Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son
Chapter 401: Another Upgrade

Avre's cheeks blushed and quickly shut the door.

Aldred and his wives looked at each other awkwardly and got dressed. A few minutes later, Aldred took a deep breath, opened the door, and smiled at Avre as if nothing happened.

"What do you need me for, miss?"

Avre tried to forget what she just saw, but she could not hide her flushed face.

"Ummm, you need to see this man."

"Can I ask who?" Aldred asked.

"He's a Platinum Rank adventurer."

"Why would an adventurer be looking for me?"

"Because he has something that you might want."

Aldred was silent at first before he replied: "Show me."

Avre Heartdancer led Aldred and his wives to a private room where a man was waiting on the sofa.

"Are you the guy?" the man asked Aldred.

"I believe so," Aldred replied despite not really knowing what was going on.

Avre noticed his confusion. "Aldred, this man is Kegrar Shorguk. A Platinum Rank adventurer. And he wanted to trade something with you."

"A trade? What would you like to trade?"

Kegrar frowned. "You're a Gold Rank. How can a mere Gold Rank have something worthy of my item."

Avre turned to Aldred. "Show him your blade."

Aldred nodded and the majestic yet terrifying sword appeared. Spewing out pride and arrogant aura of a conquerer.

Kegrar could not believe his eyes. "A soul weapon!"

"Now do you think he is worthy to trade with you?" Avre asked.

Kegrar nodded a bunch of times, and then opened the guitar case.

Aldred looked at the long, thin, black sword with his godly eyes and he was impressed.

[Death Blade (Dark)]

Attack Damage: 2,400

Attack Speed: 80%

Critical Chance: 45%

Lethality: 20

Life Steal: 15%


-Death Aura: Your enemy will be reminded the fear of death. Their minds will be filled with horror and tragedy unimaginable.

-Death Slave: Turning the death to become your slave.

-Death Inspire: All of the damage dealt by your undead will increase by 50%

"Beautiful." His eyes lit up.

The guitar case closed.

"Now show me what items are you going to trade it with."

Aldred was slightly disappointed that he could not look at the sword a little longer. "Hmm, what should I give you."

He pulled out something from his inventory. It was the [Flame Ward].

"What about this Flame Ward? It can give you powerful control of the efire elements within 200 meter radius. Basically, you are the god of flames in this area as your fire mastery increased by 200% and so does your fire damage."

"That's cool, but it's not worthy of this soul weapon."

The adventurer was right. After reading its stats, Aldred could hardly think of anything he could trade it with.

Aldred opened a portal, and a giant golems with a lot of crystals embedded on its body appeared. "This is a teleportation golem. It can save you from dangerous situation and even passed through an anti-teleportation spell casted by a Diamond Rank."

Avre was shocked to hear that. Diamond Rank spell was almost impossible to escape from unless one was also a Diamond Rank. If any wealthy merchant heard this, they would gladly bought it for their many children.

Even Kegrar was enticed by the golem. "Not enough."

"Then what about five custom gunner golems."

Five tall gunner golems came. They looked much more menacing and powerful than Aldred's normal golem. "They are as powerful as peak Elite Gold Rank adventurer."

"Not enough."

"I will add twenty custom fighter golems into that."

Twenty large built golems with swords and shields appeared.

"Not enough."

"Then what about ten Artillery Golems. With their power, you could bombard the enemies from 200 KM away."

Avre widened her eyes. Did she just heard that right?

"It—it's not enough." Kegrar went through great length to obtain this soul weapon. He hesitated, but he did not want to let the chance to be rich go. He had to get as much as possible from this trade.

"What about this Spellsword that can consume the mana of your enemy and the mana around you. You can absorb the mana, or release it as an attack."

"What about this energy cape? Lightweight, but extraordinarily powerful. It can even block the attack of a low-level Platinum Rank at full force."

"What about this weapon that I made for my golem. It is called the Vanquisher. It used mana crystals as it source of energy, and it can release one powerful shot or rain the enemies endlessly."

