelica, but Angelica only snorted and turned back to her reading after grabbing another chunk of meat. A ghostly hand came out of the ground as the tip of the whip descended down on her. Young Miss Wen wanted to hit Angelica's face. She hated the fact that this bitch was also prettier than her!

But sadly for her, the whip in her hand was taken away, and her entire body was lifted off the ground. Angelica waved her hand, opening the blinds to the window, and seconds later, Young Miss Wen was tossed right out like a pile of garbage would be tossed into a trash barrel. All that could be heard was a scream as she soared through the air. "Ahhhh!"

"Miss! We are very sorry for disturbing you!" The young man and his sect mates all knelt to the ground and bowed their heads. Angelica looked at them and raised an eyebrow. "It's fine, just go. It's not like you didn't try to stop her, so you are faultless in this. But do tell her if she comes back, I will not be as gentle."

"Do not worry! We will tell her, but Young Miss Wen will probably not listen to us and will probably get her father here…." The young man replied.

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"It's fine. Let him come." Angelica replied as she continued eating. The young man bowed once more before slowly closing the door to the private room softly.

"Oh! Angelica!" A voice came out of nowhere as a figure appeared across from her and already had a handful of meat.

"Mama! That is mine!" Angelica yelled out. Her Mama was stealing her food!

"Just order another round! No, order another ten more rounds!" Kana replied with a mouth full of meat.

"Mama…. You are here to protect me, aren't you." Angelica asked with a warm smile as she picked up a drumstick and handed it to Kana.

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"Boo! I can't hide anything from you. I will only step in if you have an issue. Although I know you are stronger than most people on this plane. I still can't help but worry." Kana replied. She did not want her babies to get hurt!

Angelica smiled as she leaned over and wiped her Mama's mouth. "You really are overprotective, but this is why we all love you so much. But watch. I will show you just how strong this daughter of yours is."

"Mmm! Now order more. This is not enough!"

Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System Chapter 907: Trouble At The Restaurant Part 2
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