Reincarnated as an Energy with a System
Chapter 844: Fighting the Boss

The Silver wolf sat on the giant stone, basking in the moonlight this time around. It turned its head when it saw them come in and jumped from the huge stone onto the ground below.

Ning and the others got ready to fight.

"Remember to heal me when I start bleeding," GIFT LORD said as she slowly walked forward before any of them. She was the tank, so she had to stand before the wolf.

Ning took his spot in front of the Ranger and the Healer, to the side of the tank. He didn't have any specific role in this fight and was whatever the game wanted him to be.

So, he pulled out the first card to commence the battle.

[Battle Horn: Sounds a horn of battle that increases you and your allies' Attack Speed and Movement speed by 20% for 20 seconds.]

'An uncommon card?' he thought with a surprised look on his face. "Activate."

All 5 of them were suddenly buffed with this new skill, and Ning was buffed twice, as Fate's Aid activated after the Battle Horn too.

GIFT LORD slammed her shield on the ground and taunted the Silver wolf. The wolf immediately focused on her and jumped at her.

Just as the wolf slammed into her, Ning, TRIPPLE SHOT and PRIMAL KITE all attacked at once, emptying their skills on the beast as if it was their last chance.

The Wolf was hit by a few attacks, but it managed to dodge quite a few as well. That was the advantage of quite a high Agility.

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Ning launched forward with his spear and jumped behind the Silverwolf, stabbing it in the back.

The Back Attack passive from his spear helped him deal 10% more damage, and with over 160 stats in his STR stat, the damage was close to 150 after all the reduction.

TRIPLE SHOT used some sort of skill to slow down the boss and charged at it, too, but the Wolf was still too fast for his Swordsman class.

PRIMAL KITE however managed to land every single one of her arrows, sometimes even shooting a volley of them at the boss.

Unfortunately, it seemed that her STR stat wasn't as high, and as thus the boss had quite high physical resistance against her.

The Healer on the other hand had no damaging spell and was thus on the backline doing nothing but healing the tank.

The Silverwolf was still taunted by GIFT LORD, so it jumped at her, and this time scratched at her using its sharp silver claws.

The girl protected herself using a skill, but the boss still managed to scratch her and as such, she got the bleeding status.

"Heal me!" she shouted and continued fighting.

The healer used her healing spell and healed the tank, but then when she tried to dispel the Bleeding debuff, she found that it was undispellable.

"I can't get rid of your bleeding, take care," ASTERNUM shouted back.

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GIFT LORD looked at her status. She was bleeding about 100 HP a second, and it would last 10 seconds. The healing spell had healed half the lost HP back, but she still needed a lot more.

She needed to be careful about how she taunted the wolf now.

Ning had the highest level here and as such, even when he didn't have the best STR stats, he was still comparable to TRIPLE SHOT.

So, when he continuously fought with the wolf, dealing even more damage than TRIPLE SHOT could thank to his skills, the boss's aggro started shifting from GIFT LORD to him.

Ning realized it not long after that the boss was staring at him, looking to kill him.

'Shit!' he thought and pulled out a card desperately to survive. As soon as the card came out, he smiled when he realized what it was.


Suddenly, Ning blurred for a second as 3 different Nings appeared in the place where Ning had stood previously.

The four party members looked towards Ning and saw 1 real Ning and 2 illusory ones, made entirely of light, very easy to discern.

However, to those that were not his party members, None of the Nings looked any different from each other.

As such, the Wolf had to now kill all three of them to find out which the real one was.

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All 3 of the Nings simultaneously moved in 3 different directions, confusing the wolf.

The first Ning jumped directly at the wolf and tried to poke its eyes out. The wolf easily dodged and used its hind legs to kick at the 2nd Ning that was running past it.

That Ning barely dodged the attack, but that let the third Ning rush to the back and deliver a stab.

The Wolf took a large amount of damage from the illusion, as even though it was an illusion, the card that Ning pulled out gave his illusions 100% of his damage.

Furthermore, they could hit critical strikes as well.

The three Nings, along with TRIPLE SHOT and PRIMAL KITE easily brought the wolf's HP down to 50%, at which stage the boss entered its second phase.

The wolf jumped back onto the giant stone and cried to the moon. Suddenly, all around them, wolves appeared.

At first, Ning was ready to fight, but then he realized that they were made up of wind, with some level of illusion to make it look real.

Some of the wolves were far away, while some were close to him, and overall, there were about 40 of them in the room.

Ning readied his spear to fight and the wolves started moving. The wind wolves rushed towards them all at some static speed and Ning dodged to the side while slicing at one of the wolves.

However, his weapons easily passed through, doing nothing. He turned around again, looked at the other wolves that were coming towards him, and got out of the way.

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He saw the others try to hit the wolves too, but they simply weren't damaged.

"Oh," he thought. "Just dodge them and don't bother with attacking."

Reincarnated as an Energy with a System Chapter 844: Fighting the Boss
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