Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son
Chapter 403: Wonderful Boss, Wonderful Employee

Back in Thignia, where Tarrar decided to build Aldred's headquarter, Tarrar received a lot of Epic Mana Crystals in his office.

He was shocked by this. How could Aldred obtain so many Epic Crystals? Even nobles could only dream to obtain this amount of.

On his table was a small note by Aldred: "Use it wisely."

Tarrar laughed. "What a wonderful boss I have."

For the next few weeks, Tarrar sent golems to the portal while expanding his networks. He met with rebels of small nation to the west of Selia. Aldred had told him to create influence around this region just in case Selia marched to the Ceraisian Empire.

It seemed his boss wanted to be the emperor of the Ceraisian Empire. At first he thought it was foolish, but after he heard that the empress herself was his allies, the plan made a lot of sense.

How did he get the empress to help him? On paper he was just a powerful Gold Rank. A talented Gold Rank with a lot of powerful abilities for sure, but a Gold Rank nonetheless. A Diamond Rank could kill Aldred a thousand times over.

Tarrar also heard about the emperor and his generals trying to kill him. If not for the curse, he would be dead long ago.

The existence of Aldred's company was a secret. Tarrar had been told to change their name and its association to Aldred was erased.

This was to protect the company from the Dragon's gaze. Even though the Phoenix was there to help, it was better to remain unseen.

Tarrar had increased the company's influence inside the Ceraisian's empire. This naturally brought the attention of the local lord, but he remained neutral and did business without contacting any of them.

This of course confused the lords. The company did business in the Dragon's and the Phoenix's territory. Paying tax properly, and never did anything wrong or suspicious.

This confused them as business usually sided with one side over the other. But every time they tried to contact the owner, Tarrar would send letters that he could not come. No one could really force Tarrar to come because he had revealed how big the company was.

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The company was called Golem For Hire. GFH for short, but he had a lot of different names for different regions.

Golems were everywhere ever since he expanded the business. Either for protection, odd jobs, dangerous work, exploration, grunt works, service, and so much more.

Slaves were almost completely removed because of this. It was far easier to buy a golems than to have a slave.

A slave needed homes, food, medicine, toilets, and whatnot. Not to mention they looked ugly and smelled terrible a lot of times.

But golems always looked the same, and smelled the same. They could even ordered something more fragrance or changed the way the golems look. They are tireless, did not need to eat, and would do anything told to them. They were quite powerful too.

So powerful in fact, the adventurers were threatened to be replaced by these golems.

But Aldred had made them a little stupid and a tiny bit unreliable. This let the adventurers kept their job as an overseer of the golem.

This also made the nobles relieved because a too perfect of a subordinate made them cautious and wary.

Overall, Golems For Hire was too big, and too useful to offend. And in fact, they were glad that this company was neutral and they could enjoy the benefits without any trouble.

Tarrar was also careful to make any deals regarding the Ceraisian Empire. Every time he accepted a deal from the Dragon, he would accept a similar deal from the Phoenix.

He would treat both sides the same, keeping neutral at all times.

His influence changed a lot of things. Particularly for the slaves. They now found themselves free of shackles of chain from their master. Now they could go wherever they want and do whatever they wanted.

Most of them decided to leave the city and start a small community in a forest. Relying on nature for food and water.

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More and more slaves decided to go to nature, and they accepted each other with open arms because they could relate to the pain and suffering they had endured for decades.

Tarrar felt a sense of pride deep within him. His action just change the entire customs and tradition of a whole kingdom.

"But this is not because of me. This is because of Aldred."

If not for Aldred's power to create golems without relying constantly on mana crystals, this would not be possible.

Tarrar smiled and did had a new motivation, a new purpose to do his job properly. Not just for money and power, but making people's lives reminded him of his days as a young governor of his own city where his only focus was make the people live a comfortable live.

He felt like he had relived that past, and he wanted more of it.

Two weeks later, he had sent all 800,000 golems to Aldred. It caused a significant gap in their security division, but the company would fill the gap back in six days. No one wanted to offend Tarrar anyway.

"Nice job," Aldred said as they met in his office.

"How did you get that number of Epic Mana Crystals?" Tarrar asked, still feeling curios.

"Don't worry about it. I have a new job for you." Aldred then took a spatial bag and put it on the table.

"Inside, there's a few thousands rare herbs and plants. You can sell and distribute them under the company's name. I will send you more of them every few weeks or months. Also, I will give you some rare treasure that you can auction as well."

"Should I make an auction company?" Tarrar.

"You can do that. I will give you the treasures that I don't need, and you can auction them."

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"That will be good." Tarrar nodded. "Do you have one right now? I prefer to start fast, and theatrical, so something good is necessary."

Aldred then showed him about the dragon pills that could give dragon bodies, and even wings. Powerful armors, swords, spears, and shields. And not only that, skill books of powerful spells and techniques were among the list.

"You found all of these? No wonder so many people are drawn to treasure hunting," Tarrar said.

"I will probably find more during my journey," Aldred replied.

Aldred and Tarrar chatted about business a bit until he decided to leave.

"Before you leave," Tarrar said. "I just want to say I am thankful for this job, and I will gladly do it in your stead, even if you don't pay me."

Aldred raised an eyebrow then laughed. "Don't make me stop paying you now, Tarrar. You are irreplaceable for me. For this company. All of this won't be running without you. Keep the great job."

Aldred entered the portal, leaving Tarrar alone with his thoughts.

"Such wonderful boss."


Aldred was in bed with his girls hugging him from left and right. He looked at the ceiling.

"What are you thinking about, Aldred?" Ivette asked.

"I just realized something."

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"What is it?"

"I just realized what a wonderful employee Tarrar is."

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