Renegade Immortal (WN)
Renegade Immortal (WN)

Renegade Immortal (WN)

Xian Ni (Tiên Nghịch)

RANK 102
2090 Chapters 3.08M Views 1.84K Bookmarked Completed Status

Renegade Immortal (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Er Gen. 2090 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Wang Lin is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although him and his parents are shunned by the rest of their relatives, his parents always held high hopes that he will one day become someone great. One day, Wang Lin suddenly gained the chance to walk the path of an immortal, but found that he only had mediocre talent at best. Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path towards becoming a real immortal!

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  • Magikfingaz

    A bitter sweet novel.. Madddd plot twists

  • TimQQQ

    read 1600 chapters or so over the past week. im not gonna finish, not really worth it, I feel like everything is laid out in a way that you know what's gonna happens hundreds of chapters in advance, as was the case with what ive read so far. aside from some unpredictable random twists that aren't really interesting at least. one of which happens at chapter ~1600. once again a cultivation novel where the MCs primary motivation is resurrecting the dead. as if that horse hasn't been beat to death already. every character is thousands of years old after a certain point, but all act like 14 year olds. everyone takes offence to everything, its like reading about twitter users with superpowers. the cultivation system itself is.. idk i want to say bland but it has some weird (and often times unexplained) elements mixed in that make it strange but ultimately unfulfilling. I wont say its extremely boring, it has its moments... but yeah it just leaves u with a sh*tty after taste of unfulfillment

  • LordGazul

    Can anyone tell me pls in which chapter the manhua stopped


    Its a good novel with a well story! Although first hundred chap are starting and a little boring the rest are too good with interesting plots! It didn't have that perverted guy who always eye mc wife or girl! The explanation of dao,essence,reality,karma is outstanding! Mc literally become as a mortal to comprehend dao for 100 years it's a nice novel

  • Deadpool

    This is a sh*t novel all mc does is run like a a btch and author really hates him like really hates him and whenever he is going to next cultivation stage there is so many problems like at least once he can reach a cultivation level without almost dying it's a very frustrating read This is MY REVIEW do with it as u may

    Edited: 1mo~
  • Giganticalantern69

    Lots of positivity from poison testing brothers so i shall leave my fate into their hands as i dive into this 2000 chapter abyss

  • FloFlowT

    Is it worth it ? I mean I m only at chapter ~70 and for now he's a dumb "no killing because it's bad even thought my family risk to get murdered but it's fine since plot is protecting me" type of mc. I'm not asking a Fang Yuan for RI but will he evolve in latter chapters ?

  • Negi

    A very good novel well written

  • LeoRen

    It was an interesting novel. the concept of explaining the daos and essence was quite good. Many people says that it gets good after 200 or so but i liked it from beginning as it contains character development for the MC but everyone of us has different taste. Most importantly apart from the actions, since every girl got happy ending so i am quite satisfied. Nice ending Good novel

    Edited: 2mo
  • Miloranos

    Any romance?