Chapter 765: To The End (24)

“Please… Please… Blaaaargh… Sigh… Sigh… Kiyoung… Kiyoung?”


“No. It can’t be… Sniff… please… please….”


‘I want to say ‘it can’t be,’ too.’

Words didn’t come out properly. Contrary to my stomach, which became too hot, the rest of my body had gone too cold.

I wanted to turn my head a little and check Kim Hyunsung’s condition, but it wasn’t easy to even turn my face sideways.

I didn’t have to do that, however. I felt Kim Hyunsung approaching me directly.

I didn’t know what to say about his condition at the moment. I had witnessed him collapse many times so far, but I’d never seen him in such a state.

He was making a face he didn’t show upon being brainwashed by the demons of the 27th Legion, during his hesitation in the unconscious world, or when he faced Raphael.

‘So why did you do that? Son of a bitch. Because of you, we’re completely doomed. We’re all ruined.’

“Ahhh… Sniff… Ahhhh. Kiyoung. Kiyoung… Kiyoung…”

Did he think that it was his priority was to hurry up and pull out Durendal? That must’ve been the case, considering he immediately removed it from my stomach.

I could feel the blood splattering from my stomach over and over again. Kim Hyunsung was pressing on it to somehow stop the bleeding, but stopping it with just that was impossible.

Seemingly remembering the potion he had, he opened the lid and poured it over the wound, but I just knew that it wouldn’t heal that easily.

“Please… please… please… pleeease… Sniff… pleeease!”


“Please save him. God. Please… please. Please…”


“This is wrong. This… This is wrong… This wrong. Why did this happen? Damn… damn… Sniff… Sniff… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ah… stop! Shit! Stop… please… Please stop. Please… priest… priest! Priest!! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Please!! Sniff… please!!”

“I… I…”

“Kiyoung? Kiyoung? Kiyoung! Please don’t die. Please… please…”

‘You stabbed me.’

“Ahhh… Please live. Please… Please. You can still live. It will still be fine. Everything’s going to be okay. Can you hear my voice? Can you?”

‘How can I live at this rate?’

I was already bleeding out too much. Even if my wound was healed now, it was impossible to survive unless a miracle would occur. I wasn’t a doctor, but wasn’t it obvious just by looking at it? It was the end for me.

“Please… Sniff… Sniff…”

I didn’t know if the bastard had gone nuts, but he was sending his magic power to me. I thought I knew what he wanted to do.

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‘You want to turn me into an undead? Is that possible?’

It shouldn’t be impossible, considering he had received the magic power of Lucifer.

Of course, I didn’t know how high the quality of an undead made by a swordsman, not a high-ranking warlock, could be, and I was curious if it would have an ego or not. It would weird if I just wandered around as an empty shell.

No, actually, it wasn’t even possible in the first place. There was no way that Light Kiyoung’s body, completed by receiving the divinities of Benignore and other high-ranking gods, could respond to such dark magic.

Even if I wanted to accept it, the divinity in my body would reject that magic. As expected, I felt my divinity resisting his magic power.

Kim Hyunsung was biting his lips stronger as he tried to inject magic power into me somehow, but my body, which showed a rejective reaction, spewed out blood once again.

I had to act like I was refusing his way. After slowly raising my arm, unproperly so, and placing it over Kim Hyunsung’s hand, I shook my head slightly.

It was an act that told him he didn’t have to do it. The scene showed the saint’s will to be with the light rather than endure the shame of living as an undead.

‘That was fucking cool… Fuck.’

No, it wasn’t the time to get drunk with something like that… Oh, if there was really no other way, it was okay to be born undead, but Sora should do that, not him.


“Ahh… Sniff… please… Please live. Please… please… Sniff… I’m sorry. I… I’m sorry. Shit… Shit… Sniff… please… What should I do? What… Sniff… Please don’t close your eyes. The wound is not so deep… Yes… It is a wound that can be healed. It will heal soon. Even now, the wound is healing. Yes.”


“The potion… The potion seems to work well. Kiyoung… Sniff… Maybe because it’s the potion you made…”

‘Don’t lie to me. It’s not that good.’

“Please… If you hold on a little, the priests will come. Yeah… Then everything will go back to normal. I was stupid… Blaaaargh… Sniff… Sniff…”

Surprisingly, this bastard was still good-looking even with all the tears, runny nose, and drooling. Still, I didn’t really know what was going on with his mind.

I felt like he was saying anything that he could think of without considering it first.

I was certain he had learned basic first aid, so I was confused by his actions. My heart still seemed to be beating, so why the hell was he doing CPR? He continued massaging my broken arm and leg, which he broke and brought his face to my chest.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

He was wailing like a beast, practically almost howling. I wondered if he gradually realized what he had done.

I was hoping for the cliché part where Kim Hyunsung’s tears would wet the wound, and I would miraculously resurrect, but reality proved to be far colder than that.

It seemed that he had already dropped a gourd of tears on my wound, but I was still dying.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… please… Benignore… Altanus! Altanus!! Altanus…Please… Give me one more chance.”

‘This is a bit sad.’

He didn’t like regressing. No, it made sense to say that he hated it.

He didn’t like to regress to the point where he would rather die than go through it again.

“Please… Give me one more chance… Altanus. Please… Benignore… Benignore. If you can hear my voice, Please… Give me one more chance. This time… I won’t lose this time. I won’t be shaken. Yes… If you give me one more chance… I’ll take care of everything. Nothing you worry about will happen. Please forgive my sins… please… I will do whatever you ask. If you tell me to die, I will die, and I will obey every order you give me. I will live my entire life as a servant of Benignore. So… So, please… Please just one more time… Let me do it one more time.”


