Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 33: Storm Annihilation [Part 1]

James gripped the giant war axe in his hand firmly. This axe had accompanied him in many battles and had witnessed his glorious days. He glanced at his son Mordred. This son of his was a very stable individual and had managed to gain the support of everyone in Lont.

The Ainsworth family was a dying clan. There were only five of them left on the continent. James, Morgan, Mordred, Matthew (Mordred's son), and William.

If he failed to finish off this monster, only two of their bloodline would be left. He, Mordred, and his grandson, William, would die alongside this calamity.

James clenched his teeth. This was something he didn't want to happen. He couldn't allow it to happen. Failure was not an option!

"We only have one shot," James said with a determined expression. "No matter what happens, do not let it use Storm Annihilation. I don't care how you do it, as long as you do it. Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone present nodded their heads. Words need not to be spoken. Even the always smiling Jekyll was no longer smiling. The dentist had already taken off his glasses, which meant that he was now going to get serious.

The ten-meter tall wolf charged and tendrils of lightning danced around its body. Mordred stomped on the ground and punched the air in front of him.

"Fire Dragon Assault!"

A fire dragon emerged in front of Mordred and flew towards the Beast with an earth-shaking roar.

The four horns of the Wolf Boss glowed. It then shot out two streaks of purple lightning towards the apparition that dared to challenge its existence. As the lightning and dragon crashed against each other, a massive shockwave shook the battlefield.

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Mordred, Marcus, and two others were blown away due to their close proximity to the area of explosion. A giant dust cloud emerged and blocked everyone's line of sight. However, even though they couldn't see their opponent, they could feel its mighty presence.

A purple figure emerged from the dust cloud and charged in their direction. The Wolf Boss was not even fazed by Mordred's full power attack. This clearly showed the difference between their powers.

James rushed to meet the wolf head-on. There were no signs of fear on his face. Instead, one could see his unwavering determination for victory.

"Die!" James growled as the muscles in his body bulged. The axe in his hand sweeped the air in a mad strike.

The wolf didn't meet James' attack head on and dodged to the side. As a creature that had arrived at its rank, it had the ability to gauge the strength of an individual. It knew that James' attack wasn't as simple as it seemed. The Axe missed its target and slammed into the ground.

The ground was split apart creating a ten-meter long fissure. James didn't stop his attack and delivered a backhand strike to the sly wolf who tried to do a sneak attack. A howl of pain escaped the wolf's lips as James' fist hit its target.

Everyone knew that it was a crucial time so Helen joined the battle, leaving Wiliam in Owen's care.

Golden threads wrapped around one of the wolf's legs and held it in place.

"Now!" Helen shouted.

Marcus and the rest unleashed their ultimate attacks at the same time.

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"Fire Blast!"

"Steel Hammer!"

"Earth Spike!"

"Wind Storm!"

The combined attacks fell upon a purple screen of light that covered the wolf's body. This ability was called Light-Screen. It halved the power of elemental attacks. Although it didn't give the beast immunity to the elements, it decreased their effect allowing the wolf boss to endure the barrage of spells that fell mercilessly on its body.

"It's not enough!" James muttered as he jumped into the air to unleash another powerful strike.

The wolf growled and pulled on the golden threads that were wrapped around its leg. Since the golden threads were connected to Helen's fingers, the woman was pulled along with her ability. The wolf sent her flying to block James' strike mid-air.

With a roar of annoyance, James dispelled his attack and caught Helen in his embrace. The wolf knew that this was a good opportunity so it jumped into the air to swallow both of them whole.

Unfortunately, it underestimated the resourcefulness of the humans around it.

With a wave of her arm, Ava pulled James and Helen in her direction. What followed next was a shrill shriek that pierced the air as Blitz and John made their move.

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Using its maximum speed, the hawk fearlessly dove towards the wolf who was in mid-air. The collision resulted in a howl of pain coming from the wolf. It fell on the ground with a crash. Blitz flapped its wings to soar back into the sky.

Traces of blood could be seen on its talons which proved that its attack was effective. The wolf stood up and roared in fury. One of its eyes was bleeding and it made everyone regain their courage.

However, before anyone could do a follow up attack, an intense flash of light gathered around its body.

"Damn! It's going to use Storm Annihilation!" James cursed. "Everyone, brace yourselves!"

Blitz caught James, and Helen with its talons and flew upwards. Everyone else ran behind Owen as the Life Magus prepared his strongest barrier to fend off the wolf's suicide attack.

He had already positioned himself in a defensive position with the town of Lont at his back. He would do everything in his power to protect his comrades and the townsfolk from this full powered last resort by a Millennial Beast.

"Blessed Goddess, redeemer of souls, in my time of need I come to you. Renew my strength so I might live in peace," Owen chanted. "I plead this of you as your faithful child, o brightest light. Absolve me with your glorious grace. Protect those who worship your excellence!"


A golden barrier of light that was thirty-meters tall burst out in front of Owen. It spread out towards the side until it was almost a kilometer long. The Aegis Spell was Owen's strongest defensive ability, but it wasn't supposed to be used this way.

At most, the Aegis would form a small barrier that would absolutely fend off any attack. However, Owen stretched the barrier to its limit. Although it wouldn't be as sturdy as the concentrated barrier, he hoped that it would be enough to minimize the damage of the Storm of Annihilation.

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This was the best he could do for his comrades and the people of Lont.

Just as everyone was bracing themselves for the Millennial Beast's suicide attack, they noticed something moving towards the Thunder Horned Wolf from behind its back.

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