Rise of The Anti God (Web Novel)
Chapter 768: Nobody Is Above The Law

"Tsk, these cunning dogs!" Mira fumed upon hearing Mevron's words. But she then calmed down and answered Damien, "My Master is 1300 years old, and we know that she will be able to comfortably govern our people only for 700 years more. After that, she wouldn't be able to."

Damien understood that fact since he had heard from Luna that the life span of Primes or those who were at the peak of the mortal world can live up to 2000 years. It seemed like a lot for him, and even 700 years also seemed like a lot. But why were these guys acting as if there was a sense of urgency?

As if Mira knew Damien would have more doubts, she continued, "Master's 4th sacred initiation is over. Her first was when she was born, and every 400 years, it would be her next sacred initiation. Don't ask me why we count every 400 years, but there is a rule that the warlords of any clan, especially the four ancient clans, should produce an heir before their 5th sacred initiation so that their heir would have enough time to grow up and become strong enough to shoulder the burdens. But the warlords also have to follow the rule of having a child before the Fallen Eclipse since we consider it as a sign of a good future for the child. The child has to be born in the year of the Fallen Eclipse, preferably on the day of the eclipse itself, so that our creator, the Fallen Godqueen, can bless the child. Hmph, he purposely brought in those representatives to put pressure on her. Cunning dog!"

'So these guys believe in superstitious stuff like these?' Damien felt that all these were unnecessary, but Kalypso chimed in, "Master, not all things like these can be brushed off as superstitions. During an eclipse, nethereal energy would be at its purest form, and if the baby is exposed to it, then there is a high chance its potential and talents would be increased."

Damien was surprised that this was really a thing.

Тhе lаtеѕt аnd mоѕt рорulаr nоvеlѕ аt lіghtnоvеlрub․соm

Luna rubbed her chin with a skeptical look, "Really? Next time I should make sure of this," She then crossed her arms and asked, "But since these ghouls consider their laws as their own life, what are you going to do about this, Damien? It doesn't seem like your aunt is eager to marry after remaining single for more than a thousand years."

"I know, I know. I won't let these guys pressure my aunt. I have to find a way within 5 years," Damien felt great pressure, thinking that he couldn't rest. But he had already decided to get powerful enough within 10 years to find his wives while using that time to get information about their whereabouts. And now would he be able to do it within half the time he originally decided on?

He was only at the fourth level of the Heaven Ethereal Realm, and reaching even the Noble Ethereal Realm seemed like a long, arduous journey.

Damien had never felt so tensed and worried about his future and those of the ones he loved.

On the outside, Akira's dark purple eyes hardened as she said firmly, "The people have nothing to worry about. Within five years, I will have an heir."

lіghtnоvеlрub․соm fоr а bеttеr uѕеr ехреrіеnсе

Mehron smiled as he said, "Thank you for confirming it, Your Lordship. Now we can all rest easy now that you have given us your word."

Warlord Moldark, who was sitting in his chair, glanced at Mehron with a strange smile before looking elsewhere.

The fifty representatives in the hall had looks of relief and bowed as if to thank their Chief Warlord for giving her word.

Damien frowned, smelling some kind of foul play from this man.

He asked, "What is this business about people choosing a suitor for her if she doesn't?"

lіghtnоvеlрub․соm fоr thе bеѕt nоvеl rеаdіng ехреrіеnсе

Mira let out a frustrated sigh while intensely staring at Mehron, "It is a necessary evil kind of rule among us that states that if the Warlord of a clan can't find a partner after searching long enough, then our people would vote for a partner from the other clans. In this case, they would be voting for someone powerful from the other three ancient clans. And if I had to guess right, they would obviously pick that sly bastard, Mehron, and he knows this as well."

"Then what happens if she simply refuses to marry and stays single for the rest of her life?" Damien asked with a narrowed gaze.

"Then, as per law, she will have to forfeit her seat and lose her birthright to her own clan for failing to do her duty. She will be banished and considered an outcast. That is something Master would never do since it's not only just her being humiliated, but she would be disrespecting her entire clan, her ancestors, and so on," Mira said with a heavy look.

Damien clicked his tongue in annoyance, "Why do you guys have to stick to these so-called rules blindly?"

Mira snorted and said, "I know in this case, it's bad for Master, but in general, we were able to survive and progress so much because of these rules. The Purple Thunder Knight knew what he was doing when he made these laws. You better not openly question his teachings if you want to lose your tongue or more. The last thing my Master would want is to deal with such a mess."

lіghtnоvеlрub․соm fоr thе bеѕt nоvеl rеаdіng ехреrіеnсе

"Not everyone is as impulsive as you," Damien said with a shake of his head, making Mira scowl at him but couldn't refute after what she did today. But he couldn't help but hate his ancestor, Purple Thunder Knight, for not making better laws. Why should most of the laws here twist one's arm to make them do things?

However, Damien realized one thing about ghouls. They worship the laws more than they worship the four ancient clans or their warlords. It was like nobody was above the law here. But he knew he couldn't just assume things after spending just a day here.

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