Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System
Chapter 292: Acting The Part!

"So what's the plan?" Steven asked as we all gathered in the street.

"That lousy father of mine has been here. He is not like me and has full human features, so he is probably moving around with ease. We will stick to the plan and split up. We will move from town and city one after the other across the floor and just take over everything we come across. But try to do so without bloodshed. If the one in charge of the place you are in is a good person, let them stay as the head as long as they come under your command. We will meet at the capital. If you run into an enemy that is powerful, just run away. Do not fight them. After all the training you have endured, you should be able to move quickly enough to escape most enemies."

"Alright! Let's crown Boss as the next demon queen!" Steven cheered, but his excitement only lasted a second because I promptly smacked him in the head. "Little Weewee, don't get ahead of yourself."

"Boss, can we not call me that anymore!?" Steven asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I will stop calling you that once you stop acting like one," I said teasingly, causing everyone else to burst out laughing. "Alright, let's do a full sweep of the town before heading out."

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We swept through all the houses and buildings within the town and did so in a fashion that was not an invasion of privacy to a certain extent. Like we did not go through closets or dressers or anything and only checked the walls, floors, and ceilings of each house and nothing more. Each person was also given a gold coin for their troubles which made them happy.

After that, we split up into teams of two. Sally and Sei teamed up while I had Sophie, Adel and Iena form a group of three. Grace wanted to go with me, but because I had one group of three, one person had to go solo, and I was the best choice. So Grace ended up teaming up with Steven, which was not a bad pairing since, under Sophie and the others, Steven was the next strongest in the group.

After saying our goodbyes, I looked at the long road ahead and sighed. It has been a long time since I have been alone like this. I walked down the dirt path in front of me and made my way to the next town. This time I did not plan to be nice from the start. Nor did they plan to be nice to me. "Stop, demon!"

Well, I guess if I am playing the role of a demon lord, then I should act it, no? "Muahahaha! So you figured out that I was a demon! But too bad puny human! Either take me to your leader, or I will destroy this entire town!"

While I was putting on my best demon lord act, I transformed my arms to threaten the guards, one of which peed his pants. I felt bad, but a demon lord must keep up their image and be demon lordish!

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And so now I was sitting in a rather expensive house on a soft cushioned chair looking at the man in front of me that was kneeling on the floor with his head lowered as I sipped some okay tea. "So will you take me as your lord?" I asked in my most menacing voice.

"Yes! Of course! My lord, I am willing to swear allegiance to you!" The plump man who was the lord of this town replied.

"Good! Then I will hold you to your words. I will need two guards who will follow me through the town as I inspect the houses and buildings here." And so, just like that, I was once again checking walls. When I left the town, I told the lord of the town to be good to his citizens, or I would make his life a living hell. He shivered in fear and repeatedly told me he would do as I said.

This time I did not get any information about my father. I am unsure if he did not do what he did before and just passed on through or what, but no one seemed to know who he was. When I arrived at my next destination, I noticed that this place was no town. It was a legit city. And as I walked up to the gates, the same scenario began to play out.

It was just that this time it was… "Die demon! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I kind of reacted on instinct and slapped him into a wall.

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"Ah…. Well… Ahem…. Muahahahahaha! You dare attack this demon lord! Bow before me, puny humans! Today is the day that this city too shall fall under my rule!" I did as before and transformed my hands into giant claws and waved them in the air, but sadly, it seemed these people were more willing to fight. Sighed as I said: "Sleep…."

All the soldiers who came out of the city fell to the ground in an instant. I stepped over them and entered the city, making my way towards the small castle. It seemed this city lord knew how to live extravagantly. Although his citizens…. As I looked around, I noticed many of the people here were suffering. I stopped and pointed to a young man who was trying to protect his family from me. "You there!" I still kept my demon lord act. I mean, I was in the groove.

"Please don't harm my family!" The young man yelled out while stretching his arms out in front of his wife and kid.

"I have no intentions of harming people who will become citizens under my rule. I just wanted to ask a question." I softened my voice as I dropped my act. I did not wish to scare these people. "Just tell me. Is your city lord mistreating his people?"

"Miss…" The woman behind the young man called out to me. "Are you really going to rule over this city? Will you protect us from the city lord and his guards!?"

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"Milly! Shhhh! You will die!" The young man quickly covered his wife's mouth.

"Mm… I will make sure none of you suffer from now on. So don't worry." I replied.

Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System Chapter 292: Acting The Part!
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