Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son
Chapter 567: Claudia In Distress

Tom woke up and with a snap of his finger, glowing blue stream of water appeared in the air and rushed all over his body. The cold water cleansed his skin of any impurities, making them sparkle and glitter like stars.

Closing his eyes, Tom enjoyed the refreshing sensation. A lot of stuff was in his mind today. Since there were three clones active at all times, his brain became a little stressed because he had to handle so many important matters at once.

The war against Ber, business expansion to Stotford, and now this Three Great Dragon Competition. The competition wasn't a problem. Tom had more problem from miss Claudia. That women had been playing with him as if he was a toy.

She was a hot beauty for sure, but being played like that hurt his pride a bit. Although… the burning desire to own her came even greater. Tom wanted to wife her, but to do that, he needed to become far stronger than he is now. Perhaps reaching Adamantite Rank might not be enough for that because she had a mysterious family behind her.

Miss Claudia's existence was a complete mystery. It was unusual for him. Usually, Tom would be able to unlock anyone's secret just by glancing at them with his godly eyes. But, he cannot analyze Claudia at all.

That might be the effect of the Spiritbound Tower. The Spiritbound Tower was able to project its form and its power to any reality without being present. The tower might gave that effect to Claudia's body. That meant, if she died in reality, it would be fine, because she wasn't in reality anyway, but somewhere else.

The more Tom thought about it, the more impressed he become. The tower was truly a treasure for Adamantite Rank. He could not see anyone else except them to own something like that. How did miss Claudia even got one in the first place? Was her family so generous that they would give her something like that?

Being able to project one's existence without being presence could mean that Claudia was technically immortal.

Aldred could be said to be immortal as well. He could hide in the divine dimension and tell his clones to do his bidding. No matter how many times the clones died, he could summon them over and over again.

"Master, are you okay?" Elfie asked.

Tom opened his eyes. "Yeah, I am fine, Elfie. I am going now. Take care of the mansion for me."

"Certainly, master."

Tom left the mansion by himself. He looked to be alone, but small drones actually followed him from the sky, scanning and monitoring everything around him. They never entered Claudia's tower however. They weren't able to. He moved his feet to Claudia's garden. That was where the tower usually stayed.

After he arrived, the tower wasn't there.

"Where is she? She told me to come in the morning, but low and behold she isn't even here yet."

"Big brother!"

In the distance, a short, cute girl was huffing and puffing as she ran with her little feet. "Big brother! It's bad! It's bad! Big sis Claudia got caught!"

"She got caught? How?"

"You must help her, big brother!"

"How can I help her when she can't even help herself? She's stronger than me. Her kidnappers must be far stronger as well."

"Someone accidentally grabbed her spiritual pocket. Because she was meditating, she couldn't move away and now she's being taken somewhere else."

"Wow. Wait a minute. What the hell is spiritual pocket?"

Hino clenched her fist and her little body wiggled as if she was in a hurry. "Spiritual pocket is a place where big sis' real body located. Her spiritual pocket should be located in the infinite realm, and nobody should be able to locate her, but because of some random chances, her spiritual pocket was thrown back into reality, and someone accidentally took it."

"Well, if someone took it then you should have asked for it back."

"Hino is not strong enough."

"You're not strong enough? Just who the hell is it?"

Flying in the sky, a 60 meter long dragon flew unhindered. All the creatures in the sky that called themselves predators scattered upon its sight. With the wing span of 45 meter, the dragon was like a massive airship in the sky. Skin made out of tough, rough rocks indicate that it was an Earth Dragon.

It caught sight of its mountain and dived down, before it was about to enter its lair. However, a hissing sound came from behind and the dragon stopped and turned around.

It was a large snake with a pair of horns. It circled the dragon and bared its fangs, challenging it to a fight. The Earth Dragon seemed unconcerned before it let out a loud roar that made the giant snake trembled in pain.

Shaking its head, the snake seemed anger instead of fear. It rushed forward and lunged towards the Earth Dragon.

