Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1308: Ruthless, Too Ruthless!

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Chapter 1308 Ruthless, Too Ruthless!

With a mouthful of sand, Big Shark gurgled with his throat, indicating that he can only talk after he was let go.

Ruthless, too ruthless!

His chest was stepped on twice, his jaw was punched by a fist, blood even appeared, now he was being pressed down… he must’ve gone crazy to agree to a spar with Xia Jinyuan, who was on par with Devil King Li!

Clearly, they were chatting about Ye Jian and Devil King Li, so how did it end up with him sparring with Xia Jinyuan?!

Of course, Xia Jinyuan wouldn’t tell him why they were sparring. After letting go, he pulled Big Shark to his feet and expressed his extreme guilt: “I didn’t control my power properly, sorry about that, brother.”

With a swollen lip, Big Shark gently touched his wound, he shook his hand and said without minding: “My skills were inferior, I admit defeat. Just that, Major Xia, you were quite ruthless when you attacked me; why do I have a feeling that you punched my mouth on purpose?”

“Is it painful? Let me take a look.” Xia Jinyuan showed a concerned face and quickly closed the distance to care for his comrade. Intentional? Maybe a little, but near the end, he was thinking to really spar for real.

Big Shark, who didn’t realize Xia Jinyuan’s fox-like characteristics, felt that he was overthinking things, so he added: “You just came up and greeted my face, Major Xia, I’m already not as good-looking as you guys, now my face is messed up. If I can’t get myself a wife, you’ll have to take responsibility.”

A troublemaker since young till he was grown up, and even made the Old Grandpa at home to pamper him as his favorite; besides him being good at talking, his IQ and EQ belonged to the extremely high category. When he was younger, it was clear that he was in the wrong for fighting with other people, but in the end, he managed to turn himself into the victim, making the Old Grandpa and Old Grandma at home to be extremely distressed.

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Even Supreme Commander Xia didn’t dare to careless butt heads with his son; he was afraid he’d fall into a trap if he lost attention for a brief moment.

Xia Jinyuan, who was relaxing his muscles, felt extremely comfortable inside his heart. Hearing

that, he answered quite seriously: “Of course, of course, when the time comes, I’ll get the female soldiers in the Communications Company to establish a connection with you guys, then you guys can just pair up by yourselves.”

While speaking, his expression gradually revealed some sternness; even his tone that was filled with laughter suddenly went serious, “Big Shark, we’ll be having a competition against America’s certain Special Forces Unit. You guys need to hurry up and train your land-combat skills.”

“Did Devil King Li put out a detailed training plan or something? We don’t have much time, so you guys need to have a breakthrough in tactics and skills in this short amount of time.”

He had finished gaining intel on the enemy situation; it was unrelated to Li Jinnian as it was purely his underlings who were worrying about it. After the sparring was over, his heart also felt quite comfortable, so it was time to switch Big Shark’s attention to proper business.

The fox-like Major Xia, who was an all-rounder Soldier King, wasn’t a careless and useless person; he could do everything and was able to do everything well. After the sparring was over, naturally, it needn’t be mentioned again in order to prevent Big Shark from realizing his motive for sparring was impure.

With the topics switched, Big Shark naturally followed along; he tugged his lips left and right; aside from a bit of pain, there weren’t many problems.

Patting away the fine sand-dust on his body, he started discussing with Xia Jinyuan. “We do have one. First, we’ll have a match with you guys, then focus our attention on your weak points. Major Xia, your Special Forces unit is quite mysterious, huh? Even the Devil King isn’t too sure how deep your backgrounds are.”

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“When the time comes to finish the match, both our units have to show our house-keeping skills and combine each unit’s specialties and eliminate our weaknesses when we go overseas for war. Only then will we have higher chances of winning.”

Xia Jinyuan stopped thinking of all things love; his handsome face harbored a sharpness as he nodded his head and said: “My plan’s the same with the Devil King. First, have a match with you guys, figure out what our deficits are, then figure out what the specialties of the American Special Forces were, and then base our training plan on that.”

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