Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 30: All Your Exp. Belongs To Me!

James clicked his tongue. If it was only an ordinary Millennial Beast, he wouldn't have any problems dealing with it. However, the beast in front of him had the affinity of the Lightning Element.

'This bastard is a bit tricky to kill,' James thought as he scanned the surroundings. Even though Shawn got hit by the lightning bolt, it wouldn't be enough to kill him. This was the reason why James and the others were not worried.

"Sir, your orders?" Marcus asked.

"No rush, my son is on his way," James replied.

As if waiting for those words, six men exited the forest. The one who was leading them was Mordred. Surprisingly, Shawn was also in the group.

Aside from his clothes being burnt, no signs of injury could be seen on his body.

"What took you so long?" James snorted as soon as his son arrived by his side.

"I had to appoint people to stay and protect Lont," Mordred answered. "Dang! A Lightning type Millennial Beast. Talk about bad luck."

"I know, right?" James sighed. "I could have already dealt with it if it was any other element. But, this bugger had to be the lightning type."

A man with white hair, who seemed to be in his early nineties, walked up to the front. He was using his walking stick and his wrinkled face looked at the Millennial Beast as if it was a pesky guest.

"Troublesome vermin," the old man muttered.

His name was Owen. He was a Life Magus and highly regarded in Lont. Everyone who suffered from injuries or diseases would go to his home to receive treatment. He was one of the most important personages that safeguarded Lont from harm.

Everyone nodded at the Magus' words in agreement.

"Well, since everyone is here I guess it's time to clean this up," James announced. "Mordred, Jekyll, and I will handle the Millennial Beast. Marcus, John, Shawn, deal with one of the Centennial Beasts. Feel free to cut off its limbs, but don't kill it!

James paused for a while and looked at the floating woman in the distance. "Ava, and the other shepherds, you deal with the other Centennial Beast."

"What about us?" A man carrying a wok and a ladle asked.

His name was Gordon. He was the owner, and chef, of the only tavern in Lont--named Sleeping Forest.

"Gordon, you and the peanut gallery will exterminate the small fries," James said after careful consideration.

"Peanut gallery? Well, this doesn't sound bad." An elf holding a lute grinned. His name was Feyright. The traveling bard of the Kingdom. "The peanut gallery would always watch me perform. Being on the sidelines is also good from time to time."

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"Cleaning up the small fries isn't necessarily an easy thing. The Old Sir is just too lazy to kill them all." Barbatos, the town's blacksmith, lifted his mithril hammer. "But, I have to agree. Pounding wolf heads instead of iron ingots is a good change of pace."

Owen sighed as he raised his walking stick. "Let's just finish this early. My wife will get worried if I come home late."

The Life Magus chanted and everyone was bathed in light.

"Mass Blessing."

William felt a gentle breeze envelop his body. He felt invigorated as if a newfound strength had entered his inner being. In order to confirm his suspicion, he opened his status page and was shocked by what he discovered.

All of his stats increased by a hundred!

'W-what sorcery is this?!' William almost screamed out loud. He thought that the skills he used to boost his Mama Ella was already overpowered. Who would have thought that his meager skills couldn't even compare to a single blessing skill from a Life Magus?

However, it was not over.

"Mass Haste!"

"Mass Protection!"

"Mass Bull's Strength!"

"Mass Cat's Grace!"

"Mass Arcane Agility!"

William's jaw almost dropped on the ground when he saw the insane increase in his status points. At first, he thought that the Mass Blessing was already amazing, but the other skills made him realize that he was still a frog under the well.

< Mass Bull's Strength >

-- Spell grants a +100 enhancement bonus to Strength

-- Skill Duration: 30 minutes

< Mass Cat's Grace >

-- Spell grants a +100 enhancement bonus to Dexterity

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-- Skill Duration: 30 minutes

< Mass Arcane Agility >

-- Spell grants a +100 enhancement bonus to Agility

-- Skill Duration: 30 minutes

William looked at the Life Magus with sparkling eyes.

'S-should I become a Life Magus as well?' William's passion was ignited. 'This is just so freaking awesome!'

Even Ella could barely contain her excitement. She stomped her hooves with the intention to battle. If William wasn't mounted on her back, she would have already charged at the wolves to avenge her fallen comrades!

James glanced at his grandson and nodded his head.

"William, you can also join the peanut gallery and wipe out the small fries," James said with a smile. "Helen, watch over him."

"Yes, Sir," Helen replied.

James then glanced at Owen.


"Relax, I'll keep an eye on your grandson."

"Thank you."

"Just go already," Owen said impatiently. "My wife…"

"Alright, we're going. Guys, let's hurry up. The henpecked old man might get killed if we dilly dally."

With a roar of laughter, the league of extraordinary gentlemen and women rushed towards the wolf tide. James, Mordred, and Jekyll ran straight towards the Millennial Beast. They needed to buy some time for the others to defeat their targets.

"Mama Ella, let's go!" William said with determination. "Bestow! Leader of the Herd!"

"Steel Armament!"

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The Angorian goat carrying William at her back rushed towards the Dire Wolves like a raging bull. All of Ella's stats were in the hundreds. As long as they didn't fight against the Centennial and Millennial Beasts, none of the Dire Wolves, including the Alpha Wolves could beat them.

Helen followed William and stayed a few meters away from him. She watched in amusement as the boy waved the wooden staff in his hand. Whenever he swung his wooden staff, tens of Dire Wolves would be blown away as if he was sweeping dead leaves.

Ella was more straightforward. She just ran in a single direction and anyone who blocked her path would be torn apart by her horns.

A mighty squeal resounded in the battlefield. Thunder, the Wild Boar, saw Ella's relentless charge and felt competitive. Marcus was with the others fighting against the Centennial Beasts, while Thunder's job was to help annihilate the small fries.





The two animals bulldozed everyone in their path as if they were injected with chicken blood. It seemed that both of them had entered a rivalry and were competing against each other.

William's eyes, on the other hand, were burning like crazy. In his eyes, all of these Wolves were free experience points. It was like a Bonus Stage in a game.

A stage where you could battle to get as many Experience Points as possible within a certain time limit.

If he didn't use this opportunity to the fullest then he would regret it for the rest of his life!

The boy decided to stop being lowkey and gave into the battle lust that spread through every fiber of his being.

"Magnum Burst!"

"Magnum Burst!"

"Ice Spike!"

William brandished his staff in a frenzy. 'All your Exp. belongs to me!'

Razor sharp ice spikes rose up from the ground and skewered everything in its path. The little boy was hell bent to squeeze as much experience points as he could during this period of time.

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Helen and Owen who were observing William from the distance raised their eyebrows in surprise. They had known the brat since he was a baby, but this was the first time they had seen him use magic in an actual battle.

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