Reborn: Space Intelligent Woman
Reborn: Space Intelligent Woman

Reborn: Space Intelligent Woman

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Reborn: Space Intelligent Woman novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author ZerahNeko. 1400 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Revenge is the only thing she wants after knowing the truth.
However, this revenge can satisfy her? Revenge for the man and woman that betray her in her past life is not worth it.

" Wait, where am I? What's this place?" She asks.
" This is your space and I'm your guardian." A little boy answer.

With this space, she climbed higher in this life. At the same time, someone reaches her hand and said that he will help her. To protect what she needs to protect.

***This story development is very slow.

***The cover image for this novel is not mine. I just edit it. All credit goes to the artist that draws it.

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  • ImmoralJester 2

    I mean the TITLE isn't even in proper English.

  • nessiesmith2012 1

    It starts pretty good, but by early 200 [chapters] its apparent the summary and begining promised one thing and delivered another. Face slapping? She lets them walk over her then says something that amounts to "just you wait". She doesnt argue or clear up misunderstandings just let them accumulate under the pretence of "not caring". In the beginning she declared she didnt care about her birth parents that she will make it on her own, not long after finding her parents becomes the plot. Yep her attitude changed out of no where. My biggest pet peeve is the over usage of "blushing and shyness" especially when thats not in the character personality to be embarrassed so easy. This mc blushes all the time around the ML and his simple words stump her leaving her in a daze. And like a teen [she is not but you couldnt tell] She fell in love with the mc quickly after barely knowing him. Last thing is she forgives and forgets to easy. One after another insult her, apologize and she forgives.

    • Sin_isterSoul 4

      This would have been better in the review section tbh

  • CLISFaleiro 1

    Haverá mais actualização dos capítulos?

  • DeathLingers 1

    Pretty lame. First few ch and I can see this won't be good memories of her past life family wiped and she doesn't feel like a strong female mc

  • Aprilwa2 1

    This sounds interesting, but it’s hard to read.

  • MartialAncestor 1

    full of romance early :)