Reincarnated As A Fox With System (WN)
Chapter 824: Opportunity Amidst Chaos!

Tang Li Xue deliberately slowed down her sprinting speed a bit when she almost reached the treasure room to create an illusion as if she had started running out of strength.

The scary woman who was madly chasing Tang Li Xue from behind got closer to Tang Li Xue even more rapidly than before!

The scary woman condensed a dozen black cones from her black energy and controlled them skillfully to attack Tang Li Xue from behind again for the umpteen times!

But Tang Li Xue already arrived at the intersection, so she immediately ran to the left side!

The dozen black cones controlled by the scary woman also turned to the left to chase after Tang Li Xue!

'It is now~!' Tang Li Xue thought as she rolled over toward the wall.

The dozen black cones were actually flying toward the old man with a long beard who sat cross-legged in front of the double bronze gates!

Just as those dozen black cones almost reached the old man, the time seemed to slow down as the old man slowly opened his eyes!

Different from the scary woman who had a pair of terrifying hollow black eyes, the old man had a pair of deep crimson eyes as if his eyes were dyed with his own blood!


Those dozen black cones were suddenly cut into tiny pieces, and they dispersed back into black energy.

The old man stood up steadily while holding his Heaven Edge Sword tightly in his hand.

Even with her [Wind God's Eyes], Tang Li Xue only managed to see the silvery light flash extremely swiftly when the old man swung his Heaven Edge Sword to cut those dozen black cones.

It was not because [Wind God's Eyes] could not see the old man's sword movements, but because even with Tang Li Xue's current unimaginable speed, her mind was still incapable of seeing through and processing the old man's sword movements.

Right at this time, the scary woman in the fancy red dress also turned at the intersection, so there were three people... or rather three creatures to be more exact that were in front of the treasure room.

Tang Li Xue, scary woman in the fancy red dress, and the old man holding his Heaven Edge Sword...

Tang Li Xue who currently stood between the scary woman and the old man felt the most suffocated by their terrifyingly powerful aura.

Cold sweat soaked Tang Li Xue's forehead and back as she felt really nervous and fearful.

Tang Li Xue was actually secretly gambling at this moment...

She was gambling that the scary woman in the fancy red dress and the old man with Heaven Edge Sword were not comrades-in-arms.

Well, if they were on the same side, and they began to work together to fight against her instead, then Tang Li Xue could only give up and activate her [Swap] skill to exchange location with her perfect copy to escape from them.

Who knew that the scary woman in the fancy red dress completely ignored the old man and rushed swiftly toward Tang Li Xue?!

"Damn it~! This rotten smelly woman still focuses on me even at a time like this?!" Tang Li Xue gnashed her fangs in anger as she hastily used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus [Breezing Step] to keep her distance from the scary woman.

Thus both Tang Li Xue and the scary woman moved swiftly closer toward the old man and the double bronze gates instead!

The old man muttered stutteredly: "My task... Guarding the room... Intruders... Die~!"

The old man swung the Heaven Edge Sword in his grasp once again!

Tang Li Xue could only see silver light flickering rapidly. She did not even have any time to react as the sword's energy wave struck her furry body!


Thankfully, Tang Li Xue had already expected an incident like this would happen since the very start, so she had secretly taken out the [Vajra Protection Amulet] from her space pouch when she turned at the intersection just now!

A transparent barrier emerged to protect Tang Li Xue's whole body and the extremely powerful sword's energy wave struck the transparent barrier instead!

The [Vajra Protection Amulet]'s barrier managed to block the extremely powerful sword's energy wave, but Tang Li Xue's furry body was still thrown off uncontrollably and crashed onto the wall behind her heavily!

The wall was protected with a solid protective formation, so it was still completely unscathed, but Tang Li Xue felt as if all the bones in her body were shattered because of the heavy collision with the wall.

The fate of the scary woman in the fancy red dress was much worse than Tang Li Xue's fate.

The old man's sword energy wave managed to cut the scary woman's body from her right shoulder to her left waist!

But when the scary woman's upper body almost slipped from her lower body and fell down to the ground, the thick black energy emerged from the scary woman's wound!

The scary woman's upper body actually flew up and attached back to her lower body under the control of the thick black energy, then the scary woman's body actually recovered back to normal as if nothing had happened just now.

Even Tang Li Xue almost dropped her jaw in shock and disbelief when she saw that.

"What the heck?! Is that black energy the super glue or something?! But it does not really matter. The stronger that scary woman is, the better it would be for me. On the contrary, I would be in big trouble if that scary woman could be defeated so easily by that old man." Tang Li Xue murmured in a solemn tone.

After all, Tang Li Xue's plan from the very beginning was to take advantage when the old man was too busy fighting against the scary woman to secretly smuggle her perfect copy and Little Loki into the treasure room.

The scary woman ground her teeth in unbearable rage as she glared resentfully at the old man holding the Heaven Edge Sword!

From the scary woman's perspective, the old man holding the Heaven Edge Sword was actually protecting Tang Li Xue just when she almost caught Tang Li Xue, so she classified Tang Li Xue and the old man to the same side.

But from the old man's perspective, both Tang Li Xue and the scary woman in the fancy red dress were the intruders that must be eliminated as soon as possible.

As for Tang Li Xue... Well, of course, she was still waiting patiently for the old man and the scary woman to fight fiercely against each other.


The scary woman in the fancy red dress let out an earth-

shattering scream as the more terrifyingly powerful aura burst out of her body until the black energy covered her entire body!

The scary woman dashed swiftly toward Tang Li Xue and the old man!

[Shadow Crane Palm]~!

The scary woman swung her slender palm and the black energy shot out in the form of a giant black palm!

Tang Li Xue took this chance to take a few steps back closer to the old man.

The old man reacted by slashing his silver Heaven Edge Sword to meet head-on against the scary woman's [Shadow Crane Palm]!


The sword energy clashed violently against the black energy until they exploded!

Both of their attacks actually negated each other!

The properties of the old man's sword energy were extremely sharp and penetrative, while the properties of the scary woman's black energy might be able to melt and disperse any other energy or attack.

Tang Li Xue had already seen the strength of the old man's sword energy and the scary woman's black energy, so she did not feel it was strange that their attacks could negate each other.

''Nice job, rotten smelly woman~! Just keep doing it! Keep pushing that old man, so she will focus more on you!' Tang Li Xue cunningly thought.

However, the old man's strong points were clearly not only the strength of his sword energy but also his unparalleled attack speed!

When the scary woman attacked once, the old man could slash his sword more than ten times!


The old man unleashed dozens of his terrifying sword energy toward the scary woman and Tang Li Xue!

The thick black energy that was covering the scary woman's entire body actually acted as a barrier to negate the old man's terrifying sword energy!

Tang Li Xue had already expected this, so she immediately activated her [Shadow Striders]'s Equipment Skill, [Shadow Flash]!

Her target was the double gates' shadow!

When the old man's terrifying sword energy almost hit Tang Li Xue, her silver furry figure instantly teleported right in front of the double gates!

Without giving Tang Li Xue the old man any time to react, Tang Li Xue hastily unleashed her strongest attack to push away both the old man and the crazy woman, so they would be distracted for a few moments!

Chapter 824: Opportunity Amidst Chaos!
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