Reincarnated As A Fox With System (WN)

Reincarnated As A Fox With System (WN)

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Reincarnated As A Fox With System (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy Romance, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author godadi. 244 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Reincarnated as a fox by mistake, Tang Li Xue got a system that can help her evolve and reach Deity hood as her compensation.

In the vast immortal world full of powerful cultivators, demonic beasts, and mysterious spirits, how could Tang Li Xue survive as a fox?

There's no other way, Tang Li Xue must continue to level up, to evolve, to regain her human form, and to become an overpowered fox deity that stands above all!

Let's join Tang Li Xue on her journey to break pass all dangers and become stronger step by step!

Volume 2 Synopsis:
Tang Li Xue followed Xiao Hei into his Asura Demon Sect.

Although Xiao Hei was the Asura Demon Sect's patriarch but everything actually was not as easy as Tang Li Xue's imagined it to be.

Early chapters edited thanks to: Loeri
Caution! This is the rare Evolution Novel with FEMALE LEAD and there will be romance with MALE LEAD but it will be slow.
Tags: Reincarnation, System, Eastern Fantasy
Warning: The MC will progressively step by step from weak to strong, from stupid to wiser! So if you looking for OP MC that can kill all the bad guys with a single snort, eyes that can see far future, and mind smart enough to see through all deception then capable of fooling all kinds of antagonists then sorry, this story is not your cup of tea. Maybe near the ending later it will be, but just not from chapter 1!

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  • Wekyll
    Feb 19, 2021

    dropped i hate mask idea ruined everything for me

  • Alphafactor1
    Jan 15, 2021

    We getting an update soon? Also if anyone didn’t know other websites have more chapters

    • Little__Could_888
      Jan 28, 2021

      You can go on web novel for more chapters but you can only unlock 1 a day with a fast pass. You can also use coins, but i'm to brock for that so i have to be patient and wait here for new chapters. 😭😭😭

  • RaulOverhaul
    Dec 13, 2020

    Can anyone recommend me more novels like this, where MC is a female with a system. ?

  • MartialAncestor
    Oct 21, 2020

    wow quite surprise the author split the fl and ml im starting to have hope on this one

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Story has good start but you know i hate how its currently going like why tf is she wearing mask i hate this kind of storys so much why tf do you need hide you face just cus your a fucking beauty its stupid i hate the idea 100%

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I like how the system works, but the story gave too many loopholes and the mc is very stupid like she's just too lucky but amusing at the sametimes... 3.5 at best

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I don't know why people are rating this with 5 star, it is a good read for inexperienced readers, however, if you know how to evaluate and critic a story then you'll know this story is just so-so. Too many loopholes, bad story line, very stupid MC, and no character development. This cpuld pass as a fantasy-comedy genre. I bet the author is just a teen or inexperienced writer. But I do believe that this has a potential, if written correctly then this will be as good as solo-leveling.

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thumb_up 0 comment 2

I honestly really love this novel. Part of it may be due to my obsession with foxes, but the evolution plotline is stable and characters aren't bad as well. here goes my five star

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THIS is what Snow Girl SHOULD'VE been in terms of development, the main character gets stronger using her system while learning more about her world. She leans new skills and the feeling of growth is addicting and exhilarating to read. The author does a great job of making her "OP" while still showing that there's other stronger than her as she continues to grow. Even when she gets companions I never felt like they held down the story like the side characters in the light novel Snow Girl, in that novel side characters are brought along and boosted for the sake of "helping" when it's unnecessary along with cringe "romance". This novel however excels because as great as the leveling progression is, as she gets more skills and learns to use them more wisely she still finds people stronger than her and continues to grow with even her companions having their own backstories and desires. One of the best system novels I've read, keep it up.

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Alright so I’m gonna have to rate this as five stars, this purely due to me like the plot so far, and the main character herself and I really wish that it was 2000 chapter ahead but no i must be Patient and wait

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I love everything in this novel. Characters are unique, the story pace is not to slow and not to fast, the world is really well made and also leaves possibilities for author to add many things wihout breaking its atmosphere.
The only downside is that it only has 224 chapters :)

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Read it up to ch. 220 ongoing, started as a bootleg Kumo Desu Ka novel but with foxes instead, but then i really liked it. Decent world building, okay-ish cultivation, social rank and evolution systems, fun arcs, the only downsides to the novel itself are ch. 135 which is really poorly written and FMC's character being annoying arrogant brat, also how dialogues are written.

Main problem of this title though is not the novel, but the translation of it. Hilarious c.e.n.s.o.r.s.h.i.p, typos, formatting issues. Really looking forward the future chapters of it, its really worth reading.

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Great plotline amazing aswell as the comedy is great action is top notch I hope you can update it not too soon but not too late it'll keep us viewers intruiged in the story more,anyway amazing story

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I honestly really love this novel. Part of it may be due to my obsession with foxes, but the evolution plotline is stable and characters aren't bad as well.

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This novel is just perfect and I have no words to describe it ... Too bad it doesn't have the most recent chapters, I'm really looking forward to what will happen in the next chapters πŸ˜‚

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