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Chapter n/a 3 days ago

This novel is a very generic novel. I came due to rating but went away because I have seen this toryline done hundreds of times in novels. 1. Guy reincarnates back. 2. He was either a loser in a big guild but somehow knew all of major secrets or he was an ultimate chad guy but got betrayed by jealous partners or friends. 3. He starts off by knowing everything and anything about the game. 4. The same third party comments about him online. He is awesome he is amazing. 5. He established a secret identity. Meets with other top level powers and creates a pewerful persona behind him as a backer. 6. Ridiculous things happen all the time. The guy challenges ridiculous opponents. Gets off Scot free by the skin of his teeth. Anyway meet strong opponents beat them , then again , then again , then again. The novel overheated has the similar storyline however it is a far better story then this one.

Chapter 3111 8 days ago

This first section of my review is deleted cuz it contains a lot of spoilers but it's only a personal guess but I suspect it is a very accurate guess and can potentially ruin the reading experience those who are interested in this part of my comment and already read at least 3111 chapters write a comment to me and I can send it to you or I can write an elaborate comment on my understanding of this novel cuz it's not as simple as it seems from now on it is my true review and my advice to new readers:. . . we have a long road ahead of us don't pay attention to these misguiding techniques author is using such as overcomplicating things or the various underestimating and enemy collecting cycles or the completely useless PvP battles or the massive economic background or the endless deadlines both in the "real" world and in God's Domain be it quests or deals none of these matter author tries to make us forget the main point of the story by doing this in reality this novel is very genuine the only problem is author takes too long to reveal the true purpose of the story and even now it seems author doesn't have any intentions of revealing the true story my guess is if author doesn't accelerates the progress it will take a few thousand chapters but don't despair cuz there was already a time when author just skipped months or years while when the "main" story progresses it seems like he writes everything day by day or week by week the most author skipped was months but in this novel time is irrelevant and in the big picture of thing it doesn't matter this is another misguiding technique author generally uses that usually he writes everything from second to second and day to day for hundreds or even thousands of chapters and than he skips a day/month/year. If you are very patient and endure the suffering of these endless cycles you can catch a glimpse of the true story or you can have an accurate guess cuz there are fragments hidden in the main story that seems like they are useless information but in reality it is connected to the true conclusion of this novel only it is near impossible to find these fragments the only reason I managed to catch a glimpse is that I read the first 3000 chapters in like 2 weeks and I did literally nothing else I just read and read and read so for normal ppl who have a life and would like to sleep go outside etc it's very hard to catch a glimpse of the true story and this novel will seems like an endless cycle of. . . from now on ppl who dropped this novel around the 1000th or 2000th or even the 3000th chapters can write to me cuz there is hope if you are interested in this novel but dropped it cuz of the obvious reasons I will give you a few advice to how you should read this novel cuz there is a special way you can read it and you won't miss out on anything important I think a lot of you already realized this reading method but if there is anyone who haven't please write to me I will try to give a few pointers.

Chapter 1373 14 days ago

It's repetitive and can get very stale throughout the novel. The constant one liners and people stating that "I have underestimated Zero Wing" it get's really annoying especially when Shi Feng has repetitively shown that they are extremely powerful and have a "deep foundation" a guild or corporation or whoever will show up and vastly underestimate them and low and behold he will come out on top once again. Overall the writing isn't that good and the fight scenes really aren't that impactful and it just feels like another one to add to the books. The women the Shi Feng surrounds himself with in the novel also seem to be the only ones that have basic common sense and thinking skills, any antagonist always seems to have some mental disability that makes them unable to form complete thoughts.

Chapter 2918 14 days ago

The plot from the beginning to the middle was great. The character wasn't super arrogant and was kind of relatable. The plot began to deteriorate near the end. The ending felt rushed. A lot of new characters were introduced but not developed well. Not a lot of personal interaction with the side character. The ending was terrible. No clear-cut arcs where you can tell where one story begins and ends. This novel had potential but it got gutted.

Chapter 1573 22 days ago

It's decent I'm 1500 ch in and the authors writing has never really improved. The story could be so much better but the author just has this man playing looting simulator instead of maybe building up some character conections. If you find the writing style anoying within the first 100 chapters drop it its not gonna get any better.

Chapter 2936 28 days ago

okay here's the deal the story (IMO) is good but there's an annoying common theme of conflict between the main character shi Feng, black flame etc and the characters he meets it goes something like this he either does something extraordinary or gets something awesome so he gets targeted by arrogant people either the character themselves or the lackey of said character so they demand they give him it or such and doesn't do it so they attack and get their asses handed to him or he yet again does something extraordinary and beauty comes to him asks him to come to drinks or something similar the surrounding people become envious Shi Feng, black flame declines and then the people call him dumb, arrogant, etc. The beauties lackey especially do it so it's a good story if u ignore that these theme repeat constantly

Chapter n/a one month ago

One of the best ones I got to read. There are some weird choices made by the author as the MC just reincarnated AGAIN, waaaaay later in the novel. It seems like the author wasn't happy with how the story was progressing, wanted to make a complete change, or is just trying to milk the cow. Other characters are also quite shallow, that's the only bad thing I can say about this novel.

Chapter 3276 one month ago

This will be the review for the first part. I believe this is the first novel I read that then got me into web novels, so excuse me if I appear biased. The first hundred chapters I read , to me, were great. Though, the falling asleep and waking up 10 years prior left a question that was never answered. The world building was great it’s a vast world within an even more vast world, with a great amount of lore. The translation was mediocre but good enough that I was able to go through all 2900 chapters. Some descriptors like “difference between heaven and earth” are used so much that it started to make me laugh every instance I saw it. Like in many Chinese novels there is the young master cliche. It appears a great many times too many to count honestly. It gets repetitive. Like the “No way! So and so dropped its so immensely rare!” Or the “This monster or person is insanely strong but watch this solo. ” Or the “Zero Wing is weak” *challenges and loses terribly* Then like in many other novels there are people or things introduced only to be forgotten. It’ll leave you asking questions, like “what happened to so and so” or “wasn’t there a quest that was never finished”. The ending was rushed no doubt. Everything happened way too fast in my opinion. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading this novel greatly. It was one of those where you kinda turn off your brain and read. Time flys and you forget you were even reading something. For me, 4/5. I hope what I believe is part 2 is where the author acknowledges past mistakes and gives me something I can give a 5 star rating.

Chapter n/a one month ago

This novel is beyond my expectations bro i read these chapter like crazy this is the best novel ive read so far man but this novel need more chapter bro i want more chapter and better ending

Chapter 2174 one month ago

Ch 2100ish someting it's kinda turning bland for me, it was repititive like mc's guild be fighting some known other guild then the mobs be thinking "it's over for zero wing this time" this and that, then the mc's guild be winning and the mobs will be like "oh, I should've joined zero wing sooner" this and that, and it'd repeat again then again. I'll give this 3 star as it's getting boring because of its redundancy, so I'll drop it for a while then maybe come back later, not sure. .