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Chapter 1332 yesterday

This novel is pretty dull . This novel is one of the novel where MC always wins against all kind of odd so it is fairly predictable . this is good to read while having tea

Chapter n/a 3 days ago

I've read till 100 chaps so far i cant judge the book accurately but its a real struggle to read for long, theres too many absurd things which dosn't make sense. I dont know how it got such a high rating probably its bcus of the harem, majority of novels gets high rating cus of harem. I dont particularly hate harem but this one isnt my cup of tea, it's hard to tolerate brainless mc and the emotional part of this book dosnt feel that emotional to me. It might get better after 100 chap or more but I don't have enough perseverance to stick for long

Chapter 1299 4 days ago

This novel 'was' good. . . things got downhill recently. I've read upto 1299. I am that kind of guy who doesn't understand if the novel is good or not, if I enjoy the novel it's good for me even its really typical and things but damn this novel outraged me. Yuck there's yuri as well. The yuri wasn't needed, there were other simple way to accomplish their goal but no.

Chapter 141 8 days ago

The concept sounds ok but then the writing gets really degenerate (talking about genshin references and pedo sh). Read at the cost of your brain cells.

Chapter 126 9 days ago

18 years old guy gets reincarnated in another world. He sleeps with his goat since childhood Even after turning 10+ years old he acts like a really immature 7 years old kid Its hard to ignore many small stuff if your a reader who focus on small details it makes you frustrated and theres too much praise about how beautiful how handsome bla bla. I wud have given 3 star rating but I don't like the author who cant even take some of my criticism so 1 star for you

  • SamySamy
    Reader KP:682

    I agree. The severe lack of intelligence from the story makes me feel like continuing is pointless.

    8 days ago Reply
Chapter 1317 9 days ago

Entertaining so far. . Waiting for rumble with the god of death. . i have a hunch that this might also be a working of the goddess of death. . .

Chapter 1238 20 days ago

It's actually a really good book. Though sometimes can be fucking cliche and confusing. Like Sun Wukong it was first stated that he was a pseudo demigod and then later they said peak demigod and now pseudo god lyk it's confusing. And the way some arcs ended are like fucking disappointing like the prince of darkness arc when he fought Ahriman and Felix and also the author has a habit of intentionally nerfing the mc just to have mc win despite the odds and all that it's fucking cringe and cliche but tho all in all it's still a pretty good story

  • BoredKing98
    Reader KP:466

    This review doesn't sound like 4 stars, maybe 2.

    9 days ago Reply
Chapter n/a 28 days ago

So i dropped this at around 490. I pulled through because i had hope for the story, but it didnt deliver. Concept is great, characters are interesting mostly and well, harem if u want it. But: its often just good vs bad, most characters are two coloured and really boring at times. Development is slow af. Dialogue is 2/5 often. Kept reading because it got better, then worse again. The villains are just villains, boring af and vengeance is the backbone here. If not thst then for you promises you made when MC was weak. .

Chapter 1270 1 months ago

The first 500 chapters are interesting, the author shows us interesting plots and with a lot of potential but apart from the plot this series is garbage, the author has good ideas but he executes it as a horny and desperate teenager would execute it, the characters and their plots(except chiffon) are bad the development of the mc and his wives is garbage, the power levels and concepts of this series are kicked every 2 chapters, the ¨central¨ plot that they show us at the beginning of the story, it is also garbage everything apart from chapter 1000 is absolute garbage, sorry if I sound offensive but it is the reality, the series is horrible and the only ones who read this series with pleasure are horny teenagers, the rest of us are thinking why we wasted our time in the first place, in short this novel is a waste of time and intelligence, I do not recommend it to anyone and I hope that with this review you leave the novel and do not waste your time in this history

Chapter 1121 1 months ago

The most of the novel I'd rate as an entertaining 3. 5. . . it wasn't great all the time and it has issues sprinkled throughout, but I enjoyed it. The early R-18 scenes are also incredibly. . . tame / glossed over. It wasn't until the some of the later ones that I saw a shimmer of an exciting situation. . . Problem is in the later part, the author has pushed the protagonist into crossing my bottom line and now I can no longer read and wish for their success. So after reading this far. . . I'm disappointed and feel like that basically if the character gets out of the downward slope. . . the author is just going to gloss over the lines that were crossed.