Return of The 8th Class Mage
Return of The 8th Class Mage

Return of The 8th Class Mage

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Return of The 8th Class Mage novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Tragedy genres. Written by the Author Ryusong. 237 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Humanity’s first 8th Class Mage.

Betrayed, he traveled back 30 years into the past.

The story follows Ian Page, archmage and the first man to break through the 6th class, then through the 7th and become the most powerful mage, an 8th class mage.

After a lifetime of war and killing, the continent was finally unified thanks to his efforts. Now, old, his wish is to live the rest of his life in peace and try to find salvation for all the blood he spilled. However, his old friend, maddened by paranoia, couldn’t tolerate someone so powerful, so he betrayed Ian and killed him.

In his last breath, he cast a time magic that allowed him to travel back to when he was a young boy. With all the knowledge he previously had, he decided to do things better so he could end with less regrets.

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  • Ortinax

    Any romance? If so who is the female lead?

    22 days ago 0 Likes
  • marewoof

    I must say, the translation is a bit hard to read at ch60 onwards, im at 78 already and I can't make out what is happening at some point in the chapters

    4 months ago 0 Likes
  • Rillik

    38.2 is missing

    4 months ago 0 Likes
  • Haywire

    Some chapters are missing tho.

    5 months ago 0 Likes
  • Beebi

    I love this. Best work ever

    5 months ago 1 Likes

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Very nice story, well written so you can understand. Amazing mc that is powerful. Nice character development. Overall amazing story. Highly recommend.


Nice content ,this is th story with good characteristics and Extraordinary mc
And the best thing is that you will know when you will read it