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198 users have written reviews for the Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel) novel and rated it with an average score of 3.9 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 3rd among all the novels in the Light Novel Pub platform.

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Chapter n/a 5 days ago

The book has a massive potential if the writing style will be enhanced. The plot is good but there's something wrong with the character building.

Chapter n/a 6 days ago

The novel is good but not really that great, I did not read the alternate ending, the world building is great and game system and tiers while connected to the real world was a nice bonus but there's just too many cliches and is a bit repetitive. I would rate this between a 3. 5-4.

Chapter 1360 8 days ago

Currently on chapter 1300+ and i have to say the plot is rather repetitive, at least when it comes to the guild. Its always that one person who picks a fight with zero wing and in a surprising turn of even they lose, crazy. And if i may ask why is the plot armor so thick?? like from my memory i dont think shi feng has died even ONCE. im just hoping things get less one dimensional as i reach later chapters. Not trying to lay hate on the novel or anything seeing as i enjoy it to an extent

Chapter n/a 9 days ago

I got to around 1500~ chapters before i had to drop/take a break. The story is just so goddamn repetitive. 1. ) some guild gets offended by mc 2. ) guild wages war with zero wing 3. ) everyone thinks zero wing is being arrogant and theyre gonna get stomped 4. ) zero wing wins 5. ) everyone thinks zero wing is the second coming of god 6. ) repeat. Aside from this and some major world breaking sht (like u hearing abt an mmorpg game and then spawning in a completely different area where the game is more of an rts and u cant leave) the novel is actually pretty enjoyable if u dont think too much abt it. Im especially a sucker for the author going into detail about the equipment and skills they get, i fr get a dopamine rush everytime. Oh also another major turn off is the author being so adamant on focusing on the economical and business part of the story which leads to me jus skimming over whole chapters as well as the irl aspect of the novel being very boring. Overall, dont expect quality like shadow slave or sumn its jus a good turn your brain off and enjoy type of novel.

Chapter n/a 13 days ago

I made an account just to say how amazing this novel is. More and more as I progress do I find myself enchanted with Gods Domain. I am so in love with it that if I ever have the prowess to make huge games Gods Domain will be on the top. I love the Charaters, Mobs, Bossess, and NPCs. The style is so amazing it feels like the author was combining everything that made RPGs great. They are so many parts of the story that excite me and scare me almost as if I was present. A pride for zero wing bloomed while reading. The Author’s skills are inevitably Godly for making such a Godly game and Godly character to reveal all of it’s amazing features.

Chapter 3235 15 days ago

This story es great, but wen it gets to guild wars it’s all about the guild and gets a little boring, but for the rest of the story it’s fantastic.

Chapter n/a 18 days ago

It was great until chap 2500ish. Everything just happened without a single care about the details (which was the best characteristic of the ln) the tiers 5 and 6 promotions happened in just a paragraph, if it wasn't for this, it'd be just perfect.

Chapter 1743 20 days ago

It's impressive how much of the content is just there to blow up the volume with zero meaning. My body has less water content then this. You can literally skip entire paragraphs by reading just half of first sentence and not miss anything.

driftingbout2 (Banned)
Chapter 1426 23 days ago

its a very interesting read its just something you read to pass the time theres nothing impressive about this infact theres just so much wrong with it i swear the author forgets everything in seconds like the cards that were mentioned in chapter 20 ish the villain that was comparable to mc absolute heaven or something like that the assassin that almost killed him he just disappeared the plot is fairly interesting the author himself ruins it with the inconsistency of writing i enjoy the mc but its vety cliche like the villians are repititive but overll a decent read 6 . 8/10 ish rating which i would give 3. 5 stars

Chapter 3223 25 days ago

When I first came across this novel I couldn’t put it down. I’m a sucker for decent pacing and power progression. I did enjoy the game aspect and the reality switching ploy. Characters were fun, a lot of different guilds of various sizes with different perks/power/status. I gave this book 5 stars because I had a good time and the adventure was fun, I mean that’s why we read right? To enjoy ourselves