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Chapter 1307 Duel Between Men

“How am I annoying you on purpose? I’m just stating facts.” Xia Jinyuan righted his training cap, putting on a cultured yet elegant look, “I can’t turn my hard work into a gift for them, right? I still have to put up precautions against those that needed guarding, you see. Thank goodness your unit has a rule that doesn’t recruit female soldiers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even know if I can bring Ye Jian back to the Ground Forces smoothly.”

“Also, you guys are quite unkind, huh. Leaving aside you guys wanted to keep her here, you were actually thinking of making Devil King Li as an offering.” He said the most important thing with the flow, Major Xia advised with a concerned tone: “Big Shark, using perverted means to keep someone here isn’t a viable long-term solution.”

Big Shark drew in a deep breath, and another one; he forced a smile on his face as he replied genially: “Major Xia, please don’t misunderstand, it’s just a joke that we’ve been joking about in private, it doesn’t have anything to do with Captain Li. He doesn’t even know what we’re thinking about.”

Using perverted means to keep someone here isn’t a viable long-term solution? Major Xia, you’re so cruel! If Devil King Li knew they wanted him to serve himself on a platter, wouldn’t he train them till they die?”

With a deeper arch in his smile, Major Xia nodded his head, and started laughing slowly as if he had just realized something, “You guys ah, Li Jinnian didn’t even express his attitude, and you guys dared to flap your tongues, you’re quite gutsy.”

“They’re both unmarried, Captain Li is good, Ye Jian’s also great if they really became a couple, wouldn’t Captain Xia think this is a wonderful event?” Big Shark didn’t realize that he had escaped a disaster from Devil King Li’s hands, but now he was being targeted by Xia Jinyuan. He expressed his true thoughts without fear of death: “You don’t even know how matching they looked when they walked alongside each other.”

“Ye Jian is so outstanding, there are not many men who would be a good fit for her, and our Captain Li is among them.” As the vice-captain and also the ideological instructor, Big Shark always believed he had a responsibility to take care of Devil King Li’s marriage.

He’s already a twenty-six-year-old man, and he’ll be thirty in four more years; how can that be okay if he doesn’t even have a lover?

Xia Jinyuan clenched his fists unnoticed; he raised his arm and glanced at the time; it’s still early…

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He then raised his eyes, he hid his motives as he pointed at the beach in front of them, he said politely: “There’s still plenty of time, why don’t we go over to the beach and spar? Let’s see if you have improved since last time. Remember, at first, you guys wanted to fight against Li

Jinnian and me, but you all lost and roared at the ocean in the middle of the night, swearing to one day take revenge for your defeat. Since we have plenty of time, why don’t we have a match.”

We’ll spar till you can’t even speak!

As a Special Forces, Soldier, and also Q King of the Elite Platoon, Xia Jinyuan’s ability to conceal his emotions was already at a high level. Even Big Shark, who was the instructor of the Storm Commandos, was incapable of seeing the emotions hidden beneath his smiling face.

Every sentence was said with the usual calmness; until now, Big Shark had yet to realize he had already ‘offended’ Xia Jinyuan unwittingly.

Hearing that, light glowed from his prominent eyes, taking a look at Xia Jinyuan, who had arrived in training uniform. He laughed heartily: “Major Xia seems to have come prepared; you didn’t even wear your military uniform to visit our unit and came in your training uniform.”

“I left quite hastily, so I didn’t change, but it’s quite convenient for this.”

“That’s perfect! Come, Major Xia!”

The spar started at 10.10 a.m., and combat ended at 10.25 a.m. with his face pressed against the sands and his hands behind his back, Big Shark only felt like his face was about to be flattened and his eyeballs were gonna get squeezed out.

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Xia Jinyuan directly sat on Big Shark’s waist, his long arm locked both of Big Shark’s arms, while he flexed and pulled his arms up, he pressed his elbow against Big Shark’s nape so he couldn’t move. His smile mixed in with the sea breeze, “You’ve improved a bit; in the past, it was ten minutes, now you made it to fifteen minutes.”

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