Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 492: Evacuation

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"Killiffia!" Kana called out, causing both the little fox girl and Kiliffia to turn towards Kana.

"Aunty Kana!" The girl smiled brightly and began running towards kana at top speed. Kana smiled and scooped the little one up into her arms, giving her a big hug.

"Look how big you got!" Kana had been there when she was born and even took her three daughters to visit as well. But it had been a long time since she had visited. "How old are you now, little Kana?"

Her name was also Kana. Kiliffia named her after the one person who always watched out for her. Little Kana giggled and hugged Kana's neck. "Hehe. I'm almost a big girl!"

"You're almost three going on one hundred." Kiliffia chimed in as she walked up. "Kana, why are you here?"

"I need you to have you and your family follow me. I need to relocate you all to hell for the time being." Kana replied. Her expression turned serious. This caused Kiliffia to feel nervous.

"Please come in. I will get Methie." Kiliffia showed Kana to the house, and within a few minutes, both she and Methie understood the situation.

"We will get our things together. Kana, I must thank you for thinking of us." Methie was truly grateful to Kana. She had always been there for his family and his wife. He owed her so much that there would never be a way for him to repay her.

While Kana was helping Kiliffia and her family pack, Tilia was at a large port surrounded by guards as they looked at the mass of refugees flooding in. Ship after ship carrying thousands of refugees from two different continents was coming in by the hundreds. "Your Majesty, I do not believe we will have room for every one of them." Keniil was a little distressed. The number of refugees was just too much, and this was not the only port they were coming from either.

"No, we will make room for them. Have those who can use earth magic begin building a large underground housing complex. We will make each one of them a single floor home. With earth magic, it should take more than a few days to get a few thousand constructed. Make it as many floors deep as you need. Add magic lanterns for lighting. The fields above them can be used for growing. We can accelerate the growth process to a mere twenty four hours. They may be refugees, but there are still able bodied. We will supply them with what they need to survive. It is up to them to do so. Keep a guard on patrol to keep the security going. If anyone commits a crime, send them back to where they came from. You can even make it a slogan.

"We have the ability to do all of this. You can even ask the refugees who are able to use certain magic to help out. This will be a unified effort. But… Make sure you make the message clear that being house by my kingdom is a privilege. Those who wish to cause a fuss will be sent back to become food for the zombified Insectoids.

"Also, no one is to discriminate against any insectoid that is of their right mind. It is not their fault that these things happened. If I find out anyone does such a thing." Tilia ran her finger across her neck. Keniil nodded, understanding what she meant. He knew Tilia had worked hard to make her country a free country for all races without discrimination, and it was a severe crime to do so.

"Don't worry. My men have strict orders to deal with any discrimination." Keniil replied.

"I thank you, Keniil." Tilia looked at Keniil and smiled. She could always count on him to know what she was thinking. As she looked at him, a strange thought formed in her mind… 'Isn't Keniil someone she could always rely on and confide in? Although he is a skeleton, maybe love can cross even the boundaries of death?' A smile bloomed on Tilia's face as she looked warmly at Keniil. 'Maybe when this is all over, I will talk more personally with him...'

"Your Majesty? Are you feeling okay? Your cheeks are red." Keniil looked worriedly at Tilia. He hoped she was not coming down with something.

Tilia shook her head as she replied: "I feel fine. I am not sick. But Keniil, when this is all over, let's talk."

Keniil was confused as to what Tilia meant, but he nodded his head and said: "Sure."

On the eighteenth floor of hell, Camlia and Dandan were busy setting up housing for evacuees. "Dandan, how many did Kana say she would need?"

"She said at least a few tens of thousands if possible. Those from Pleqoth are already helping with building the new city and preparing the land around it for farming. We can take all of the soldiers in once they finish up in the mortal realm." Dandan replied. She had been hard at work instructing people trying to get things set up to take in all the lich soldiers just in case things went south. Kana had instructed her that those who are under her will all be protected.

"That's good. Then things are moving along smooth… Kana!" Camlia sensed a shift in the air and turned to see Kana appear with Kiliffia and her family.

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"Big Sister, I brought Kiliffia," Kana said as she stepped through the portal.

"Your Highness! Thank you for taking us in." Kiliffia felt nervous being in front of Camlia since she was such a powerful existence.

"No problem at all. You are my Little Sisters friend, so there is no way I would let you suffer. We have already set up a house for you and a large field. We tried to make it resemble your home in the mortal realm. Hopefully it is to your liking." Camlia said with a smile. She had always liked this little fox.

Methie stepped forward and bowed his head. "We thank you for your hospitality."

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