Reincarnated As A Fox With System (WN)
Chapter 585: Hide and Seek!

Tang Li Xue gnashed her fangs in aggravation.

However, she still rationally chose not to confront the enormous stone fox and flew away quickly from there before the enormous stone fox could attack her.

The feeling of being hunted made Tang Li Xue feel very upset, but there was nothing she could do about it.

It was as if an invisible hand slowly reached her neck and strangled her until she could not breathe.

The suffocating feeling became even more intense when Tang Li Xue faintly sensed the Crimson Skies Domain was watching over her every movement and slowly drove her to the corner.

Just as Tang Li Xue was flying swiftly in the sky, her body suddenly dived down at breakneck speed as if something heavy was pushing her down!

"Damn it~! My body became so heavy all of a sudden! This is... Gravity-type divine ability!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in a solemn tone.

Surprisingly, the enormous stone fox actually has Gravity-type divine ability!

Luckily, Tang Li Xue was currently still in her [War Goddess Mode], so she had many ways to counter it.

[Shockwave Impact]~!

Tang Li Xue's falling speed slowed down a lot, but that was not enough, so she used [Hurricane Barrier] as a cushion before she crashed onto the ground.

Meanwhile, the enormous stone fox had already jumped toward Tang Li Xue!

Because it used its [Gravity Control] to make its gigantic body much lighter, the enormous stone fox could move as swiftly as any agility-type fox!

The enormous stone fox waved its paw at Tang Li Xue, and its paw's weight suddenly increased by a dozen times!

Tang Li Xue easily dodged its paw attack by using [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus Yaya's [Breezing Step]!


The enormous stone fox's extremely heavy paw struck the ground, creating a violent earthquake and rolling shockwave.

Even Tang Li Xue was blown away by several tens of meters just by the rolling shockwave.

It made Tang Li Xue realize how powerful this enormous stone fox was!

This enormous stone fox clearly moved faster than a civet cat with its gigantic body, but its every strike was heavier than a mountain!

If the previous heavy paw strike managed to hit Tang Li Xue's small fragile body, she would have already turned into a fox jerky by now!

Tang Li Xue no longer hesitated and launched a counterattack against the enormous stone fox!

[Scattered Flame Feathers]~!

Tang Li Xue rapidly flapped the deep blue [Phoenix Wings] on her back and shot dense deep blue flame feathers on the enormous stone fox!


Well... All of [Scattered Flame Feathers] perfectly hit the enormous stone fox, but the enormous stone fox did not even feel itch by Tang Li Xue's attack.

"Damn big stupid boulder, then how about this?! [Fire Bomb]~!" Tang Li Xue angrily shouted as she threw a compressed deep blue [Fire Bomb] at the enormous stone fox!

The enormous stone fox did not even have any intention to avoid it and charged swiftly toward Tang Li Xue instead!


The explosion of the compression [Fire Bomb] was much greater than usual since Tang Li Xue was much stronger in her [War Goddess Mode], but it still did not affect the enormous stone fox at all!

The enormous stone fox arrived right before Tang Li Xue and unleashed rapid attacks using its front paws and three tails!

Moreover, each of its attacks was more powerful and faster than the previous heavy paw attack!


Tang Li Xue used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus [Breezing Step] and shuttled to the right and left in a zigzag pattern to carefully dodge all of the attacks!

Honestly, even Tang Li Xue might not be able to dodge all of the enormous stone fox attacks without relying on Yaya's [Wind God's Eyes].

([Wind God's Eyes]: A pair of eyes blessed by the Wind God itself. making these pair of eyes capable of seeing through any kind of movement no matter how fast or deceptive it is and predicting the next few moves accurately.)

'This huge boulder fox is extremely strong! It is definitely a top-tier predator-level fox! I cannot continue to waste my time with it like this! My [War Goddes Mode]'s duration is almost run out! I must get away from it quickly!' Tang Li Xue decided in her mind.

Tang Li Xue always thought her [War Goddes Mode] was extremely powerful, but this was the first time that her [War Goddes Mode] was completely useless when facing an opponent.

This enormous stone fox possessed agility not much lower than her in [War Goddes Mode], but both its strength and defense could easily completely overwhelm her.

