Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1177: Hou Zi Is Going To Make A Move

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She opened the itinerary and checked it right away. Today was Wednesday… there would be a small meeting this afternoon, which would not end until four o’clock. Other than that, there was nothing else.

It didn’t matter whether she had to attend the small meeting or not. She had to go to Ye Jian1’s school first.

Xia Yiwei collected her itinerary, arranged her desk, and said to Xia Jinyuan2, who was waiting for an answer: “I will go to school to check the matter first. It won’t be a matter if Hou Zi is affected, what’s important is Ye Jian must not be affected.”

“Thanks.” Xia Jinyuan, whose eyes were thin and sharp, tightened his lips. He couldn’t rush over now. The recruit training would not end until July. As an instructor, he couldn’t leave.

There was no way for him to go, so he could only depend on Xia Yiwei to know the progress of the matter.

Xia Yiwei smiled after finishing tidying up her desk, “You are being so polite to me suddenly. I feel a little uncomfortable. Don’t mention it, it’s just a small thing. If anyone really wants to come to Ye Jian, I will handle the matter quickly.”

After a pause, she said jokingly: “I realized that Ye Jian is really a magnet that attracts enemies. She had faced much more problems than any other students in high school, and those problems aren’t small matters either.”

She alone was already aware of three major events.

The first was during the National Day military training during Ye Jian’s second year of high school. If she really hadn’t some tricks up her sleeves that time, she might have been forced to quit the military training.

The second case was even more troublesome. That student who jumped down from First Provincial High almost dragged Ye Jian down with her as well.

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The third case… was the rumors that she was taken care of by Hou Zi!

“It’s not that she’s a magnet that attracts enemies, it’s because she’s too good that it aroused hatred from other people. Besides, she always doesn’t like to explain, she has a quiet temperament, she doesn’t like to fight with classmates, and doesn’t like to fight with other people. People who are jealous of her will have no chance to find out her flaws. The complexity of human nature can reveal one or two things, and too much perfection can also cause trouble.”

No one knew Ye Jian better than Xia Jinyuan. He continued: “And one more thing, Ye Jian is unique. Given her age, she shouldn’t have been able to go so far ahead, so it’s normal that other people are jealous of her.”

“It would be better to change the environment, bring her to an environment that is full of smart people, such as the Junior Class, then no one would be jealous of her, no?”

This was also true. The students of the Junior Class of NUDT were extraordinary, and they all had superior IQ. Ye Jian wouldn’t look so remarkable if she were in that class.

“The university entrance examination is only twenty days away. Sister, please take good care of her so that she can complete the examination smoothly.” Xia Jinyuan spoke while thinking about who would target Ye Jian.

After much deliberation, he only thought of Ye Zhifan’s family.

Ye Zhifan was a provincial cadre, and Xia Yiwei, who was also in the provincial office building, naturally knew him. Knowing that Xia Jinyuan would not doubt people for no reason, she decided to call Hou Zi first.

Hou Zi, who had just ordered his subordinates to investigate the matter, glanced at his phone. He recognized the number. He quickly picked up the phone, and calmly answered, “I believe you don’t need me to tell you what my relationship is with Ye Jian. He is Sixth Brother Xia’s girlfriend. No matter how screwed up I am, I wouldn’t screw with his people.”

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“Yes, well, I can’t control who you are. Sixth Brother just told me that this matter is probably targeting Ye Jian. You’d better check if you have offended a provincial cadre named Ye Zhifan recently. Sixth Brother suspects that he is the one that spread the rumours.”

After Xia Yiwei finished speaking, she hung up her phone, picked up her car key, and rushed to First Provincial High.

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