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Chapter 2334 yesterday

Please do not read it for your own good if you're an amateurs in novels. If you read this first you'll have too high standard afterwards and you'll get bored fast. Any character in the novel can have their own novel and the story if so good that you can write a whole novel using Bai ning bing, Hei lou lan or any venerable's story. Also Ren Zu's legend is very well written and can be considered a kind of bible about human life.

Chapter 7 3 days ago

rate 5/5 or Di Zang Sheng will eat your family and dog loved the story, protagonist, and the message in Fang Yuans character commit to your goal live the life you will enjoy and if you're in peril dont cross roads with demonic cultivator ? i guess ?

Chapter 2334 6 days ago

Tbh reverend insanity is a very good novel. Its definitely one of my top 3 novels. But god i wish the novel continues. The cutoff leaves me unsatisfied and wanting for more. Truly a great novel

Chapter 98 8 days ago

Before reading this novel, I've seen tons of novels where there are scheming 'evil', 'ruthless' MCs that did things according to 'efficiency', but little did I know, that Fang Yuan existed. This novel hits a spot in my brain that I didn't even know existed. The man is brutal. He has no pride or shame and it is refreshing beyond reason. It's to the point where at some points in the story I think he even goes too far, but even that is reasonable and enjoyable to read. Also the philosophy written in this novel is beyond just a 'novel'. It is to the point where even the Chinese government had to ban the novel, so it really says something.

Chapter n/a 11 days ago

Fang yuan is a ruthless and practical character who does anything and everything to succeed. I love this story and undoubtedly the best light novel I've read. And I must say I have read loads of them!!

Chapter 8 12 days ago

Ive read 500 chapter but then stopped because I read a comment that said it will end midfight and I didint want to like the story more because it will only give me a bigger dissaointment

  • Lee_On
    Reader KP:260

    I don't understand your point.

    5 days ago Reply
  • nksj
    Reader KP:7785

    Read it. If anything stop reading at like 2000 after the volume ends and pretend that it's the end of the story. The experience is exhilarating.

    8 days ago Reply
  • Lee_On
    Reader KP:260

    Man... Why? Just continue reading it. It has total of 2334 chapters with 5 volumes completed with 1900+ chapters and the 6th and final one being incomplete with 300+ chapter. You still have 1700+ chapters content to read. It is a Story you have never seen before. It is worth to continue. Many people say it's a masterpiece for no reason, right? . Read it you won't regret it, I guarantee that.

    10 days ago Reply
Chapter n/a 13 days ago

truly a masterpiece this story was so great from beginning to "end" i cant find any faults the author knows what keeps readers interested and he truly brings it infacts he elevates it the ren zu poems and characters the writing is peak i truly dont think theres an thing that will topple reverend insanity thats i the same category i thought while reading this was okay this is the peak its going to fall off but no it just kept getting better n better sure it took me 20 days to read this with 12 hours daily reading this bit it was worth it truly great.

Chapter 40 19 days ago

This shit look like the battle pass. (5 star) Its got very calculative mc (hes smart) very cold mc (hes pretty chilly) though i do find that he hasnt really stated what his goal is as of chapter 40? now im not saying that he hasnt, but that i cant remember it. is his goal to just get stronger? is he interested in revenge against the ones who killed him? tbh i dont think he is unless they get in his way again or they can be used for something.

  • Lee_On
    Reader KP:260

    Try it's Manhua version to adapt quickly and easily with the novel. It is a very good Manhua with good art and pacing unlike other Manhua's where it skip many important details. Mc's goal was never to take revenge. His goal was the same, from the Start to finish, Eternal life. And he will do everything to achieve that goal even if he has to go Insane. Mc's quote- " A demon has no regrets"

    17 days ago Reply
  • Bermekk
    Reader KP:7

    Spoiler about FY s goal His main goal is endless life

    19 days ago Reply
Chapter n/a 24 days ago

For a year, I still waiting for it to continue. I've read many light novels for a span of waiting for RI. I write a review because I saw it climbing in ranks and having much attention from other readers. It is not only become entertainment for me reading this, it changes my worldview and one of my inspirations when writing stories. The Best Light Novel I've read. It wouldn't change for a long time or it'll never be changed.

Chapter n/a 26 days ago

A masterpiece! I love everything about this story. The poems, the philosophy of Fang Yuan, social criticism etc. And especially the characters, all the characters are amazing. The world is well constructed, full of details and life. I love this story so much. The author is a genius. Unfortunately it's incomplete :( But it does not matter. It's a story about the journey.