Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son
Chapter 402: Big Order

"Awesome. Aldred, now you are much stronger than before," Mary said.

"Yeah." Aldred laughed, feeling proud of himself. "But, it's all because all of you accompany me in my journey. This would be such a bland, boring, and dull journey without all of you coming here with me."

His wives all smiled when they heard that, and even Avre felt a tinge of jealousy when she heard that statement. She felt like she had the need to obtain this man's affection, but she knew that it was simply a passing emotion.

She took in a deep breath and smiled. "I am glad that you are happy with the trade.

Aldred nodded with a smile.

Kegrar nodded a bunch of times. "I am happy with my trade as well. The soul weapon is useless in my hand, but all of these treasures and golems would set me up for life."

Avre nodded. "Because I am friend with this gentleman over here, you don't need to pay any commission to me."

Kegrar nodded. "Thank you, lady Avre."

After a little chat, Kegrar left with his golem army.

Avre then pointed her attention back to Aldred. "So you have a lot of golems, huh?"

"I am a golem master myself, so it would be a waste not to make some."

Avre's eyes lit up. 'A swordmaster, a magician, and also a golem master? This man can be anything.'

"Would you care if you are to sell some golems to me?"

"Not at all. I have a lot of golems."

"Fantastic. I would like to procure a few hundred thousands."

"That's kind of a big order." Aldred had a lot of golems because his company produced thousands every single day. But he had never sold more than thirty thousands to a single group at once to avoid monopoly.

But this wasn't the continent, so it should be safe to sell a large amount of golems to Avre.

"How much are you willing to pay per golems?" Aldred asked.

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"1 Epic Crystals for every ten golems."

"Done." Aldred smiled. The price Avre offered was hundred times better than what he had in mind. Besides, nobody would pay 1 Epic Crystals for 10 golems in the continent. Not to mention 10 golems, even 1 thousand golems would not be enough for 1 Epic Crystals.

The value of Epic Crystals in the continent than in The World Tree was vastly different.

If he sent these crystals back to the company, Tarrar would have a large financial power to defeat their rivals.

Aldred laughed inside.

They then spend the next few hours deciding on how much golems Avre would need. After much speculation, Avre decided she would like to buy 500,000 golems.

Aldred opened up a portal and contacted Tarrar.

"500,000 golems?" Tarrar asked in shock. "We never let someone buy this much golems at once before."

Avre blinked when she heard that. The fact that Aldred was willing to sell her this amount of golems only to her made her heart throbbed.

"So do we have the golems or not?" Aldred asked.

Tarrar sighed. "The company currently kept 845,000 golems placed in various regions to protect our business. I can bring some of them here, and produce more. But it would take a few weeks to get all 500,000 golems here."

"What do you think?" Aldred asked Avre.

"Sure." Avre nodded. "I didn't expect you could get such large numbers of golems in a short time anyway. In fact, I expect to wait for a few months."

"Does this city has no golem maker?"

"We do, but they are not as versatile as you. Your golems are almost immortal, and they don't need to be fed with mana crystals constantly. Sure, the Epic Crystals could sustain them for a long time, but their huge numbers would cost me a lot more."

"So my biggest advantage is numbers, cheap, and versatile."

"Yes, and that is exactly what I need. It's unfortunate that you don't have Platinum Rank golems. Otherwise, I could pay you a lot more."

"That is indeed unfortunate," Aldred said. He sadly could not create a Platinum Rank golem because he wasn't a Platinum Rank himself.

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He could sell his Ultra Golem, but he only had 4 of them, so he put that out of the way.

After dealing with the golems, Aldred offered Avre some plants that he bought and grew in his divine dimension.

Avre laughed at his plants, and offered her own plants.

"This plants can create a temporary armor for you, and protect you against the full power of a Platinum Rank attack."

She then proceeded to list all kinds of plants and their effects.

Aldred was so impressed he decided to buy some and planted them in his divine dimension.

He spent quite a sum, but if he sell them to the continent... he would make a lot of money.

Avre and Aldred had already established them both as an important business partner. They both had what they others need.

After they finished talking about the plants, Avre invited them to explore the city.

"There is a lot of things you haven't seen in the city. We have beautiful cultures, rituals, and even dishes unmatched."

"Well, I do like food."

"Then you'd like it more here," Avre said.

Aldred, his wives, the soldiers, and Baendjbi along with his guild mates all entered a fine restaurant.

Near the entrance, a beautiful stone lay near a man-made waterfall.

"Golden Dragon's Restaurant," Aldred read. "Don't tell me it's yours." He looked at Avre.

Avre shrugged with a smile.

"This lady owned everything in this city," Aldred said as Avre walked past him.

"She must be the tycoon," Mary said.

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A couple of servers came and guided them to a large table, specially prepared for them with beautiful incense that soothed their nose and minds.

It was a relaxing atmosphere.

When Aldred was offered the menu, he was shocked at the list of food that he had never seen before.

"Kraken's tentacles, Devil's leg, Phoenix's heart. What the hell. Are all of these food, or treasures?"

"Both." Avre giggled.

Aldred was curios, so he decided to select everything on the menu.

After a few minutes, the food came, and it was as fantastic as Aldred imagined it would be.

When he bit into them, the taste was out of this world. Heavenly, outworldly, and never before his tongue savor such delicacy before.

"How is it?" Avre asked.

"It's perfect," Aldred replied.

After they were done eating, Avre led them to walk around the city and watched some rituals and cultures that the locals have.

Dragon kites were flying in the sky at all times.

"What a beautiful city," Aldred said.

A couple of children laugh as they ran around with a dragon costume.

Mira looked at them with a smile. "This is beautiful indeed. Don't you think so, Krista?"

Krista's eyes were lit up as she saw the dragon costume. "Krista think this is beautiful"

They enjoyed the city until evening came, and that was when the city was most lively as everything lit up with beautiful lights.

They then decided to enjoy the city and all of its beauty the whole night.

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