Remarried Empress

Remarried Empress

Hoàng Hậu Tái Hôn



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Remarried Empress novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Josei genres. Written by the Author Alpha Tart. 207 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Navier was the perfect empress, however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed an ens*aved girl beside him. That was fine until Navier heard the Emperor promise the s*ave the Empress’ position. After many ups and downs, Navier decided she would accept being the Queen of the neighbouring country and remarry.

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  • thecloudqueen

    I'm in love with this story 😍 Can't wait to read stupidsu downfall

  • _willuwu

    Rashta starts trying to study for empress duties after she has taken Navier's title, he seems to lose interest and affection for her because she's trying to hard to become a 'good' empress. I use quotes cause her reason isn't exactly noble - understandable since she's in a delicate position, but still. Spoiler AlertThen one of Rashta's maids get hurt/scared of her because she's stressed out from all the things she needs to learn as well as other things she's been trying to hide. The maid is saved by Sovieshu while he yells at Rashta for throwing a tantrum, he turn a to the maid and asks if she's alright and the maid blushes shyly and compliments him. He REALLY likes that. He likes being depended upon and saving damsels in distress, and what he doesn't like - what seems to me he doesn't like - are women that are capable, who are trying to be independent and not dependent on him. Now I'm not saying it's bad to not be vulnerable sometimes, but in this time period women aren't treated as the women of today. Fuck if Navier was getting a divorce and didn't have Heinry then she would have to have been forced never to get married again, banished from the empire stripped of her title and shamed - if my memory is accurate.

  • tallbean

    I felt so happy for Navier when I read chapter 200 🥲 specifically this part—“When I was in the Eastern Empire, I lamented about all the bad things that happened one after another since Rashta's appearance. On the contrary, good things were surprisingly happening one after the other since I got to the Western Kingdom.” good for you Navier 😭❤️

  • reyes03

    I kinda want a spoiler... did the empress already divorced or what?

    • tallbean

      yes she did get divorced

  • Wisteria135

    In the webtoon it is currently is on chapter 63 and in the novel is 138 that's if you want to know what happens next but chapter 63 in the webtoon is around chapter 137 and ends the same way in the webton on chapter 63 and if you already read chapter 63 you know what i meannn you knowwwww anyways I don't want to spoil what happens in chapter 63

  • Bibliophilia

    In the webtoon, chapter 61 is chapter 131 Abandonment (2) in the novel. Happy reading :)

  • tallbean

    aaaaa cant wait for the next update 😭

    • Hey (Banned)

      On naver there are 200+ chapters already but if you translate the page it's kinda broken... If you don't mind a little bit of broken english, go and read there if you can't wait lol. Oh.. and the chapters aren't separated in 2 or 3 so ch. 99 is ch. 195 here.

  • Daisysdaisy

    Kinda spoiler but not really (just me hating on sovieshu tbh) I'm trying really hard to comprehend why Sovieshu thought he could just trample all over her and take everything away, humiliate her, literally cast her aside and divorce her but expect her to happily stay by his side and be at his disposal whenever he needs a capable empress again like WHERE IS THE LOGIC THIS MAN IS JUST BRAINDEAD

    • Preincely

      well because he's a typical asian man.

      • _willuwu

        you do realize that his name is so far to being asian? I say, european-

  • Zianka

    Ugh really sovie, u just relized that she misunderstand u after 193 chapters??! But u look like u love that trashta so i think it's not a misundrestanding at all!! Serve you right!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Ada_Aziz

    How do I increase the rating of this story? This story is so underrated. The grammar and language is good, the plot is fun to read, there's funny side too and not forgetting, the creativity of the whole thing.

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It's so addicting... I should not have left webtoons to read the light novel. I pulled an all nighter and now I'm caught up and have to deal with what I'm going to call "the cliffhanger binge hangover".


I really want to read moooore 💔💔💔 it's really a great story with a wonderful plot!
I've read the webtoon than come here for more i guess i'll go translate the raws :/


I love the plot and character so far. I enjoy how story goes on and the way they put political fight in it. One bad thing is after finish last chapter I can't sleep I want moreeeeeee.
Spoiler Alert
It's literally how asian man treated their wife/girlfriend and so much reflect their personality so much.


I came here knowing this webnovel from webtoon, because I was so curious with the next chapter. And I found myself finish reading all the 195 chapter in 1 day🤣🤣🤣
This story is just too astonishing!! Keep up the good work to the author and translator!😍


A really original story with an incredibly inteligent and beautiful protagonist. I'm glad we can accompany her through her emotional development.


I cant stop reading this, the storyline is very interesting especially because both empress and the emperor are very dominant, they are too prideful that my heart feels physically hurt just by reading this novel (when both couldnt express how they truly feel t.t). Savored every word and such a brilliant composition


So good novel ! So underrated, I don’t know anything that keep me so hooked ! The main characters are interesting, the rhythm is great , the author use the possibilities of the characters and let them complexifie..
Came from the manga, but stayed right here !


Great story. The author knows how to play with the readers feeling. It just the pace is a little bit slow. Or maybe I just wanted the antagonists to suffer soon!


Is a great history and I'm looking forward to see how it ends.
The FL is a smart woman and the ML is a sweetheart.
I known some people dislike the FL follows social expectations and does not throws a fit against her husband but the story flows nicely and we are able to see mayor changes by chapter 149.


Omg I can't wait for the next chapter !! The plot is awesome! I can't stop reading this! The characters are amazing! Navier is so breath talking!