Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 80: Duel After 7 Years

"Lawrence, it's not like I'm against your granddaughter marrying my grandson," James said after the quarrel had quieted down. "It's just that your daughter-in-law thinks too highly of herself. Even though we're dirt poor, we won't allow our dignities to be trampled upon by other people."

"So, you, also, want to cancel this agreement?" Lawrence asked. "Be honest, old man."

"Who doesn't want to have a genius daughter-in-law marrying into the family?" James answered. "It's just that your family thinks differently from you."

Lawrence sighed. He also thought that his son and daughter-in-law had become too pretentious after giving birth to Rebecca. After his granddaughter's talent was confirmed, Agatha acted like a queen and looked down on people a lot.

His son, on the other hand, saw this as a chance to form strong connections with his peers. He was even thinking about using Rebecca as a bargaining chip to foster powerful alliances with other Ducal families.

The handsome blondie was the third son of the neighboring Duchy of Rhodes. Agatha was thinking that he would be a good partner for her daughter. Of course, he was only one of the candidates in Agatha's mind.

As an ambitious woman, she was also interested in presenting Rebecca as a wife candidate to the crown prince of the Hellan Kingdom. Naturally, her options were, also, not restricted within the boundaries of the kingdom.

Marrying a prince from another kingdom was also one of the options that she had planned for her daughter.

Lawrence had a good look at William and felt that the boy was very pleasing to the eyes. The Old Duke of Griffith was a powerful Archmage. He had already subtly used a diagnostic scan on William's body to see if he was capable of using magic.

Unfortunately, the result he got was quite disappointing. Not only did the boy not have any magical affinities, he was also completely devoid of mana! What did this mean? It meant that William had no future in becoming a magician.

Magicians were highly regarded in the Southern Continent. One magician was born out of every five thousand children. However, not all magicians were born with High-Grade Talent. His granddaughter, Rebecca, was born with a Perfect-Grade Talent, so the Hellan Kingdom decided to cultivate her properly.

This meant that all available resources to help her advance her rank would be given to her unconditionally.

Lawrence wanted his granddaughter to be happy. He was also very worried about her future, so when his old friend, James, asked him to matchmake their grandkids, he immediately agreed.

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He had known James for a long time. With that said, he approved of William's background. However, since it had already come to this, he could only think of a way to delay the dissolution of the marriage agreement.

"Rebecca, come here," Lawrence ordered.

Rebecca stood up from her chair and walked obediently towards her grandpa. In their family, Lawrence spoiled her the most and he was also an archmage. Naturally, Rebecca would listen to her grandfather more so than her own parents.

"William, please, come here as well," Lawrence made a gesture for William to stand beside Rebecca.

William frowned, but after seeing James's expression, he reluctantly stood up from the seat and stood beside his Ex-Fiance.

"Both of you are still young," Lawrence said with a smile. "No one knows what the future will hold. Although the two of you might not get along now, that might change in a few years."

Lawrence paused and glanced at her granddaughter.

"Rebecca, what are the qualities you like to see in your future husband?"

"Grandfather, I think It's too early for me to answer this question."

"Indeed, you are still too young. But, humor me. Tell me the qualities that you want your husband to have."

"Well," Rebecca gave William a sidelong glance, while the latter crossed his arms over his chest and raised his chin in an arrogant manner.

"First, he must be stronger than me," Rebecca stated.

"This is acceptable," Lawrence agreed. Naturally if he were to choose a partner for his granddaughter, it should be someone strong so that he could protect her.

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"Second, he must be good looking."


William casually flipped his hair to the side. Clearly, he was confident in his looks.

"Third, he must be someone with ambition. I don't like mediocrity." Rebecca added.

"Is that all?" James asked.

"There is one last condition," Rebecca said. "He must be in a position of power."

"Hmm…" Lawrence glanced at the red-headed boy who was currently looking at his fingernails. "How about you William? What are you looking for in a wife?"

James, Est, Ian, and Rebecca secretly perked up their ears to listen to William's answer.

"First, she must be Cup C," William stated in an arrogant manner. "I will not accept anything smaller than that."

"Second, she must have a good head on her shoulders."

"Third, she must be loyal."

"Lastly, she must be a beauty that can bring the downfall of a nation. Only this kind of lady is deserving of my love and affection."

Est and Ian looked down at their chests and grimaced. Both of them were currently boys, and it was impossible for them to meet William's first requirement. Est had a distraught look on his face, while Ian's was wondering why he was feeling that he needed to match William's requirement.

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'It's not like I'm interested in him or anything,' Ian thought. 'Why am I feeling bothered like this?'

Lawrence lightly coughed as he gazed at his old friend who was chuckling by his side. James didn't say anything but gave two thumbs up to William in his heart. He was impressed by his grandson's "high requirements" and it put him at ease.

The old man was even looking forward to seeing William's children a few years from now.

"It's good to have ambition," Lawrence said after he cleared his throat. "Then how about this? Seven years from now, the two of you will have a duel. Until then, the talk about breaking this marriage agreement will be put on hold.

The winner can demand anything from the loser. Also, I will not take no for an answer. If you want to break up then break up after you have fought against each other!"

William looked at Lawrence with a dumbfounded expression. 'How barbaric! Why must we fight each other just to break this marriage agreement? Can't we just talk things out like civilized normal people?'

"It will be as you wish, grandfather," Rebecca answered. She then glanced at the boy standing next to her. "Seven years from now, we will have our battle at the Peak of the Misty Sect. Until then, do your best to become stronger."

Rebecca returned to her seat after voicing her opinion. William, also, returned to his seat. He had a complicated look on his face, which made Est and the rest wonder what he was thinking.

'This Lawrence is indeed an old fox,' William thought. 'Why is he persistent in matching his granddaughter with me? Is he after my good genes? I need to be more careful when dealing with this person.'

If Lawrence only knew what William was thinking he would have kicked his bum with all of his might.

There were two reasons why Lawrence imposed a duel between the two of them. The first one was to prevent others from approaching his granddaughter and using her as a political tool.

This was something that he didn't want to see. The second reason was to give pressure to Rebecca so that she wouldn't become lax in her training. He didn't really care whether William would become his son-in-law or not. What was important to him was to keep his connection with the Ainsworth family and not break their good relationship.

James also understood what Lawrence was scheming, but he wasn't too concerned about it. After all, he was the one who initiated this marriage agreement.

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"I don't agree to this condition," the blondie stood up from his chair. "Why wait seven years? I, Kingsley Rhodes, challenge William Von Ainsworth to a duel. Do you dare to accept my challenge?"

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