Suddenly, a large boulder appeared above the snake and slammed down. Pinning the snake as it tried to escape. The Earth Dragon rushed forward, and using its powerful jaw, crushed the snake's head.

It then roared into the forest, announcing its victory, and giving a warning to any challenger.

After it was satisfied, the dragon entered its lair.

Tom and Hino was watching from a distance.

"That thing take the Spiritual Pocket?"

"Yes," Hino replied. "Big sis Claudia could have handled it herself, but a spiritual pocket shouldn't be moved so carelessly when it was in reality. Sadly, the dragon accidentally took it when it was hoarding gold."

"And now she cannot move?"

"She is stuck in her meditation state because the way time worked becomes unpredictable."

"What does this spiritual pocket look like?"

"It looks like an orb."

"Alright. I will get in there and see what I can do."

"You can do it, big brother!" Hino cheered him as he ran to the cave.

Tom hid behind a wall and took a peek. Inside the lair, the Earth Dragon was asleep.

[Earth Dragon]

Level: 178

Power: Earth Manipulation, Earth Elemental Creation, Mana Manipulation, Dragon Claws, Earth Sense

History: Living for ten thousand years, the Earth Dragon is bored of life and all it does is hoard gold and eat rocks.

"Simple explanation. Simple but still dangerous."

The dragon was technically stronger than he was. Tom was level 156, meanwhile the dragon was at 178. The dragon was 22 levels above him. Tom had defeated enemies with higher levels above him, but this time was different.

Dragons were generally far stronger than humans. A dragon could defeat at least 3 or even 10 humans at the same level. That was why those who killed a dragon was respected among their peers. It meant that they could defeat three people at the same time which requires an overwhelming power or extreme talent and skills.

Tom looked around the lair. He saw a lot of treasures, gold, mana crystals, weapons, chest, and even herbs.

His eyes lit up when he saw an orb. He thought that was the one until he saw hundreds of other orbs that looked like it.

'Fuck! How am I gonna find the spiritual pocket? Should I steal everything?'

Tom transformed into a worm and wiggled his way inside the lair. He went slowly, being careful not to disturb the giant dragon.

A demonic cockroach came approaching. Disgusted by its appearance, Tom made it explode into pieces.

The earth dragon opened its eyes which made Tom stopped wiggling.

After a few seconds, the dragon closed its eyes again.

'That was close.' Tom thought before wiggling forward again.

"Just keep wiggling, just keep wiggling, just keep wiggling, wiggling, wiggling. What do we do? We wiggle, wiggle."

Minutes turned into hours, but Tom was still quite far. His worm form was too small, and it took time to traverse the distance. In the meantime, he kept entertaining himself with songs.

"I like to wiggle, wiggle. I like to wiggle, wiggle. Ya like to wiggle!"

After a few hours, Tom finally arrived inside the lair. Sparkly and shiny treasures trashed everywhere. The place almost looked like a landfill. Except, this one was filled with valuables items instead of trash.

Tom moved around in his worm form, trying to find the orb.

"There are so many orbs around here, how will I find which one is it?"

The orbs were many things. Some orbs were actually mana crystal in the shape of an orb, some were dimensional pocket to store stuff. These kinds of orbs were common and could even be used to store a powerful spell, potions, plants, and even living human.

Tom had to scan the orbs one by one, trying to find where Claudia is.

He searched for days until finally, he found an orb that he could not scan. Finally, the problem was solved.

But then he realized something. The orb was located right under the dragon's nose.

'Hopefully I don't awake it.'

Tom wiggled its way to the orb. It took him a few hours, but he made great progress. It was a few meters at first, but now he was around 15 inches away from it. He would get near the orb and put it in his divine dimension before leaving this lair.

Minutes passed and he was 8 inches away.

"Just a little bit more."

Suddenly, the Earth Dragon woke up and squinted its eyes.

Tom then saw a group of people in robes walking into the lair.

'Oh, crap,'

The dragon was enraged and it roared, creating a powerful wind force that swept the treasure, throwing them in every directions; the orb and Tom included.


Chapter 567: Claudia In Distress
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