"This skill book is pseudo-legendary skill about swordsmanship. Learning it will make you a master in the art."

Aldred then proceed to explain each treasure after another. Each time Avre was impressed again and again.

'What is this… my Golden Treasury paled in comparison to what he had,' Avre thought.

"And Finally. Spirit Fruits. It can increase your stats, and even helped you break through your rank."

Aldred took a deep breath after explaining all of that. "So, what do you think?"

Kegrar was overwhelmed by all the treasure in front of him. "This is all wonderful, but I don't feel like it's enough for a soul weapon."

"Okay. I will give you 10,000 type 2 fighter golem. 20,000 Gunner golems, and 5,000 Artillery Golems. This way you have an army of your own."

Kegrar blinked. He did not expect to receive that many golems. Based on what he saw, these golems were extremely powerful, and they could kill any Gold Ranks they saw. If he had more then thirty thousands of them… he wouldn't even need to do anything and could retire for good.

"I can also give you 100,000 Worker Golems. They can mine resources, build castles and fortification, fish, farm, and do other grunt works. They are not powerful, but they are very useful."

"Okay, deal."

Aldred's eyes lit up. He thought he would need to give something else, but thankfully the man agreed to the deal.

They all went outside and traveled to a vast plain.

That was where Aldred summoned all of the golems and gave them all to Kegrar.

Kegrar was shocked to see the vast number of golems that now under his command. He felt like he was a general commanding a well-trained, disciplined, powerful army.

Avre opened her mouth. She was speechless at this spectacle. Not only was Aldred powerful. He also had this powerful army at his beck and call? What else did he had under his sleeves?

"Now. Please give me my soul weapon," Aldred said.

"Sure, sure." Kegrar happily gave the guitar case to Aldred.

Aldred opened it and grabbed the sword, raising it to the sky with a bright smile on his face.

He raised his other hand, and Phantom Doomblade appeared.

"What are you going to do with the soul weapon? You know the weapon has to choose you, right? If not, it would be useless," Kegrar said to him.

"My weapon can consume other weapons." Aldred clashed both blades, and Phantom Doomblade began to chew on the Death Blade.

A powerful dark aura leaked out from the Death Blade as it tried to fend of the Phantom Doomblade.

The Phantom Doomblade, now had an aura and arrogance of a king, was angered. With a powerful force, it brought the blade down to the ground and then devoured it with a powerful red, golden flame.

When the flame disappeared, the Death Blade was nowhere to be seen, but the aura oozing out from the Phantom Doomblade was more clear than ever.

Dark, red, gold. Intertwined, intermixed, and occasionally clash against one another.

Aldred grabbed it by the handle, and his body shook as monstrous power entered his body.

[Phantom Doomblade (Legendary) (Full Potential Locked)]

Health: 1,600

Attack Damage: 4,800

Attack Speed: 250%

Critical Chance: 100%

Lethality: 80

Life Steal: 70%


-Soul Eater: consume a part of the target's soul, weakening them, and could even killed some part of their soul, disabling their limbs.

-Form Changer: can manipulate its shape, length, and thickness at will

-Treasure Eater: Can consume other treasure to copy its form, effect, or to upgrade the weapon

-Organic Eater: Can consume organic property to become stronger

-Soul Mentor: Whoever is worthy to wield this blade will be guided by the sword itself

-Death Aura: Your enemy will be reminded the fear of death. Their minds will be filled with horror and tragedy unimaginable.

-Death Slave: Turning the death to become your slave.

-Death Inspire: All of the damage dealt by your undead will increase by 50%

-Unseen Blade: Your attacks have the chance to be unnoticed by your enemy.

"Marvelous." Aldred smiled. With this blade in hand, he would hardly to ever find a match. Should the lady robot, Bafni Heartwatcher, came to him again.

He would surely defeat her in less than a minute.

Aldred laughed. His confidence in himself return yet again after it was broken by Duria's damned dog.

If he met Thinker again, Aldred would kill him first.

Chapter 401: Another Upgrade
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