Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1228: Endure Hardships Willingly

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Chapter 1228 Endure Hardships Willingly

Ye Jian and Old Uncle Gen, the grandpa-granddaughter pair, were chatting while looking at the stars; Xia Jinyuan, who went to the Bootcamp to visit his former superior and comrades, was similarly chatting with Political Commissar Yan while looking up at the stars.

“The more value the military places on Ye Jian, the heavier the responsibility placed on her. I’m just afraid she won’t be able to carry it all at such a young age.” Political Commissar Yan said, worry and happiness split in half; he then turned to look at the young Major whose future was starting to broaden; he teased, “Your intentions with little lass Jian, everyone on the streets knows what’s in Sima Zhao’s mind.”

Since that was his former superior, who also took great care of Ye Jian, Xia Jinyuan believed there was nothing to hide, he smiled: “Even the Political Commissar knows about it, looks like those small intentions of mine weren’t hidden from anyone.”

He didn’t try to intentionally hide it from anyone, he didn’t hide it from the old couple back at home and had told them about this a long time ago, just in case he hadn’t gotten himself a girlfriend, his mother would stretch her long claws and interfere.

His honesty without anything to hide startled Political Commissar Yan a little; he could then be heard guffawing, “You’re quite the honest one, I believe little lass Jian isn’t that easy to get your hands on, even if you do catch her before you guys are married, there will still be variables.”

A smart yet intelligent girl would be very popular no matter where she went, let alone little lass Jian who had such a great future ahead of her; the young men with good eyes would never miss their chance with her.

Major Xia spends most of his time in the military, sometimes it’s even impossible to seek him out, that would undoubtedly give plenty of opportunities for other people to pursue little lass Jian, having a change of heart while they were in a relationship isn’t an impossible situation.

Political Commissar Yan only reminded Xia Jinyuan because he didn’t treat him as an outsider; the meaning behind his words was actually very obvious. If he wanted to be with Ye Jian for a long time, it’s best if they quickly set things in stone, to prevent new problems from complicating the situation.

“There are variables before marrying her, there still will be variables even after marrying her. The point is, it depends on who the person is.” Xia Jinyuan’s smile stretched from the corner of his lips to the edge of his brows, he revealed his submerged confidence, “Ye Jian and I are different, we’ll be lovers in the future, and also comrades, Political Commissar, when the time comes, you should come and attend our wedding banquet.”

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Political Commissar Yan was naturally delighted to see that come true; he also believed the two of them were suited for each other, the man was handsome, the woman was intelligent, and they’ve known each other for many years and knew almost everything about each other, if they really ended up together, everyone would be happy for them.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you and little lass Jian’s wedding invitation.” He said, then chatted about when they were leaving, then asked about the situation with Ye Jian’s Gaokao, he was showing the concern of an elder.

“When the Gaokao results are published, Ye Jian and I will be leaving, I estimate that to be around a week from now.” Xia Jinyuan answered everything; he also showed respect within his speech, “Her results had always been great, she’s quite confident in being admitted into the National University of Defense Technology. The military is also waiting for her results to be published, when the time comes, they will have their own series of arrangements.”

He didn’t directly mention what type of arrangements, but from that, Political Commissar Yan knew that the path Ye Jian would take in the future would be very smooth.

A gratified smile revealed itself on his manly face, he exclaimed: “Little lass Jian had finally made a name for herself, even if her future days would be miserable, she’d willingly take it on. You ah, if you really want to get little lass Jian, you must treat her kindly, protect her and love her. She had gone through hard times when she was younger, she also has a keen sense, if you do something in the future that betrays her, no matter how sincerely you regret it, it will all be in vain.”

With that said, Xia Jinyuan straightened his face and replied sternly: “Sir, please rest assured, that day will never come.”

He had seen her hardships; at first, he was attracted by her fearless eyes, then she had caught his interest with her body’s flexibility. Finally, he was astonished because of her intelligence. The days passed one after the other, and he was being pulled in by her, day by day, when he had finally figured out his heart… it was already too late.

It was too late, no matter how hard he tried to restrain himself, he couldn’t hold his feelings back, so he could only go with the flow.

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