Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Chapter 193: A Misunderstanding, if you know what I mean, grin…

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The two sides that encountered each other in the forest didn’t rush to fight.

Under the Suijin’s mask, Kuroto’s Byakugan was activated as he assessed the state of Sasori and Kakuzu.

From the first glance, it seems that the injuries that Sasori has are more serious.

The loss of an arm is fatal for a shinobi, as it has a great effect on the strength that a shinobi can display.

The difference in strength that Jiraiya showed while fighting Pain before and after losing his arm is quite different, the biggest problem would be hand sign printing, not everyone is capable of printing hand signs at the same speed with just one arm.

But the case with Sasori is different, as Human Puppet Master, he can control puppets with just one arm fairly well, so even though his combat power would have been decreased the battle still wouldn’t be too easy as long as the puppets he has in his hand are good enough.

Moving his gaze towards Kakuzu, Suijin found that the chakra reaction he perceived from Kakuzu was much weaker compared to before.

The Earth Grudge Fear is a really strange technique that has probably altered his body to such a degree that he is no longer dependent on his normal chakra circulatory system, therefore, in his Byakugan, Suijin isn’t seeing any normal chakra veins in Kakuzu’s body like that of other shinobi.

What he sees is a complex network of black threads that are chakra carriers and are connected to the four cores, which are the four masks hidden in Kakuzu’s body.

However, he has still not understood the essence of the four masked thread monsters.

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Therefore, how much injury Kakuzu has incurred is difficult to estimate.

‘According to the rough estimate, he roughly has only about thirty percent of his chakra, it’s either because he has consumed much of it in the previous battle, or he has lost some of his hearts, I would bet on the second possibility!’

This guess wasn’t without any basis, it’s because Suijin also found that the chakra reaction of the cores was somewhat strange, to be more exact the chakra reaction of the chest and right abdomen was significantly weaker than the other places, which means that two of his hearts were damaged, which means only three of his hearts were left.

While Suijin was in a bit of a bind, thinking about whether to take the advantage of the opportunity and get rid of Sasori and Kakuzu for good, Sasori spoke in a cold tone, “You bastards, you dare to appear before us!”

As soon as he spoke, he can’t help but cough out some blood, it seems his injuries are much severe.

Suijin raised his hands up and said with a smirk, “Hey don’t blame me, the two of you have done such things that would prompt others to hunt you down, I just encouraged Konohagakure to fasten that process, after all, the sooner the S-Class missing-nin are disposed of, the better, don’t you think so? But I have to say, you were able to escape from the chase of Sandaime Hokage, your skills aren’t bad, to say the least.”

Sasori just snorted, “I will not forget this account!”

At this time Kakuzu said, “You have been meddling with us, I see that you have the potential so I am giving you a fair warning, it would be wise of you to not make an enemy of the Akatsuki Organization, you will regret it in the future.”

“You don’t say? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep that in mind!” – Suijin nodded gratefully.

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“You better do!” – Kakuzu said.

“Most certainly, but I don’t like to owe others a favor, so I am also giving you a heads up, it’s only fair if both sides know each other, right? Therefore, it’s best that you know that Amatsukami is not afraid of Akatsuki, so we will be having quite a lot of meetings in the future, I tell ya!” – Suijin said.

Hearing Suijin’s words, Sasori took out a scroll and spoke, “You wanna die, don’t you?”

Suijin shook his head, and said, “No-no-no, not right now, don’t you see, there are still a large number of Konoha shinobi around, I don’t think I need to explain any further!”

Kakuzu nodded, “That is a wise choice, if we fight here, it will only make it easier for Konoha to get their hands on all four of us!”

Homusubi nodded.

Sasori closed the scroll in his hand, “Alright, you get to live this time!”

“Well, now that we have an agreement, we’ll move on our respective paths.” – Suijin said.

With that decision, Suijin and Homusubi gave way to one side, while Sasori and Kakuzu gave way to the other.

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Suijin and Homusubi moved towards the Village and Sasori and Kakuzu towards the opposite side of the village.

