Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 34: Storm Annihilation [Part 2]

It was moving very quickly, but everyone present was an expert in battle. When James saw who it was, his heart almost broke into pieces.


The old man's shout was deafening. However, William didn't hear it. His concentration was locked on the glowing wolf in front of him.

The moment the wolf initiated its Storm Annihilation, William had also made his move. He ordered Ella to use Rush Attack in order to close the gap at the fastest speed possible.

Although the Storm Annihilation was truly a powerful move, it was not something that could be used in an instant. The wolf needed to channel all of its life force and energy into its Beast Core before this Ultimate Attack could be unleashed.

However, who was William? He was someone that had the help of his system. Before the battle started, the System had already analyzed how to block the Storm Annihilation. William knew that it was very risky, but he still decided to do it.

Quoting what his grandfather said, either the wolf died, or everyone would die. Since death was already a foregone conclusion, why not struggle until the last moment?

When William was only ten meters away from the wolf, he channeled his magic to his staff and aimed it at a certain location.

"Glacial Lance!"

A five-meter long lance that shone like crystals shot forward with a vengeance. This was the strongest spell that was currently available in William's Ice Mage Skill Tree.

Glacial Lance (10/10)

(50 Mana Points)

-- Hurls a five-meter-long lance of ice to your enemy dealing piercing Frost Damage

-- Piercing Strike increased by 50%

-- Damage dealt is equivalent to Intelligence x 10

-- Deals 5x Damage to frozen enemies.

-- Has a chance to freeze enemies except Boss Monsters.

William was able to unlock it due to the experience points he had gained from the earlier battle. Simply put, this was William's last hurrah and he bet his life on this desperate last strike.

Everyone watched with bated breath as the lance drew near the wolf's body. All of them knew that this wouldn't change the current situation. Once the wolf initiated its suicide attack, nothing could stop it.

Many people had tried in the past, and all of them had one ending. They had been incinerated by heavenly lightning until they turned into ashes!

Contrary to everyone's expectations, they saw and heard something truly unexpected. The wolf yelped as its massive body bolted off the ground. The Glacial Lance had embedded itself in the wolf's body which made it lose its concentration.

Everyone couldn't believe their eyes. What had they just seen?

Once the wolf activated the Storm Annihilation, it covered its body with a light screen. This reduced the effectiveness of all attacks by half.

It was also why no one had thought that William would succeed in his attack. Earlier, Mordred and the others had also unleashed their full powered attacks. However, the wolf endured their attacks with grace.

They never believed for a second that William's spell, Glacial Lance, could do better. Compared to the veterans' ultimate moves, William's spell was not particularly strong. Although it looked cool, its power was not even a fifth of Mordred's full-powered Fire Blast.

"How can this be?" Owen asked. "What's going on?"

No one answered his question. None of them could explain the unbelievable sight in front of them.

Actually, the adults had forgotten one thing. Even though the wolf had used a light-screen, there were some attacks that couldn't be endured even if your body was made of steel.

For example, if you were to be hit in a certain place, the damage would be multiplied astronomically. Indeed. William didn't think of anything complicated. He used his Glacial Lance to impale the only place that would bring the wolf to its knees.

What place was that exactly? Ahem, it was none other than the wolf's b*tthole!

Heh! Humans could endure punch and kicks, but if that place was suddenly poked by a long, hard, pointy, and tapered stick... they would definitely be in a world of pain!

Of course, there were some experts that were able to take such penetrating attacks by cucumbers with grace. Unfortunately, the Millennial Beast was not one of them!

All of their attention turned back to focus on William and Ella who were about to have a head-on collision with the Millennial Beast.

"Ice Spike!"

Ice spikes materialized on the ground in front of William creating an icycle bridge.

"Mama Ella! Horn Assault!" William ordered.


Ella ran over the icycle bridge as her horn glowed bloody red. This was currently her strongest move, but it was a move that couldn't be underestimated. Thanks to Owen's buffs, Ella's Strength Stat had surpassed three hundred.

William had maxed out this skill at level ten. Its damage output was Ella's Strength Stat multiplied by seven!

Right now, it was as strong as Mordred's Fire Dragon Assault.

After channeling its life force and energy to its magic core, the Millennial Beast was at its weakest. The two bloody horns slammed into the wolf's forehead with a resounding clap.

A dying howl permeated the battlefield as the wolf's massive body fell to the ground. Its eyes looked at William and Ella with bitterness.

It was unresigned. It planned to bring all of these insects with him to the afterlife, but it was foiled by this little kid whom it treated as livestock.

Soon, its eyes became dull and lifeless as it breathed its last. The battle was finally over. Everyone stared at the boy who was mounted on top of the Angorian Goat with burning eyes.

The boy, on the other hand, had a dazed look on his face as he stared at the dead Millennial Beast in front of him.

"That's my grandson!" James shouted with pride. "He's just like me when I was younger! Hahahahahaha! As expected of my grandson!"

The hawk shrieked and glanced at his master. He gave John the "Can I drop this old fool?" expression as the latter only chuckled and shook his head.

John stared at the boy on the ground and nodded his head in appreciation. 'This youngster is very promising!'

William wasn't aware of the burning looks that the people were giving him. The reason why he was in a daze was because of the notification that had appeared in front of him.

< Ding! >

< Gained Exp: 1,200,000 >

< Congratulations! You have slayed a Millennial Beast! >

< Special Monster First Kill Bonus Exp: 500,000 >

< You have acquired Wolf Slayer Title! >

< You have acquired Millennial-Grade Beast Core! >

< Ice Mage Job Class had reached its Max Level! >

< Would you like to Advance to the next Job Class? Yes / No >

"M-mama Ella, we struck it big time."


William wanted to laugh out loud, but he was feeling light-headed. The adrenaline rush was now leaving his body and it made him feel very weak. If not for the fact that he was firmly mounted on Ella's back, he might have slipped sideways and fallen to the ground.

With a loud thud, James landed beside Ella and happily lifted William from her back.

"Hahahaaha! Although you were not as awesome as me when I was your age, you still did well!" James laughed as he spun the boy round and round.

"Meeeeeh!" Ella gave James a grumpy stare. If she could only speak, she would have already nagged at James for handling her baby in a rough manner.

"Gramps, put me down, I'm feeling dizzy," William pleaded.

"Hmp! Fine." James placed William on Ella's back and looked at him with satisfaction. How could he not be satisfied? His grandson was so bad*ss!

His grandson was able to stop a skill that was said to be unstoppable. No one had succeeded in the past. Only his grandson was able to achieve such a feat. This was something that he could brag about to his friends when they met again for their joint exploration in three months' time.

Chapter 34: Storm Annihilation [Part 2]
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