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“One more… Ugh… Ugh… Let me do it… one more time. Please. Please… Give me a chance. Give… Sniff… Give me a chance… damn… I said, give me a chance!!”

‘This hot-blooded Doom Hyunsung, fuck.‘

“Please! I’m begging you. Give me one more chance! Motherfuckers! If you guys made me come back at will, you have to take responsibility! Damn! Sniff… Ugh… Can’t you hear me? I’m asking for a chance, son of a bitch! If you made someone like this… motherfuckers … Save him. Damn it! Please… Just… Just one more chance… please…”

‘You’re actually pretty good at swearing.’

“Lucifer! Lucifer! Can you hear me? Can you hear me? You can take all of me, so please save him. If that’s not possible, then make me regress. You can do that, right? Can you? You can do it too. Like Altanus, you can do it too.”

‘Is feedback coming? Don’t trust her. Lucifer was the one who controlled you in the first place. Are you that desperate?’

“Please make me regress! Please…”

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to reply to him.

Kim Hyunsung, screaming while looking at the sky as if he has gone crazy, seemed to be getting more and more desperate. It was as if he really thought there wasn’t much time left.

That bastard was out of his mind.

‘Fuck, why did you do that? Why did you make such a stupid choice? Didn’t you ever think you would really go crazy? As long as you touched the stomach of the innocent light, the only thing waiting for you was ruination. You shouldn’t have picked up the bond again. You shouldn’t have done that.’

“Aaaahhh! Ahhhhh… Please… Sniff… Sniff… Sniff… Kiyoung… Kiyoung…”


“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry. I’m really… sniff… sorry. It’s my fault. I did everything wrong. From the beginning… I shouldn’t have met you from the beginning. If I knew it would be like this… Sniff… If I knew it would be like this… If I knew it would be like this…”

He sounded like he thought that I had been reduced to such a state because I met him.

His eyes went blank. I didn’t even know what he was thinking. However, I could see him slowly lifting Durendal.

“It’s all my fault. Everything… A bastard like you … A bastard like you shouldn’t even exist in this world. This maggot motherfucker Kim Hyunsung. Sniff… Shit… Sniff…”

‘Why are you trying to do something bad, you asshole? Stop.’

“Kiyoung? Kiyoung… Just be patient. Everything will definitely go back to normal. Ha… haha… Yes. I know these bastards. They don’t really want the continent to end this way. In the end, they will make me regress again. Yeah.”


“Next time, this won’t happen. Yes. I’ll take care of everything from start to finish. You don’t have to carry things like a burden together. It’s okay if you don’t meet me. No, I will not talk to Kiyoung next time. I… I… Sniff… Sniff… I will never let this happen.”

‘Kim Hyunsung? You didn’t go crazy, right? Right?’

He brought his sword to his throat.

‘You want to kill yourself?’

He was trying to take his own life.

‘Are you out of your mind?’

Even if Kim Hyunsung died at that moment, there was no guarantee that Benignore or Elune trash would bring him back.

I didn’t know how he did it with Altanus, but it wouldn’t be that easy to turn back time in the first place. It wasn’t a question of whether or not they would do it, but a question of whether or not they could. Besides…

‘How can you be so fucking confident? Without me, fuck, are you confident you can come this far?’

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Even if he returned, there was no guarantee that he would succeed once again. There was no way Kim Hyunsung didn’t know that. He must’ve also known that it was impossible to regress in the first place.

Rather than choosing to die to return…

‘He just can’t bear it.’

Perhaps he was just trying to convince himself. It was possible that he just couldn’t bear with what he had done.

“Ha… haha… Ha… The third timeline will be much happier than now. I… I will make it that way. Sniff… Sniff… I…”

He seemed to be trying to push the sword slowly through his neck, his tearful expression already cold.

Once again, time seemed to be slowing down. I didn’t really think this was the end, but I knew it was heading towards the worst possible ending.

‘What the. This is unfair. Fuck.’

Did she really mess with it because of that? Lucifer, that crazy crow. Was this really the end?

I had completed the condition. I won the bet. Did it make sense to end up like this just because a useless variable wasn’t met?

“Next time… Next time… again… yes. If I have a chance… once again…once again…”

There was no life left after the current one. Kim Hyunsung, that crazy bastard. I had to stop him.

It was when Durendal’s blade touched Kim Hyunsung’s neck.

‘Isn’t it weird when you think about it?’

My voice echoed in my head.

‘It’s weird when you think about it, Lee Kiyoung, isn’t it?’

What? What was weird?

‘It’s funny. In the end, we left the choices to others. Isn’t it strange that you bet all of you on Lucifer’s choice?’


‘I guess you had strong trust. Is that how much you trusted that crazy crow?’

That crow?

‘We aren’t the type to get backstabbed. We’re supposed to backstab others.’

What sort of bullshit was that?

‘This is the right future. The scene you see right now is what we really wanted.’

I wouldn’t make a fucking third round.

‘I never said to do it again, no. Just… This is the right future. Do you know what to do?’


‘You know.’

I didn’t know if I was seeing some illusion. No, certainly, I was. I didn’t know if it was because I was dying, but… I felt like I could see it since I was about to meet my end.

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‘Kim Hyunsung can be complete.’

I could now see the man in the mask was pointing at the sky with his hand on Kim Hyunsung’s shoulder.

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