Passing by each other the two groups slowed down.

Just at the moment the both of them crossed each other, Suijin quickly formed the hand seals and leaped into the air, “Ice Release: Thousand Flying Needles of Death!” “Ice Release Secret Technique: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals!”

Homusubi did a backflip while printing the hand seals and threw a few shurikens and released fire,
“Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Technique!”

On the other side, Sasori also immediately took out the puppet from the Scroll, attached it with Chakra Strings, and shouted, “Dead Bone Pulse: Dance of the Seedling Fern!”

And Kakuzu was also not behind as the two Thread Monsters jumped out of his body,
“Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work!” “Wind Release: Pressure Damage!”

Two shinobi on each side, four in total, attacked at the exact instant.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Instantly the small forest mountain that they were on shook by the collision of the ninjutsu on the two sides.

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Compared to the small-scale ninjutsu used by Suijin and Homusubi, the attack used by Sasori and Kakuzu was undoubtedly much fiercer, it’s because they were boiling with anger inside.

Specially Sasori, he even didn’t hesitate in using the ‘Dance of the Seedling Fern’ with the Kaguya clan puppet.

Compared to the “Thousand Flying Needles of Death’ ‘Great Fireball Technique’ and the combination of wind and Fire release Jutsu used by Kakuzu, the ‘Dance of the Seedling Fern’ is a much dangerous technique.

Accompanied by the shaking of the ground, piercing bone spears rose from the ground one-after-another.

Suijin was quick with hands and pulled Homusubi inside the Ice Mirror, that was floating in the air, the bone spears kept rising but didn’t affect the two as they were at a higher altitude.

Standing on the top of a bone spear, Sasori frowned, “That’s a surprise, you can use Ice Release? Does that mean you are a member of the Yuki Clan?”

At this time, Sasori didn’t show any signs of weakness, even the blood he seemed to be coughing out was not there.

Suijin leaned out half of his body from the Ice Mirror and questioned Kakuzu, “Hey, didn’t you say that we should not fight here, aren’t we going to go our separate ways?”

Sasori hummed lightly, “It seemed that you were the one who made the move first!”

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Suijin has already noticed that Kakuzu is hidden behind a thick bone spear, and the two thread monsters were speared around, he seemed ready to attack any moment.

Understanding that both of them still retained quite a lot of combat power, Suijin did some light-speed calculations in his brain and said with an embarrassed laugh, while scratching the back of his head awkwardly, “Sandaime Hokage and Wicked Eye Fugaku are still around, so let’s continue on our separate ways, okay?”

When Suijin mentioned Sandaime, Sasori thought a little and said, “Alright, it seems that the attack just now was only a misunderstanding.”

Suijin nodded, “Yes, it appears that all four of us had a bit of a misunderstanding!”

With that said, Suijin didn’t deactivate the Ice Mirrors, just lined them up in a queue and flew away.

Whoosh… Whoosh…

Sasori and Kakuzu also didn’t wait any longer and flickered and disappeared from the forest of bones.

Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

Not long after the four shinobi disappeared, Sandaime still carrying his Adamantine Staff led the Anbu members and arrived at the Forest of Bone.

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Looking at the endless number of bone spears, Sandaime had a solemn look on his face, and muttered, “This is Dead Bone Pulse, Kekkei Genkai of the Kaguya Clan?”

While the Anbu spread around searching for the traces of the two members of Akatsuki, Uchiha Fugaku led the members of the Konoha Military Police Force and arrived.

Fugaku was surprised when he noticed that even Sandaime seemed to have failed in capturing or killing either of the two members of Akatsuki, which.

At this moment, whether it was the ‘God of Shinobi’ or the ‘Wicked-Eye,’ both of them had an embarrassed face.

The silence and the ‘aho’ crow made the atmosphere quite awkward, Sandaime said with some emotion, “These bounty ninjas are not easy!”

Fugaku nodded repeatedly, “Yes, they can’t be taken lightly!”



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