[Multiple Wind Clones] plus [Water Mirage]~!

By using both skills at the same time, Tang Li Xue's silver furry figure suddenly split into hundreds of clones, and all of them began to run swiftly in different directions!

Unfortunately, before they could run far, the enormous stone fox already activated its powerful skill to crush all of them at once!

[Hundred Times Gravity Press]~!

All of Tang Li Xue's clones suddenly pressed onto the ground and were crushed by the heavy gravity!


Half of the clones shattered into a puddle of water, while the other half was crushed into the wind and scattered.

The enormous stone fox looked around for a while, but it actually failed to find the real Tang Li Xue!

The enormous stone fox walked around the area to search for the real Tang Li Xue and found a small deep hole behind the bushes instead.

Then it roared out loud in anger to the sky.


The red-haired sexy girl slowly opened her seductive crimson eyes and muttered with a smile on her mesmerizing face: "What a slippery little toy~!"

"But no matter where you run, you will only be dancing around in the palm of my hand as long as you are still in my domain~!" The red-haired sexy girl said with a playful tone.

The red-haired sexy girl moved her hand and finger around as if she was playing chess against someone.

"Go, my cute little pawns~! Corner that toy even more for me~! I want to see how long it can run away around~! Hehehehe..." The red-haired sexy girl giggled as if she looked forward to how Tang Li Xue would move or react next.


Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue secretly activated [Spider Scorpion Transformation] before, and currently, she was still digging a deep underground tunnel to get away from the enormous stone fox.

"All right, I should be already hundreds of miles away from that stupid big boulder fox." Tang Li Xue muttered while breathing heavily in exhaustion.

It seems the [War Goddess Mode]'s violent backlash had already begun to affect her.

Tang Li Xue did not even have time to consume the precious treasure inside the treasure box.

She immediately canceled the [War Goddess Mode] and put the unconscious Little Yaya into her system space.

While the deep blue Phoenix of Pride already entered her Dantian and rested under the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] to quickly recover itself.

Tang Li Xue lay down while writhing in extreme pain.

She did not only suffer unimaginable tearing pain all over her body but even her breath was getting weaker and weaker.

Her consciousness became blurry, but she hastily gritted her fangs and bit her tongue to stay sober.

Her hunch felt that she was still in danger.

Even the faint feeling of being watched was still haunting her.

Tang Li Xue immediately activated her [Quick Restore] divine ability to cure the [War Goddess Mode]'s violent backlash effect.

Her breath instantly became stronger again and returned to normal.

All the burn wounds and injuries on her body were completely healed in the blink of an eye.

Even the parts of her body that had been bald because of being burned by flames before had recovered to normal too.

The painful tearing pain all over her body was still persistent for some time, but it was not the time for her to whine around about it, so Tang Li Xue continued to dig the tunnel.

Tang Li Xue was quite sure that the one who kept watching her and targeting her was the owner of the Crimson Skies Domain, so traveling right under the Crimson Skies Domain was clearly a bad choice.

Her only option right now was to travel underground just like she was currently doing.

Just when Tang Li Xue felt she would be safe traveling through the underground tunnel...


The ground suddenly shook violently!

"Damn it~! This does not look good at all~!" Tang Li Xue groaned in frustration.

Tang Li Xue glanced at the treasure box in her grasp.

She actually planned to save this to feed Little Loki after it woke up later, but it seems she better consume it herself to quickly recover some of her energy and stamina.

Before the underground tunnel collapsed, Tang Li Xue hastily put the treasure box on the ground and opened it.

She found a golden fruit that emitted high temperature inside the treasure box.

When she took out the scorching golden fruit from the treasure box, the deep blue Phoenix of Pride flew out again from her Dantian and swallowed the scorching golden fruit in one gulp.

Then it entered her Dantian again and went back to sleep under the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] to digest the scorching golden fruit.

Its moves were extremely smooth as if it had already done that so many times... Or, well... Yes, it really had already done it so many times.

Tang Li Xue: "....."

"Damn you, egoistic greedy dumb bird~!" Tang Li Xue shouted in extreme fury as the underground tunnel started to collapse.

Chapter 585: Hide and Seek!
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